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Teatro Calderon. Calle Hidalgo 503,Centro,98000

You will meet with your guide down town and he will take you to contemplate breathtaking panoramic views from on the cable cars (teleférico) which run between the Cerro del Grillo and the Cerro de la Bufa, once on the top of El Cerro de la Bufa.

There is a look out point that is equipped with coin-operated binoculars and is the best place to admire the overview of the city. Just make sure that you aren’t afraid of heights for this adventure.

We will continue to visit the Eden mine that dates from the 16th century and walking through the el Grillo Mine shaft takes you back in time and gives you a sensation of what the miners felt back in those days.

El Eden mine on board a subterranean train which reachhes the bowels of the earth, passing through important sites.

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Teatro Calderon. Calle Hidalgo 503,Centro,98000

Once you get to the meeting point down town Zacatecas in front of Teatro Calderon, you will meet your prepared guide to walk with you through the old neighborhoods and mansions that date from the sixteen and seventeen centuries while you listen to stories and legends that will make you feel why Zactecas has this incredible atmosphere that transports you to the time that all the legend and stories happened according to the local people.

This legendary silver town offers an actual tour through Mexico´s history, reflects its attractiveness in its beautiful buildings, which are real works of art.

Its architecture and urban layout, as well as the irregularity of the alignments of its streets, constitute the splendor of its Historic Center.

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Teatro Calderon. Calle Hidalgo 503,Centro,98000

On this tour, while walking down town Zacatecas we will admire beautiful architecture and equine sculptures plus we will be briefed about all the facts of the Mexican revolution and visit the museum of the taking of Zacatecas witch construction of the building dates back to 1550 and survived during the attacks of the native Mexicans, the independence and later on the revolution, and this last one meant that the Mexican revolution had won, plus we will visit the revolution open plaza (explanada de la revolución).

Due to its fine array of art, cultural and historical museums along with beautiful parks and marvelous architecture, Zacatecas is a favorite destination for Mexican families and tourists.

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Teatro Calderon. Calle Hidalgo 503,Centro,98000

Visit Inquisitor Museum is a trip back to the period when severe laws were applied and fear was used to scared the prosecuted. You will know instruments of torture and death used during the Spanish Inquisition; you can also see a sample of finding mummies of Santo Domingo.

This tour is for those who like scary stories, where you will visit 25 torture machines used during the inquisition including: the inquisitor’s room, the shame room, and the confession room. After this visit you will next enter the mummies found at Santo Domingo where upon exhuming some old graves they found that because the minerals on the ground and the climate of Zacatecas some of the bodies were naturally preserved and few places in the world have this phenomenon.

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