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You will leave the city of Pachuca and head towards the municipality of Santiago de Anaya where the caves are located. you will learn more about bats that inhabit the caves and be amazed with stalactites, stalagmites and other geological formations.

In Xoxafi Can you get your adventurous spirit. You will be able to try three differenten activities, make a descent into a cave tunnel that will take you through narrow subways, rappelling in the cave and fly on a zip amazing outdoors that will make you feel the adrenaline pumping. if you love extreme sports dont miss this tour

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An experience you sure will not forget, come and live this adventure with us, ballooning is something you cannot stop trying.

Pick up at 5:00 a.m. from Pachuca towards the town of Metepec Hidalgo. You and your loved ones will have one of the most wonderful experiences that man has always desired, FLY !! The balloon flight is the safest, because pilots are trained and certified people. The flight lasts approximately 50 minutes, at an altitude of 800 meters you will see the splendor of a sunrise. Return to Pachuca, breakfast in the restaurant (not included).

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Would you like to learn more about dinosaurs, creatures that appeared over 230 million years ago? In the city of Pachuca there is a place dedicated to them, learn about them, know them, and enjoy the magic of transport to a prehispanicera.

At 9am out of the city of Pachuca in the direction of the Dinoparque where young and old can learn more about these amazing animals also Rehilete Museum where everyone can have fun and interact in different workshops and exhibitions. Lunch on your own. Immediately we will go to Mundo Futbol and Hall of Fame, where you wil experience the feeling of being a star football and discover who are the most famous figures

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Hidalgo is one of the few states that houses four magical towns. This tour will take you to visit two of them: Huasca de Ocampo and Real del Monte, tourist jewels of central Mexico and points representing the interests of famous Mountain Corridor. The mining and British influence prevailing in these towns with symbolic attributes, legends, history and high tourism value, are rich, full of magic and priceless traditions as well as adventure and extreme sports in natural settings.

9:00 a.m. out of the city of Pachuca towards the magical town of Real del Monte where we will visit the Acosta Mine is one of the most important in the region because in its years of splendor and greater exploitation it gave the landowners the greatest riches gold and silver. luch on your own. Then you will visit the occupational medicine museum and then we will move to the magical town of Huasca de Ocampo where you will see the majestic basaltic prisms and visit the ecotourism park in San Miguel Regla.

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Dare to explore the whimsical geological formations, enjoying the thermal water that flows from the mountains and experience the feeling of being in a real earthly paradise in the middle of a semidesert area. The hot springs have proven to have benefits for its high mineral content making it an irresistible about to visit.

Departure from Pachuca towards the municipality of Cardonal address where you will be impressed with the caves. As you penetrate into the caves, you will notice the warmth and humidity of the walls create the feeling of being in a sauna. To relax you can dive into the many pools of hot springs with temperatures of 35-38 ° C. lunch on your own

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The archaeological site of Tula is the most important in the state of Hidalgo, centuries ago it was the capital of the Toltec civilization.

Departure from the city of Pachuca city cradle of the Toltec civilization in Tula visit the archaeological site where the Jorge R. Acosta Museum is and remains of a ceremonial center, buildings and ancient monuments. Followed by a tour of the peaceful historic center of the city, a visit to the Cathedral of Tula famous for its history and architecture will. Having lunch break on its own, and leisure. transfer to Pachuca end of our services

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Mineral del Chico is a town full of tradition and culture in its glory years was one of the main producers of silver and gold, today is one of the four magical towns of the state of Hidalgo. In its cobbled streets enjoy the color and peculiar architecture of its buildings.

Pick up in Pachuca towards Mineral del Chico, visit its beautiful main square as well as the dam ""The cedral"" where their own activities include: boat rides, fishing, horseback riding, ziplining among others. Then we will move to the magical town of Real del Monte in the know to Acosta Mine Museum and the Museum of occupational medicine. Lunch on your own

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In this package you can enjoy two wonderful magical towns Huasca de Ocampo and Real del Monte, in them you will know the basaltic prisms which are amazing rock formations, the Santa Ecotourism Park Maria Regla where you'll have fun with the activities it offers, such as ziplining, boats , pools, motocross, horseback riding, Museum Paste in Real del Monte where you will learn to create this delicious traditional dish, and marvel at the history of mining in the Mina de Acosta.

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You will enjoy the air of the beautiful city of Pachuca, admire the Monumental Clock and learn its history, you will visit the Casa Rule which was built in the Porfiriato, and the Church of San Francisco one of the oldest religious buildings the city and the largest and most important, know the beautiful David Ben Gurion Pisal built thousands of colorful mosaics, El Cristo Rey statue of 33 meters, where you can see one of the most beautiful views of Pachuca.

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Experience the thrill of climbing a route along the top of a mountain with the help of ladders, bridges, railings, handles and zip lines. It is located on a mountain of more than 200m high, which is known as Tanda, is located just 20 minutes from the center of the magical town of Chico. The route covers a distance of more than 400m structures that allow us to climb to the summit in approximately 3hrs depending on the progress they have as a group.

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This magical town, located in the western state of Hidalgo, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in central Mexico. By walking the cobblestone streets, the traveler finds beautiful colonial buildings and old houses with wooden frames and wrought iron windows and quiet tree-lined plazas.

Notable buildings Huichapan -which give it a senior look- are the set of three temples comprised of the Parish of St. Matthew the Apostle, the Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Chapel of the Third Order; and The Spire, large colonial style house in which historic rail was commemorated for the first time ""El Grito"" Independence. .

Gastronomic Tour. About the paintings of ancient nomads and some Mesoamerican groups made Huichapan dozens of sites with cave paintings.

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