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Admire the beauty of a canyon from over 120 meters. We are going down 50 meters to admire a community of parrots, and this is possible only in summer. Then, you will have the chance to rappel in a circular cavity which size is 180 meters in diameter and 125 deep, approximately. There, hundreds of parrots come back ascending in circles to the deepness to sleeps at night.

After this experience we should return climbing to the top of a small perimeter trail to observe some local paintings. Finally, we will take you back to your hotel.

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Live the Adventure! If you like to practice diving, this is an excellent opportunity to do High Diving, that is to say, more than 300 meters above sea level, in the Lake Chucumaltik, a natural beauty rarely visited by man! Chucumaltik is a beautiful place, rarely visited by men and it´s a great option for the diving practice, due to the depth of its water and its pleasant temperature, as well you can enjoy a wonderful natural scenery.

The High Dive is for all people with experience in the activity of diving and with an a valid certificate for diving autonomous. Also for advanced divers we count with the modalities of deep diving and night diving. This activity has a duration from 6 to 7 hours. If you are not certified diver, there is an option for you too with Diving for beginners. This tour you won’t find it anywhere, we are exclusive sellers.

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The best natural experience to know the route of the mills through mountain biking. You will not regret! On this route you will learn the history of the buildings on the former work of farming and milling wheat, appreciating over the course of Old Mills dating from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century. Also explore inside the caves Kin'vo and feel the mysterious darkness that understands.

Combined with adventure tours within notably Mammoth Caves is a complex of caves and caverns underground very impressive, continuing the Quinta del Obispo and Arcotete that is a natural with ecotourism infrastructure, note that within this journey is all an adventure as they cross paths with the bike sleeping, but well worth the effort to enjoy the roads and trails only.

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Get ready for a unique experience through the Indigenous Village (San Juan Chamula and Zinacantán) a mountain bike tour that you cannot miss! With this route know San Juan Chamula, Chiapas in a very special way, where the inhabitants are Tzotzil Maya group with customs and traditions rooted (clothing, religion, language, etc..), One of the most fascinating corners of Mexico. The path consists of XC trails, asphalt short periods, in which vegetation and enjoy the spectacular views.

On arrival we will go to the sacred temple (San Juan Bautista) to witness the mixture of Catholicism and local Mayan religion; visit the typical market, known for its unique coloring, then communal paths from showing the essence of life Chamula culture, enjoy a panoramic among mountains, and then enjoy a delicious Tortilla with cheese in the beautiful village of ZINACANTÁN while called the Church of San Lorenzo, continuing uphill on pavement.

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Live an Eco-experience full of learning and adventure!


* Admire the Lacantun River
* Visit the Biosphere Montes Azules

Our visit will be a sustainable experience to see how a community has been a pioneer in community accommodation, located on the bank of the River Lacantún adjacent to the Biosphere Reserve Montes Azules. This reserve is within the region of the Lacandon Jungle in Chiapas, the richest in Mexico, 27% of mammals in the country has its habitat in the reserve, while 341 species of birds fly through their skies.

The flora and fauna of Montes Azules is very rich, invertebrates, butterflies and about 112 species of fish, other amphibians and reptiles are protected in this area. In the reserve is Lacantún River basin, and rivers that are its natural limits Lacanjá and Jataté. You will be able to sail along Lacantún River to appreciate the flora and fauna of the jungle!

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Enjoy a unique experience in one of the most important reserves in Mexico: Metzabok Lagoon. Metzabok was included in 2012 in the World Network of Biosphere Reserves for having lush ecosystems. Metzabok Lagoon, which means Lacandon Maya God of Thunder, is located between the eastern mountains of Chiapas, in the Selva Lacandona in the municipality of Ocosingo Chiapas. It has over 82 hectares divided into 27 lagoons of various dimensions, surrounded by the dense vegetation of the mountains.

Get ready to enjoy this natural reserve in the Lacandon Jungle Area in Chiapas and learn about this community

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A unique experience: Cascades, jumps, rafting and Culture! Visit the Bonampak Archaeological Site and practice rafting in the Usumacinta river. Come to Chiapas and live this great experience! Once we pick you up at your hotel in Palenque, you will start a fun adventure. First, you will visit the Mayan archaeological site of Bonampak, famous for its colorful well-preserved paintings from 790 A.C.

Admire the murals that allow us to understand more about pre-Hispanic society and observe the main buildings on the site. Afterwards, depart on a hike through the Lacandon Jungle, where you can admire the diverse wildlife and abundant flora, including trees up to 60 meters (190 ft). Once in Lacanjá, go rafting on the river and have fun while navigating. To cool off, take a deep dive from pristine waterfalls and swim in natural pools. Before returning to your hotel you will have time for lunch.

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Immerse yourself in the heart of the Lacandona Jungle! You can enjoy an activity full of adventure doing rafting down the river Lacanjá, a hike entering into the jungle to meet the lost town of Lacanjá, you´ll also be able to coexist with people of a Mayan comunity and take a refreshing bath in waterfalls and springs.

Come and enjoy Chiapas! Dive into the heart of the Lacandon Jungle and a browser becomes the Indiana Jones style. You can enjoy an activity-filled adventure where we discover archaeological sites, go on a river rafting and even people we live with a Maya community.

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The ZooMAT is a protected natural park only 140 hectares in the country because it has the most representative of the Chiapas fauna. Miguel Alvarez del Toro, one of the main natural scientists who left a legacy imporant in the study of Chiapas fauna. The ZOOMAT is considered one of the best zoos in Latin America in its genre. Exhibits, studies, it protects and preserves endangered species such as jaguars, otters and howler monkeys among others.

The tour is conducted by a walker over 2 and a half kilometers by an average jungle that recreates the habitat of the species are on display: wild boars, jaguars, harpy eagles, parrots, crocodiles, quetzals, deer and peacocks, bird lives only in Chiapas and is in danger of extinction, are some of the species that can be enjoyed in an atmosphere that makes the viewer feel within the natural space of animals

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These attractions are one of the most spectacular and unforgettable natural sites in Mexico, best sold and the most visited of the state of Chiapas.

Travel to Agua Azul, where you can admire a series of waterfalls that create natural pools formed on the Rio Azul, and Misol Ha, a spectacular waterfall of about 30 meters high, hidden under the thick jungle. Then visit and walk in the archaeological site of Palenque , one of the main legacies of Mayan culture in Mexico, you will get to know the temples of the Skull, Red Queen , The Palace, the Cross Plaza, the Ball Court and the Temple of Inscriptions where the remains of the Mayan ruler Pakal are kept jealously.

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The Montebello lakes are a beautiful group of lakes and you could visit their 5th most amazing, popular and appreciate them. We also visit the waterfalls of El Chiflón, and their most incredible one that is Velo de Novia, having fun while you are outdoor is like a having a big adventure.

MONTEBELLO LAKES: It is formed by 59 lakes, big and small, some of them have around 90 meters, 13 of these lakes can be crossed by a car. During to the tour we will have time to visit the main lakes: Montebello, 5 Lagos, Pojoj, Tziscao.

EL CHIFLÓN, WATERFALLS: It is comprised by 5 waterfalls, the most popular and the wonderful is known as “Velo de Novia”, with a height of 120 meters. For arriving to the waterfalls you have to walk by the river bank and inside a dense forest.

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The tour of San Juan Chamula and Zinacantan, both Mexican magical towns, is really interesting because you will get to know the Tzotzil culture, one of the most incredible cultures of Chiapas and descendant of the Mayas. The tour is the most interesting if you want to get to know one of the most incredible cultures of this state, because the Tsotsil culture is a descendant of the Mayan culture and is a good way to see their crafts and their way to see the world. San Juan Chamula is characterized by its religious syncretism, which can we see inside the temple, and is known for its special rituals that combine pre-Hispanic and catholic customs. Zinacantán means "place of bats" and this native town has been distinguished for the production of craft on back-strap loom. During the tour you will visit the temple "San Lorenzo" and spend time with a family of indigenous artisans.

If you are willing to travel through magical mysticism, no doubt this tour will fill you with unforgettable emotions.

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A tour through the city of Chiapa de Corzo, one of the colonial cities of the state and the Sumidero Canyon a geologic crack occurred 12 million years ago, observing the beauties of the nature. It takes about 2 hours inside the boat enjoying the Canyon.

Cañón Del Sumidero:

A geologic training ocurred 12 million years ago, with an outcrop of rocks that reaches an altitude of 1550 meters above sea level. This place was sailed in 1980, after to the building Hydropower Plant “Manuel Moreno Torres”, better known than “Presa Chicoasén”. Is crossed by the Grijalva river, that rises in the mountains in Guatemala. Then in the city of Chiapa de Corzo you can see a colonial structure that is a fountain that used to give water to the whole town.

Chiapa de corzo: It is one of the most important colonial city of XVI century, where we can admire the Pila or the fountain that has an Arabic architectural style (1562). The Santo Domingo de Guzman temple (1554), an Dominica Exconvent and the bell bigger with 5 tons, one of the first smelted of gold, silver and bronze in America Latina.

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Sima de las cotorras or the pit cave of the parrots is a unique place where you can appreciate the parrots rising and flying in spiral in the cave although watching the sunrise with this beautiful animals is an amazing experience, and if you want to see paints in the walls of the cave you can do rappel and have fun climbing the rocks

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Las Nubes is an Eco touristic center that you can appreciate the nature of the state in their maximum way, because either you swim or walk, even taking pictures in their landscapes you get amazed by the nature and the water, the trees, the animals... is just an incredible experience.

Las Nubes:

Here you can admire many waterfalls, turquoise-colored lagoons; with a warm weather which gives the customer enjoy its natural landscapes where you can see the biodiversity in flora and fauna.

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