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45000 West US Hwy 50 Canon City

Give your family a taste of white water adventure, paired with the perfect amount of calm Colorado scenery. Bighorn Sheep Canyon is gentle in just the right places to catch sight of a few Colorado Bighorn Sheep, and offers a few exhilarating class II & III whitewater sections – just enough to keep younger river rafters’ attention.
Before you all start this family adventure, our certified guide will walk you through all the rafting training you’ll need to handle the river. Because we craft our family adventures for participants, each Colorado River rafting trip is unique. We’ll work with you to make sure yours is one adventure you’ll never forget.

Bighorn Sheep Canyon boasts some beautiful Colorado River countryside and local wildlife. Hawks, Bighorn Sheep – and a few eagles now and then – may join you in your family adventure. White water rafting has never been as beautiful. The full day family trip includes a riverside steak lunch, more miles on the river – and more rapids.

45000 West US Hwy 50 Canon City

If you live on adrenaline and want some close-to-home adventures, the Royal Gorge rafting trip is the one for you. Just about an hour from Colorado Springs, you’ll find yourself in white water a thousand feet beneath the Royal Gorge Bridge. You’ll definitely taste extreme Colorado white water rafting as you explode over class III to V rapids with names like Sunshine Falls, Sledgehammer, and Boat Eater. In between these, soaked and exhilarated, you’ll see astounding geology, witness local wildlife, and feel the history of the Arkansas River and the Colorado Mountain West. Because we hand-craft each of them with your feedback, no Royal Gorge rafting trip is like any other – one reason this trip is always a favorite.

Echo Canyon also offers a full-day Royal Gorge white water rafting trip, if you’re up for the duration. This one begins slowly, with a float that calmly escalates through class II and III white water rapids in the Bighorn Sheep Canyon. After a riverside steak lunch, and some time to take in the stunning beauty of the Royal Gorge, you’ll launch into excitement you’ll never forget, right in Colorado Springs’ backyard.

The full day family trip includes a riverside steak lunch, more miles on the river – and more rapids.

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