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Start off your day heading south, towards Valle de Guadalupe, located approximately 40 kilometers from Ensenada Bay and 100 km from Tijuana. In this tour you will learn and live intimately the wine elaboration process while visiting Mexico’s most important and prestigious wine-producing houses.

Visiting 3 of the most exclusive and award winning wineries, you will see from firsthand all the stages that the wine elaboration process goes through: from the crop of the grapes to the finished bottled product. After this, a professional and certified guide from each wine-house will deliver you a brief speech regarding the importance of the wine culture and history in Baja California ending with a dynamic wine tasting. Don’t miss this unique and always thrilling opportunity to live this traditional Mexican experience!

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You can experience the thrill of meeting one of the most exciting, multicultural and funniest cities that northern Mexico has to offer. Tijuana, located in one of the world's busiest border, includes a variety of attractions, including specialties from Baja Med, unique rhythms of the city, and with its vibrant culture and customs that will make you smile every second of your stay. This guided tour includes a visit to the Museum of the Californias, Paseo de los Heroes, the Caliente Casino and the football stadium of the Xoloitzcuintles, the Jai Alai, the Monumental Clock and Plaza Santa Cecilia. You'll even have the opportunity to meet the Tijuana Cultural Center, home of national and international shows and also the main scenario of the Orchestra of Baja California. You will tour through Avenida Revolución, the main avenue of historical and tourist interest in the city. We end this tour with a wine tasting from a recognized local firm.

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While living this amazing tour, you will have the unique chance to meet and intimately feel the beauty and harmony of one of Ensenada’s greatest tradition, also known as “The Pacific’s Cinderella”. To start off this natural trip, you will be shuttled from your hotel all the way to Ensenada, the oldest city in Baja California and former capital of the state, situated 100 kilometers south from Tijuana.

Once in Ensenada, we’ll take you to stroll the beautiful waterfront from the bay’s city. After having a very relaxing moment, you’ll be taken to visit Centro Cultural Riviera del Pacífico, which has a great variety craft stores and the main attractions of this majestic destination. After this visit, a boat trip throughout Ensenada’s bay will be waiting for you, finishing the day experiencing the most famous touristic attraction of the zone: La Bufadora.

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Tijuana: The busiest border in the world, a city with only 122 years young, cosmopolitan and strategic business and health tourism; ideal destination to enjoy your food and unparalleled nightlife. It emphasizes the cultural activity, which is expressed in museums, galleries and special events throughout the year.

Rosarito is a young city and chosen mainly by young people because of its beautiful beaches can be found in this location: A coastal strip with huge cliffs, which offers the possibility of making all kinds of extreme sports, or a quiet day at the beach. Also try one of the dishes that have given fame to this city: the Puerto Nuevo style lobster.

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In winter and spring Baja California has the joy of embracing the gray whale in its course to bear their calves. The sight of this sea colossus is an experience you must live. You’ll love it! For thousands of years the Gray Whale has been a faithful visitor of the Baja California Peninsula each winter. They pass by our friendly waters to seek the warmth of the Pacific Ocean to give birth to their calves.

Their visit provides Baja California pride and satisfaction, as the Grey Whales are considered internationally as Mexican. The whale watching season begins on December and ends April of each year. This is an amazing experience at open sea, in the out shores of the Ensenada Bay, heading to Todos Santos Island, where the route of this enormous cetaceous is located. You can also behold magnificent creatures such as dolphins, pelicans and sea lions among others. You won’t regret! This unbelievable trip includes a professional sightseeing guide that will be explaining the highlights of the whale behavior and the overall details of their majestic journey.

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Experience the excitement of knowing and contrasting the various tourist attractions on both sides of the Mexico / US border crossing of San Ysidro, called the busiest border in the world, to get into one of the most impressive citites of the United States: San Diego.

Enjoy a wonderful walk along among the main shopping malls in Southern California, where you will find boutiques of top brands of clothing, shoes, perfumes, jewelry and electronics in places such as Chula Vista Shopping Center, Las Americas, Plaza Bonita, Horton Plaza, Mission Valley and Fashion Valley. In this tour you will also have a panoramic view of Sea Port Village, Coronado Bridge, Hotel Coronado, Downtown San Diego, PETCO Park, Convention Center, Old Town and more.

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In this tour you will cross the famous Wine and Cheese Route of Baja California, an area known for the good quality of its wines and cheeses. In the Valle de Ojos Negros you’ll enjoy a visit to La Cava de Marcelo in Quesos Ramonetti and the vineyards of San Rafael.

This agro-tourism zone will astound you with the agricultural and livestock bounties famous for its cheese. Here you will enjoy the tranquility of the place within a visit to an authentic artisan cheese factory, where you will taste different types of cheeses of excellent quality, in the region called Real del Castillo, in the Valle de Ojos Negros. The itinerary includes visiting 3 wine-producing houses. We’ll take you to the outstanding facilities of each wine-producing house, learning about the specific bounties of each wine. Visit to Bodegas San Rafael, including a guided tour throughout their facilities, finishing with a wine tasting. Visit to Cava de Quesos Artesanales of Ramonetti’s family, including a guided tour throughout their facilities, finishing with a cheese tasting. Time for meals in Valle de Guadalupe and Puerto Nuevo.

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Tecate is a small city where you have to travel through lots of cornfields, very important livestock barns and impressive landscapes that you won’t believe. Tecate is the oldest border town in Baja, though in terms of peninsular history, it's still relatively young. Besides having one of the best breweries of the country, where they offer tastings and very peculiar tours, you can also observe the ancestral cave paintings made by the first habitants of all the Baja state. This remarkable signs of cultural beliefs and civilization development are truly a must-see element of your visit to Tecate.

In the surroundings of this city, you will find world renowned Spas that are exclusively for people in search of a very high level of relaxation and privacy that you won’t find in other places. Itinerary: Panoramic view of Tecate City, visit with guided tour of the installations of Tecate brewery. We’ll take you to the outstanding facilities of this brewery, learning about the specific bounties of this beer including a guided tour and a small visit to a local bread store, all of them famous and very amusing. Professional visit to the Archeological Museum of Vallecitos, in charge of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH).

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If you’re looking for fun and excitement, you’re definitively in the right place. Rosarito Beach has the best hotels and activities to have a great time with friends and family, offering you the best restaurants in the region and full throttle nightclubs that will make you want to come back every day of the year!

Enjoy the beaches and feel the thrill and adventure that Rosarito brings to all of its visitors. Along with this overall fun, taste the typical and most famous dish of this amazing city: Puerto Nuevo Style Lobster. This exquisite dish is served with warm and tasty beans, accompanied by hand-made tortillas that you wouldn’t believe!

Meet the start line of the Bicycle Tour Rosarito-Ensanada: One of the biggest and most successful riding tours of the continent. Visit important religious missions and board an exact replica of a Spanish galleon in Hotel Calafia.

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The Premium Wine Route is a unique and exclusive experience. A selection of the best wines of our distinguished Valle de Guadalupe, internationally recognized for the quality of its wines, where you will meet and adopt a new culture of exquisite flavors for your senses.

A prime area for its Mediterranean climate, its fertile land and the humility and service of its people makes it an attractive region where you, for sure, enjoy a fun-filled, active, exotic and romantic experience to make your visit unforgettable. Is the ideal vacation destination for couples and families.

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Come to Baja and discover the extraordinary wine experience. Visit the vestige of the first winery where the wine was ever made in Bodegas of Santo Tomás besides the vineyards of Aldo Cesar Palafox, worthy representatives of our regional product. They’re located in the legendary Valley of Santo Tomás, Baja California, wine country by tradition and excellence. Enjoy a tour of the reserve of this valley where you will use all your senses on a journey throughout the vineyards, tasting wine’s history and tradition. With noble ground and a great weather, the Valley shares its secrets to those who listen with patience and good augury the stories of the Vine.

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Larroque 271, Colonia Empleados Federales,

The trick to falling in love with Tijuana? See it — or better yet, taste it — like a local. This Tijuana food tour will take you on a journey to the city’s gastronomic gems.

From street stalls to the birthplace of the Caesar salad, prepare to indulge in internationally buzzed-about eateries. You’ll head to three different food stops, each showing off what makes the Tijuana food scene so delicious. You’ll also take a dessert break at a “paletería”, a traditional Mexican popsicle shop.

And while some may say Tijuana is Mexico’s most infamous tourist trap, for those in the know, there are local finds to be found. We’re taking you to the hidden gems only known by locals — places like the back alley taco cart that serves up spectacular “carne asada” or the iconic empanada stand that you'd probably never find because it's tucked in the back corner of a random parking lot.

Along the way, your Tijuana tour will lead you to the city's oldest open-air market, a wonderland of artisanal crafts, exotic fruits, local cheeses, and other regional delicacies like “Oaxacan mezcal”. You’ll also experience what it’s like to live at the busiest border crossing in the world, in a city inhabited by transplants from not just Latin America but all over the globe.

Tijuana’s location on the U.S.-Mexico border makes for a constant flow of commerce, culture, and cuisine — including the cuisine that you’re here to taste, of course! You’ll finish up your Tijuana food tour not just with a full stomach, but with a new appreciation for a city that’s about so much more than surf bars and tequila shots.

Points of interest/ itinerary:
Be it tacos, tortas, or tostadas, nothing compares to the Tijuana food scene. Indulge in a food lovers’ adventure that shows off the city’s best and most authentic flavours in one epic afternoon of eating! Discover the street stalls loved by locals, sample the best taco you’ll ever taste, and learn the quirks of the world’s busiest border city.