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Fewer buildings, nature untouched by men, rock formations, the most beautiful beaches of the island, plantation farm homes and very rich history. This tour will take you to see plantation farm homes along the way. Next, visit the Shete Boca area (seven coves) to see the underwater cave named, Boca Tabla and the dramatic rock formation of Boca Pistol. Head to two of the most beautiful beaches of the island to swim, driving back by the salt-flats of Jan Kok, where you can see our pink Flamingo birds. Price includes all entrance fees and guide on the bus.

The most beautiful beaches of the island, visit the Shete Boca area (seven coves), the salt-flats of Jan Kok, where you can see our pink Flamingo bird.

Viaja hasta el corazón de la isla cuyo nombre significa precisamente 'corazón' en portugués, con esta fantástica excursión por Willemstad y alrededores. Lar hermosa y colorida capital de Curaçao es una de las ciudades más pintorescas del Caribe, además de ser un lugar Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO, debido a su rico pasado colonial como punto de referencia y por ser ciudad portuaria. Acércate y conoce los principales lugares de interés, y después termina un día fantástico con una degustación del legendario licor azul, el curaçao.

Tu aventura comienza con una excursión por el casco antiguo de Willemstad, donde podrás admirar los elegantes edificios coloniales holandeses del siglo XVII y XVIII, con sus distintivos gabletes. Con el paso del tiempo, se fueron añadiendo elementos más prácticos para el clima seco y la brisa caribeña, y así se hicieron populares las verandas, porches y contraventanas. Los colores también se han vuelto más cálidos, y una amplia gama de brillantes tonos pastel confiere a esta ciudad un ambiente alegre y vibrante.

Visita las principales tiendas en Punda, donde los holandeses construyeron su primer fuerte, y pasa por la antigua zona residencial judía de Scharloo, donde descubrirás numerosas y espectaculares mansiones en diferentes estados de restauración. Dirígete hacia Otrabanda, donde las estrechas calles y las anchas avenidas principales recuerdan a las ciudades provinciales holandesas del siglo XVII.

Visita una auténtica landhuizen, una antigua plantación, y verás el lugar donde se elabora el licor azul curaçao, en la mansión Chobolobo, donde más tarde podrás dar un sorbo a esta bebida seca de sabor agridulce. A continuación, dirígete hacia el este de la isla para contemplar la famosa Montaña de la Mesa y la Bahía de las Aguas Españolas, para terminar tu visita en el principal proveedor de tiendas de souvenirs de Curaçao.

Welcome to Curacao in our native language - Papiamento. Get a feel for the island in just three hours and receive great background information and helpful tips that will help you to go about on your own. Drive through the unique and colorful city of Willemstad and its surrounding areas and let your guide tell you about all the things you need to know to later discover the island on your own.

Highlights of this trip include: Drive through Punda and Otrobanda, including a photo stop at the harbor entrance. Cross over the tallest bridge in the Caribbean and find out all about our industrial harbor. Drive through the old Jewish residential area of Scharloo and visit the Chobolobo Estate in Saliña; home of the famous Blue Curacao liqueur, for some free sample tasting.

Drive around residential areas and find out how the locals live and drive around the east side of the island to see the famous Table Mountain, Spanish Waters Bay and shop at Caribbean Handcrafts, the main supplier to most souvenir shops on the island.

The countryside of the west awaits you! Join this tour to see the different side of Curacao. Hills surround you as you head west, nature untouched by men. Dramatic rock formations, beautiful beaches secluded in coves, interesting geography and very rich history. Drive towards the West and leave the busy city behind. This guided tour will take you along typical former plantation homes and former slave houses. Visit the famous Boka Tabla cavern and relax on the beautiful beach of Cas Abao. Driving back, the tour will pass in front of the old salt-flats of Jan Kok, where one can often see Flamingo Birds.

Let your senses go wild as you soak up the atmosphere of our city at night! Admire the famous city lights by the harbor entrance, while watching the ships go by, and having a delicious snack and 2 drinks at De Gouverneur. Explore the evening vibes at BLVD, while enjoying an exquisite 3 course dinner and 2 drinks at Fuoco Italian Chophouse. Finally, hop on the crazy Loko Bus and let your local host show you how we party hardy on the Curaçao roads, while practicing your local dance moves!

Departing from your hotel, your guide will first take you to Beth Haim Jewish Cementery, the oldest one of the western hemisphere. After exploring the particular graves, different old world style, we whisk you off to the new Jewish village of Mahaai, located at the northeast side of the island. The guide will also point out the new Ashkenazi Synagogue. Then we are ready for the ultimate highlight of the excursion, when we head to the Mikveh Israel Emanuel Synagogue.

Departing from your hotel or point of arrival, we first take you North of the island to an African Museum in a community called Asencion, that show the living history of the freed African slaves, after slavery was abolished in 1863. After traveling for 30 minutes in a comfortable air conditioned vehicle, we arrive to Kas di Pai i Maishi, described in English as the cottage with a roof made of corn stalk, this museum houses interesting ways of life of the African people, brought to the Caribbean already in 1642.

A professional tourist guide and are specific interpreter certified by the World Federation of Tourist Guide Association, will lead you through the past of more than 370 years ago, including the period before the slaves got their freedom. The interpreter will detailed the curly feather chickens, the bachelor's cave, the cactus soup tutorial, African heroes, the African tools and the traditions, from which some of them are still in place. Now we are ready to move North-west to the colonial country house or also called Plantation House of Knip, another living colonial memory of the past.

You will also taste the popular local lemonade and a piece of the pumpkin pancake that most of the locals love as dessert. Moving from this Plantation house, you are just some seconds away from the gorgeous Knip Beach, declared the most beautiful pocket beach in 1973 of the Caribbean. Your eyes will confirm the synonymous for this adventure: the natural swimming pool. After this picture stop, we will head South back to the starting point.

Amazonia Rainforest Tour, Sta. Catharina #66

Amazonia Rainforest Mystery is a new attraction in Curacao. You will be guided for approximately 60 to 90 minutes through a journey filled with dozens of sculptures, paintings, and murals that reflect the Mesoamerican Culture, ponds, caves and pyramids, plus you will be able to enjoy a great variety of animals like parrots, monkeys, iguanas and many more. In total about 130 exotic species.

Dr. Hugenholtzweg Z/N, Willemstad,

If you’ve always wanted to take cube diving lessons, experience unparalleled adventure and see the world beneath the waves, this is where it starts. Get your scuba diving certification with an Open Water Course. Learn to scuba dive and later on go on to discover the wonders of the aquatic world. You must be 10 years old or older. You need adequate swimming skills and meet to be in good physical health. No prior experience with scuba diving is required.

Enjoy at your leisure four parks at a reduced price. But one ticket and visit four parks :

Aloe Plantation - cultivates over 100,000 specimens of aloe vera The aloe vera gel is extracted from the leaves, filtered, stabilized and processed to concentrate in their production plant. The plantation specializes in the production of natural skincare products that contain a high level of aloe vera extracted from their crop.
Ostrich Farm - The Ostrich Farm offers guaranteed fun for the whole family! Experience the feel of South Africa for a day! Learn all about our ostriches.
Sea Aquarium - In this semi-submarine you can see the sharks, turtles, stingrays and many more fish in their underwater environment and you can do all this without getting wet.
Amazonia Rainforest Mystery - is the newest attraction on the island that will astonish you with dozens of Mayan, Aztec and Inca sculptures, carvings and murals. You will also smell and feel the presence of our Caribbean, South and Central American ancestors from the moment you step inside.

Old Quarry Golf Course, Santa Barbara Plantation

Rated as one of Golfweek's Best Courses in the Caribbean & Mexico. Designed by Pete Dye and opened in April 2010, Old Quarry Golf Course takes on the shape of the naturally contoured site overlooking the Caribbean Sea and the sheltered bay known as Spanish Waters. Measuring 6,920 yards from the championship tees, the golf course is complemented by an 8,000 square-foot clubhouse featuring a fully stoked golf shop, locker rooms, restaurant and lounge.

Savonet, Landhuis Savonet, Weg Naar Westpunt z/n

This trip takes you to the northernmost tip of Curacao, offering some amazing sights. The waves splashing against the cliffs and the beautiful nature will leave your breathless. From a lookout point, you may even be able to spot turtles. The whole trip takes about 2.5 hours, during which you will have ample opportunity to take pictures and videos. Enjoy and experience the outside life of Curaçao and discover the beautiful nature and beaches. Book your Early Bird Off-Road Adventure and discover the remote places of the West Side of Curaçao.

Landhuis Savonet, Weg Naar Westpunt z/n

First, it takes you along breathtaking beaches, and you will also get a chance to swim at one. At Playa Kalki, we leave the paved road, going off-road at Kura Hulanda through Watamula. This road takes us all the way to Shete Boka. Along the way, we will be driving across beautiful natural surroundings and will stop at several sites to enjoy the rough sea and beautiful nature. Finally we conclude the trip at Shete Boka and take the paved road back to Savonet.

Savonet, Landhuis Savonet, Weg Naar Westpunt z/n

We depart from Savonet over the paved road towards the plains of Hato. At San Pedro we go off-road up to the airport landing strip. On the first leg of the trip, you will be driving on the hilly side, stopping at a few spots to take a look at the caves, with excellent photo opportunities. Next, we get back on the road, all the way to the ending point. Once there, you might get to take photos of an airplane flying extremely low overhead. Then, we follow the seaside road back. On the way back, we stop regularly to take great nature pictures and some action shots of you. As San Pedro we leave behind the off-road segment of the trip and follow the paved road back to Savonet, where you can have a drink or order take-out at the restaurant.

Dr. Hugenholtzweg Z/N, Willemstad, Curaçao

On a guided dive, one of our instructor guides you through a wonderful dive. We dive at and official dive site on Curacao from the shore, at the diver's choice or suggested by our guide. Our guides know the way and have special knowledge of the dive site, which makes the dive not only safer but also a lot more fun and interesting.

We will guide you to the best sites underwater. We know where to go from the most popular to the most secluded dive sites! For certified divers only (open water, advanced or higher). Diver must be able to show us his diver’s certificate or other proof of certification. Price includes transportation from ACOYA to the dive site and back, equipment including 1 tank and our guide.

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