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Domingo en Nadi

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There’s no better way to experience a culture than to jump right in with the locals. Get a unique perspective on Fijian traditions with this Sunday tour that takes you from a morning church service through to an intimate lunch with a local family. This is the ultimate anti-tourist experience that will take you far away from the resorts and island bars and deep into the heart of what makes Fiji’s people so wonderful.

Start your Sunday Fiji tour by joining a church congregation for the day’s service. Your guide will brief you on the dos and don’ts and give you a history lesson of the islands’ religious practices. This is an extremely intimate opportunity that will make you not just a visitor, but a part of the local community. In addition to taking part in the sermon and readings, you’ll meet local children attending Sunday school and hear the sounds of Fiji’s rich musical heritage by listening to the church choir perform.

Please note that a collection plate will be passed around, for donations to assist with running the church. It is not mandatory to donate; however, if you feel that you want to give a dollar or two, you’re most welcomed to.

Once the service is over and as you bid goodbye to members of the congregation, you’ll meet the family that will host a Sunday lunch with you in their home. The term “bula” is something you’ll hear everywhere in Fiji. It means hello, goodbye, welcome, love, life, and more, and it often is used to sum up the vibe of Fiji itself. One of the best ways to understand the bula spirit is to visit a family — because bula originates from within the family.

You’ll sit and enjoy a cosy meal with a local family, during which time you’ll have the chance to learn about their cultural traditions and history. In Fiji, meals are traditionally eaten sitting on the living room floor, with food spread out on a tablecloth in the middle of the group. Expect lots of good (and filling!) food, laughs, smiles, and warm hospitality.After your meal and conversation, your guide will take you back to your hotel, and you can spend the rest of your Sunday exploring on your own.

Meeting/pick-up point:Pick-up from all hotels located in Nadi as far as Sonaisali and also from hotels located in Denarau.
Duration: Five hours.
Start/opening time: At 9.15am.
Languages: English.