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Enjoy the perfect day at sea, with family fun and relaxation, surrounded by the beautiful surroundings of Hammamet!


* Sail away and leave your cares behind!
* Entertainment and fun for all the family!
* Snorkel, swim or snooze – the choice is yours!

All aboard! Join us on this exciting boat trip at sea! Leave the Marina in the morning and let your worries drift away as the waves carry you out to a lovely spot in the crystal-clear waters.

You may choose to swim in the refreshing waters or even snorkel and explore the natural fish and marine life around you! Of course, there is the pleasant option of having a snooze under the warm rays of the sun and relax in the calm and serene environment. With animation and music on board, there is something for everyone on this fun filled trip!

As the trip comes to an end, we sail back into the marina leaving you relaxed and ready to enjoy your afternoon back on dry land!

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En esta excursión por Kairuán, Túnez, que fue declarada Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO, descubrirás monumentos fascinantes como la Gran Mezquita de Kairuán, la Mezquita del Barbero, los Estanques Aglabíes y la Medina de Kairuán, y además tendrás la oportunidad de experimentar la exótica cultura y el sabor locales.

Nuestra excursión te presentará la histórica ciudad de Kairuán y sus increíbles monumentos, y te acercará como ninguna a la cultura y la tradición musulmana. Fundada en el año 670, Kairuán goza de un riquísimo patrimonio arquitectónico. Entre los muros de su bulliciosa medina te encontrarás con uno de los edificios islámicos más exquisitos del norte de África, la monumental Gran Mezquita. Este edificio sagrado es una de las mezquitas más importantes de todo Túnez, además de ser una obra maestra de la arquitectura y el arte islámicos. También visitaremos la Mezquita del Barbero (también conocida como Zaouia de Sidi Sahbi), un complejo en el que se encuentra el mausoleo donde descansan los restos de uno de los compañeros del profeta Mohammed, Abu Zama el-Belaoui. Según la leyenda, su nombre se debe a que siempre llevaba consigo tres pelos de la barba del profeta. Durante tu visita a la medina, te guiaremos por un laberinto de antiguos callejones interconectados, famosos por su estilo arquitectónico único.

Fuera de las murallas de la ciudad, esta magnífica excursión nos llevará hasta los Estanques Aglabíes. Construidos en el siglo IX, estos enormes depósitos de agua abastecían a toda la población de agua fresca potable y sus impresionantes instalaciones hidráulicas han sobrevivido hasta nuestros días.

Después dispondrás de tiempo libre para ir de compras... y quizá regalarte una de esas exclusivas alfombras tejidas a mano como recuerdo de tu viaje a Kairuán, o bien descansar en un café y disfrutar de los famosos dulces de miel y tés dulces de la ciudad.

Want to leave the beaten tourist track behind. Then this quad bike lets you do just that. After driving to your quad bike camp, you’ll be given a helmet and gloves and shown to your very own rugged four-wheeler. After a quick briefing, it’s then time to rev up and roar off in a guided convoy deep into the landscapes around Tunisia. Believe us, when you come back, you’ll feel exhausted but exhilarated. A whirlwind experience.

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Regrese a la vida del Imperio Romano en la antigua ciudad de Cartago y también en Cartago moderno, con sus lujosas villas y su exuberante vegetación. Después visite la ciudad más pintoresca de Túnez, Sidi Bou Said con calles de un glorioso estilo griego y blancos edificios.

Discover the three places that best capture the holy, historic and modern sides of Tunisia. You’ll start at the holy city of Kairouan, the fourth most important site in Islam. Peep through the huge cedar doors of its 9th century Grand Mosque. Marvel at the intricate mosaics of the Sidi Sahbi mausoleum. And explore the bustling medina, perhaps buying some of Kairouan’s famous ‘makroudh’ - date-filled pastries.

After lunch, you’ll continue to El Djem, the world’s third biggest Roman amphitheatre. Head inside this stunning, 30,000-seater colosseum and you’re instantly transported to the days of the gladiators. Expect goosebumps as you enter its underground tunnel, where slaves and animals were kept before entering the arena.

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Step back through the millennia at the ancient ruins of Carthage. Founded by the Phoenicians in 814 BC, this once mighty city was home to Hannibal. But its real heyday came under the Romans, when it was the jewel in the crown of their Empire. And its crumbled monuments will leave you wide-eyed. See the immense Antonine Roman Baths perched above the Med, the amphitheatre and haunting sacrificial site of Tophet, as well as numerous other relics. Then it's on to Sidi Bou Said, a beautiful clifftop village. All radiant whites houses, blue shutters and cobbled streets, this picturebook place commands heart-stopping views over Tunis bay. After lunch, you'll visit Tunis' famous Bardo Museum. Here, your guide will take you around its world-leading collection of Roman mosaics - astonishing artworks dug up from Roman villas found in the region. Afterwards, there's free time to admire the museum's other displays before heading back to your resort.

Relive the grandeur of the Roman Empire on this trip to El Djem. The world’s third biggest Roman amphitheatre, it’s only slighter smaller than Rome’s Colosseum and in better nick, so it’s awesome. Built around 230 BC and seating 30,000 bloodthirsty spectators, it’s hard to believe it was constructed by hand. Wow at the views over the arena from its highest tier and walk the underground passageway, imagining the slaves and wild animals that waited here to do battle. After your guided tour, you’ll have lunch in Sousse before heading to the pretty marina at Port El Kantaoui. You’ll have time here to shop at its craft stalls or relax over drinks watching the yachts. Later, it’s on to Monastir, the birthplace of Habib Bourguiba, Tunisia’s revered first president. Tick through the sights on your own, admiring the gold domes of the Bourguiba Mausoleum and the medieval Ribat fortress. If it seems familiar, it’s probably because it starred in the film ‘The Life of Brian´.

Wildlife-watching. A Zulu-themed show. And a slice of traditional Tunisian entertainment on top. This afternoon and evening trip serves up a taste of the different faces of Africa. Your destination is Friguia Animal Park, near Hammamet. Tunisia's first ever safari-style park, its beautiful grounds host 53 species of animals in big, natural-style enclosures. Roam the walkways to get close up to tigers, elephants, giraffes, crocs, sealions and all manner of other animals. Then it's time for a delicious Tunisian dinner in the Park's circular Shaka restaurant. As you tuck in, you'll be treated to an exuberant Zulu show featuring infectious drumming, tribal dances and melodic songs - you'll be on your feet in seconds. And as you pose for photos with the dancers, the spotlight switches to North Africa. Settle back as high-energy Berber drummers, sequinned belly dancers and pot-balancing acts take the stage. Free-flowing red wine and soft drinks are included, too.

Nabeul Market is North Africa’s largest street market where you can buy everything from chocolate to cous cous and silk to saucepans. Although mainly geared towards tourists these days, you can still see locals buying vegetables, meat and household wares.

Next stop is the Médina of Hammamet. Set on a rocky promontory, the town's ancient medina contains a warren of narrow streets. Its old fort, with waves crashing against it, offers splendid views of the coast and the gardens of orange trees and jasmine plants.

Start your day at Friguia Park, the largest animal park in North Africa. Stroll along the elevated wooden walkways, admire the panoramic views over the park and see right into the animal enclosures. The park is open to the public since November 11th, 2000; the purpose of the park is to preserve the species by looking after the development of the most threatened ones.

In cooperation with the General direction of Forests and the zoo of Paris our task is to reconstitute the decimated species and to reintroduce them in their natural environment. Nearly 412 animals and over 61 species live in semi freedom in large enclosures. The park has rest areas, restaurants / pizzerias, kiosks, retail outlets, and souvenir shops.

desde 33,75 €

Step back through the millennia at the ancient ruins of Carthage. Founded by the Phoenicians in 814 BC, this once mighty city was home to Hannibal. But its real heyday came under the Romans, when it was the jewel in the crown of their Empire. And its crumbled monuments will leave you wide-eyed. See the immense Antonine Roman Baths perched above the Med, the amphitheatre and haunting sacrificial site of Tophet, as well as numerous other relics.

Then it’s on to Sidi Bou Said, a beautiful clifftop village. All radiant whites houses, blue shutters and cobbled streets, this picture book place commands heart-stopping views over Tunis bay. After lunch, you’ll visit the Medina of Tunis: Under the Almohads and the Hafsids, from the 12th to the 16th century, Tunis was considered one of the greatest and wealthiest cities in the Islamic world. Some 700 monuments, including palaces, mosques, mausoleums, madrasas and fountains, testify to this remarkable past.

Visita el parque de Friguia, mucho más que un zoo, y disfruta de una cena tradicional tunecina y un espectáculo zulú que te hará vibrar.


* Contempla una gran variedad de animales en el parque de Friguia
* Degusta una típica cena tunecina acompañada de vino tinto y refrescos
* Animado espectáculo zulú con tambores y bailarinas de danza del vientre

Tu primera parada es el parque de Friguia, cerca de Hammamet. El primer parque de estilo safari en Túnez cuenta con un área de 36 hectáreas que acoge 53 especies de animales. Pasea por sus instalaciones y ten a punto tu cámara para fotografiar leones, tigres, elefantes, avestruces, jirafas y mucho más antes de degustar una deliciosa cena tunecina acompañada de vino tinto y refrescos en el restaurante Shaka, en las inmediaciones del zoológico.

Tras deleitar tus sentidos con sabores típicos, es el momento de asistir a un exuberante espectáculo zulú. Muévete al ritmo de animados tambores, danzas tribales y melódicas melodías y aprecia la energía de los tamborileros bereberes así como de las bailarinas de danza del vientre, vestidas con coloridos trajes.

Discover an authentic Berber village with a visit to Takrouna. Combine incredible views over the Gulf of Hammamet with an immersive and informative experience.


* Enjoy far reaching views over the Gulf of Hammamet, Sousse Hergla and the South plain of Kairouan
* Visit an authentic Berber Village
* Experience the weekly Market, or even a trip to the hammam

Marvel at the views from Takrouna, a Berber village built 200 meters above sea level on a high rock that commands spectacular views over the surrounding landscape. It is an original village whose name was probably related to the original tribe that migrated there from Andalusia with the expulsion of the Moors in 1609. The tradition would be for an immigrant family to settle and give the village its name. Learn this and more at your first stop.

Move on from Takrouna to Sidi Jedidi, located high up on a beautiful ridge. This village is famous for its weekly market so spend some time browsing the local handicrafts or, if a little relaxation is needed, take a trip to the thermal hammam.

desde 32,5 €

Tanto las ruinas de Cartago como la Medina de Túnez atestiguan el pasado glorioso del país. Sumérgete de lleno en su historia con un recorrido por estos y otros grandes atractivos.


* Visita las Termas de Antonino, el anfiteatro y el Tofet de Cartago
* Pasea por Sidi Bou Said, uno de los secretos mejor guardados de Túnez
* Recorre las laberínticas calles de la Medina de Túnez y conecta de lleno con la cultura tunecina

Viaja en el tiempo en las antiguas ruinas de Cartago. Fundada por mercaderes fenicios en el año 814 A.C., esta gran ciudad fue hogar de Aníbal. Pero su verdadero apogeo llegó bajo el dominio romano, cuando se convirtió en la joya de la corona de su imperio. Déjate maravillar por los vestigios de sus monumentos y pasea por las Termas de Antonino, el anfiteatro y el Tofet de Cartago, un lugar sagrado.

La siguiente parada es Sidi Bou Said, un pintoresco pueblo costero de hermosas casas blancas y persianas azules. Recorre sus calles empedradas y disfruta de fantásticas vistas de la bahía de Túnez. Después del almuerzo, visitarás la Medina de Túnez, declarada Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO en 1979. Aprecia el espíritu de otras épocas en sus callejuelas y pasadizos cubiertos al tiempo que captas los olores y colores procedentes de los numerosos puestos y tiendas que abarrotan el centro de la ciudad de Túnez.

1st day: Tunis/Hammamet /Sousse /El Djem/ Matmata/ Douz Sahara desert

After breakfast departure from Tunis or Hammamet or Sousse to the adventure and drive to El JEM to visit its ancient Roman Amphitheatre which was built by the Romans under proconsul Gordian, who was acclaimed Emperor at Thysdrus, around 238 and was probably mainly used for gladiator shows and chariot races. Its stones were used for building the nearby village of El Djem and transported to the Great Mosque in Kairouan. The ruins of the amphitheatre were declared a World Heritage Site in 1979 .It is capable of seating 35,000 spectators.

After that we continue to Matmata, Berber villages of Star Wars notoriety, but more importantly, centre of the most extensive number of traditional troglodyte pit homes in the region. The landscape is barren and marked with fissures, crags and small tabletop mountains. Lunch in Matmata at the Typical Hotel. Sidi Driss.

After Lunch,we visit the cave dwelling house and a Berber family in Matmata .Then drive to Douz. It is a town in southern Tunisia, known as the “Gateway to the Sahara.” In previous times it was an important stop on the trans-Saharan caravan routes. Douz is a major palm oasis and as such a large producer of “Diglat Noor” dates. On arrival you can make an optional camel ride (13 Euros) to discover the sand dunes. Overnight in Douz in the Hotel Sun Palm Douz 4*, and Dinner.

2ND Day: Tozeur /4*4 Chevika Tamerza /Kairouan

After breakfast we will have an early departure to Tozeur crossing the salt lake of Chott El Jerid. Famous for the phenomenon of mirage. Short stop to make some pictures. Arrival to Tozeur, one of the largest southern settlements, this quarter is famous for the unique decorative architecture in brick. Visit of the medieval old town of Tozeur and departure with 4x4 vehicles into the desert to Chevika and Tamerza and there is a possibility to organize an optional excursion (15 EUROS) to visit Ong Jmel the site where they make the Star Wars and the English patient.

Drive to Gafsa to have lunch in Yugurtha Palace 5*. After lunch we continue to Kairouan to make a panoramic visit of this Holy city .arrive back to your hotel.