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Along the road you will be able to enjoy the panoramic view of Manialtepec lagoon, then you will visit Cacalotepec ranch which is an extraordinary natural attraction, observe the loving trees originally from Africa, some of them with more than a century of existence.

Continue to Zapotalito a small fishing village where you will board a boat to Barra de Cerro Hermoso having time to take pictures. You will continue the journey through several islands being able to see the different birds that live in the area.

Finally you will visit the crocodile center and Chacahua beach where you will have time to swim and eat a meal of delicious sea food.


The Laguna de Manialtepec is a coastal lagoon about 18 km west of Puerto Escondido in the State of Oaxaca, Mexico. The name comes from Náhuatl “manine” (lizard) and “tepetl” (place), meaning (place of lizards). About four times a year, more or less, the lagoon becomes phosphorescent due to a type a microorganism that lives in the lagoon. The organism’s luminescence is activated by the movement of the water. At night, streaks of light can be seen due to the movement of fish and humans in the water.

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Departing from your hotel by land do 35 minutes to reach the small village of San Jose Manialtepec, during the trip we will watch Manialtepec Lagoon, when arriving at San Jose we will experience horse riding, we will go into the dense vegetation and have direct contact with the variety of birds, listen to their chirping, observe variety of trees and plants, we 1 hour journey to reach the hot springs will have 2 hours to take a bath, are sulfur waters, healing and relaxing, concluding tour, returning to their hotels.

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There is perhaps no more global creature, shared by the peoples of the world that marine turtles. Both land and ocean in charge, they lay their eggs on beaches around the world.

Small hatchlings emerge from the sand of these costs, if they are lucky they will reach adulthood and embark on a travel of thousands of kilometers and many international waters. We invite you to participate in projects to save our beautiful blue planet.

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Departing from your hotel to take you to the most popular places in Puerto Escondido. Visit the Benito Juarez market, (where you can make purchases), know the main viewpoints, Zicatela Beach, the tourist walkway and large Cruz where previously occupied as a sign that they had reached the port.

Later, after 2 hours we will take you to the main bay where you will board a boat that will take you to meet the seven bays: main bay, zicatela, angel port, Manzanillo and coral beach, continuing offshore for turtle watching and taking photos, finishing our journey leaving you free on the beach of your choice for swimming, taking the return on your own.

The tour will begin in the main viewpoints you can take the best postcards home. Afterwards we will walk for the famous tourist walker “el adoquín” where the night life is concentrated as well as different stores of art craft from the state of Oaxaca, like alebrijes, black pottery and textiles.

Continuing to visit the “Buen Mezcal” where you can taste the Mezcal and Mezcal creams (the original Oaxaca version of the well-known Tequila). Later we will pass and taste an enjoyable regional coffee. We will walk on the international well know beach of Zicatela famous for being in the 3th place in the highest waves in the world and perfect for surfing.

Afterwards passing for the picturesque market “Benito Juarez” it’s a place where these are buyers and sellers consolidate, they come from different parts of the region of the coast of the state of Oaxaca. There you will find out the way the natives used to trade their products such as aromatic herbs that are used to eat or cure, also different animals like turkeys, passing for different kind fishes and seafood that are caught in the region.

To finish up you can choose between eating a delicious dish of fishes and seafood at one of the restaurants from Adoquín, or a good and delicious homemade food, roasted beef and typical food in one of the restaurants in the center of Puerto Escondido.

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We´ll get to know Mazunte, where the Mexican center of turtles can be found and where you can see seven of the eight species of turtles in their natural habitat. Later on we will visit the natural factory of cosmetics, which they are advised by of the company “the Body Shop int.” There it can be found facial treatments, lotions, shampoo, soaps, and oils elaborated with natural ingredients.

Proceeding to Zipolite, the most famous beach in the Pacific, is known worldwide for its nudist section. Finally we will end in the calm beaches of Puerto Angel, where we can enjoy a delicious dish and a swim.

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We will be departing from Puerto Escondido by land, for an hour and a half overland where we will reach the Reform Community and enjoy its natural appeal; it takes a 15 minute walk to reach the enchanted waterfall. It is 45 meters high.

Cool down from the heat in Puerto Escondido in a waterfall located about one hour outside Puerto Escondido. There are tours which will take you all the way but it's a bit inaccessible due to quality of the road. The waterfall offers basins in which it's possible to swim.

Then well go to a small restaurant to taste the typical food of the region. The tour ends with the return to the tourists hotels in Puerto Escondido.

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We will visit by land the Bacocho hotel zone, continuing our journey to the Manialtepec lagoon, where well get to a community called the Black Community. We will board a boat to visit the lagoon and discover its wonderful natural refuge for migratory birds through dense vegetation to reach the end where the river, sea and lagoon join. To get into the Manialtepec River we continue our trip to the beach port land and disembark to walk along the beach, swim or enjoy a meal. The stop will be about 2.5 hours, later we will return by boat and arrive at a restaurant called La Flor del Pacifico where we expect the unit to take us Puerto Escondido to finish our tour at the hotel.

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Departing from your hotel by road about an hour from Puerto Escondido we will make the first stop at Ventanilla Ecological Park. You will board a rowing boat and observe the wildlife such as crocodiles, tortoises, iguanas. Not to mention the mangrove vegetation, red and white; a variety of migratory birds continuing their journey.

We will stop at a cosmetics factory made by a group of women entrepreneurs in the region. We will visit the Mexican Turtle Center , where you will experience seeing the 8 species of sea and land turtles that exist in the world . Then we will visit the beach of San Agustinillo, continuing towards the beach traditionally known as nudist Zipolite. As the endpoint we will visit the port of Puerto Angel, specifically the beach the Pantheon. This beach is a natural pool known for its excellence in calm surf.

After a couple of hours of swimming you will taste delicious seafood, ending our tour with the return to their hotels.

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