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Tickets en Burlington/Stowe - VT

173 College Street

Get an amazing taste of what Burlington has to offer! This tour is loaded with local flavors, from a distillery, to bakeries and breweries, and even a chocolate factory. Along the way, check out the fantastic murals, sculptures and other works that fill the city’s oh-so-cool arts district. This Burlington tour is jam-packed with tasty treats and delicious libations, and all of it against the backdrop of cool public art, murals, and installations.

We’ll begin downtown, in City Hall Park, and from there make our way to our first distillery stop. Along the way, your guide will point out the numerous shops and restaurants located around the grounds, helping you to get your bearings so you’ll know where to go during the rest of your time in town.

Then, it’s tasting time! At the distillery, you’ll indulge in a tasting of spirits and one-of-a-kind handcrafted cocktails. We’ll then head down Main Street and stop at the Vermont Comedy Club, located in the old Armory building, to find out what they have to offer for the upcoming evening, should you want to take in a show after the tour.

From there, we’ll start our journey south down Pine Street and into the heart of Burlington’s thriving arts district. Our next stop is across the street at a famous bagel shop, beloved for its Montreal-style bagels that are boiled in honey and finished in a wood-fired brick oven. You’ll get to taste their Montreal Spice bagel —which is not only delicious but truly unique compared to any other bagel in town!

From there, we’ll explore more of Pine Street and the unique shops, pieces of public art, murals, cafés, small parks, and pubs that line the route. We’ll then stop at one of Burlington’s newest breweries, where you’ll get another taste and a peek at the brewery floor. There will be time to enjoy the sun-filled beer garden and peruse the retail shop.

Just next door is one of Vermont’s best-kept secrets, a local chocolate factory! You’ll put your palate to the test with a blind taste-test while watching the chocolates being made right out on the factory floor. They also offer some of the country’s best small-batch ice cream, which of course we’ll get to taste. And we certainly can’t miss the factory’s “seconds” section, where delicious chocolate can be purchased for a fraction of the cost!

From there, your Burlington tour will take you to our final stop: another local brewery! This one specializes in traditional European-style beers, and you’ll have the opportunity to bring some of those delicious chocolates with you for a beer and chocolate pairing. After your introductory taster, you’ll have some time to purchase a pint and see the brewery floor.

Our tour ends here, but the day certainly does not need to end! We’ll give you some recommendations to continue on to other nearby breweries, or maybe how to get to Oakledge Park to catch the sunset, or we’ll help you jump on the bus (ticket included if used immediately after the tour!) back to downtown Burlington.

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