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Reception at the hotel in Villahermosa, continued towards the archeological zone of Comalcalco, Mayan civilization characterized by its constructions made brick base. The buildings were decorated with molded stucco, which were also painted in colors like: red, blue, green, yellow and black, so that the bricks were not visible. After we continue to the cocoa plantation, where you can admire the vegetation and understand the growing process, preservation and processing of the cocoa, up to the preparation of the " drink of the Gods": the Chocolate. Back to Villahermosa.

Pick up from the reception at your hotel in Villahermosa. Continue to the Cocoa Farm, where you can admire the vegetation and learn about the growing process, preservation and processing of cocoa, up to the preparation of the "drink of the Gods": chocolate.

This beautiful place is full of traditions and deep-rooted customs. It is where the cacao growing origin and the home-made chocolate are kept as an ancestral tradition by the people who work in it. However, all the process has been industrialised nowadays. This tour will show the cultural values that characterise our company as well as to preserve and make people aware of ecology. We want also to regenerate the last plantations of cacao Criollo (pronounced cree-yo-yo), which is considered the best around the world because its high levels of fat, delicious flavour and excellent aroma. The Hacienda is the best producer and the most important cacao derives (paste, fat, cocoa). Return back to Villahermosa.

We will have some time to enjoy and get to know better this beautiful natural reserve, as well as enjoying from activities, such us: Zip line, rappelling and hiking, together with visiting the botanic gardens, the butterfly gardens, the area for deer breeding and conservation and the plantations. At the same time, we will have the opportunity to swim in natural pools. In the afternoon will be heading towards the city of Palenque.

The city of Palenque, located on the first rise of the Tumbala Mountains, the site looks out over the Usumacinta River flood plain. On arrival at the site, prepare to be confronted by the largest Mesoamerican step pyramid, the Temple of Inscriptions, spotted with hieroglyphics that have contributed significantly to the study of Mayan civilization. The site is surrounded by beautiful natural areas for the visit of the archaeological site of Palenque, where you can admire the Mayan buildings like the Temple of the Inscriptions, the Palace, the Temple of the Red Queen, and The Temple of the Cross foliated and The Sun Temple.

In its heyday, Palenque was a sprawling religious center that spanned nearly 25 square miles. Only roughly half a mile has been excavated, revealing what many consider to be the architectural apogee of western Mayan civilization. The knowledge that there's so much yet to be excavated at Palenque is, surely, part of the site's enduring charm. Return to hotel or airport Villahermosa.

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A unique experience: Cascades, jumps, rafting and Culture! Visit the Bonampak Archaeological Site and practice rafting in the Usumacinta river. Come to Chiapas and live this great experience! Once we pick you up at your hotel in Palenque, you will start a fun adventure.

First, you will visit the Mayan archaeological site of Bonampak, famous for its colorful well-preserved paintings from 790 A.C. Admire the murals that allow us to understand more about pre-Hispanic society and observe the main buildings on the site.

Afterwards, depart on a hike through the Lacandon Jungle, where you can admire the diverse wildlife and abundant flora, including trees up to 60 meters (190 ft). Once in Lacanjá, go rafting on the river and have fun while navigating. To cool off, take a deep dive from pristine waterfalls and swim in natural pools. Before returning to your hotel you will have time for lunch.

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Immerse yourself in the heart of the Lacandona Jungle! You can enjoy an activity full of adventure doing rafting down the river Lacanjá (2.3 hours), a hike entering into the jungle to meet the lost town of Lacanjá, you´ll also be able to coexist with people of a Mayan comunity and take a refreshing bath in waterfalls and springs.

Come and enjoy Chiapas! Dive into the heart of the Lacandon Jungle and a browser becomes the Indiana Jones style. You can enjoy an activity-filled adventure where we discover archaeological sites, go on a river rafting and even people we live with a Maya community.

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Enjoy a unique experience in one of the most important reserves in Mexico: Metzabok Lagoon. Metzabok was included in 2012 in the World Network of Biosphere Reserves for having lush ecosystems. Metzabok Lagoon, which means Lacandon Maya God of Thunder, is located between the eastern mountains of Chiapas, in the Selva Lacandona in the municipality of Ocosingo Chiapas. It has over 82 hectares divided into 27 lagoons of various dimensions, surrounded by the dense vegetation of the mountains.

Get ready to enjoy this natural reserve in the Lacandon Jungle Area in Chiapas and learn about this community. Begins departing on canoe to see the cave paintings across the entire lagoon, then headed to the viewponts, you will realize trekking in the middle of the jungle. From the top of the cliff you will observe the spectacular lagoons Metzabok, after the visit we will continue to your hotel Villahermosa.

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Discover ancient Mayan ruins and enjoy the the route of Cheese tour from Villahermosa. Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is believed to be an ancient Mayan capital like Palenque, and visit Pomona Archaeological site located near of the Usumacinta River. Enjoy a gourmet experience with a local cheese farm in Tenosique Tabasco, delighting in a variety of cheese and know more about this process. Your first stop is the Palenque archaeological site, once an important Mayan capital city. The ruins date back to 226 BC and are surrounded by jungle.

Spend 2 hours learning about Mayan culture and what life was like in this fascinating civilization during its peak.

Our second stop includes Pomoná Archaelogical Site. Pomoná was the centre of an important kingdom, which occupied a pivotal place in the western Maya Lowland. Pomoná's importance was not only related to its location near the Usumacinta, but also because it was positioned between the sphere of influence of two great powers of the Classic Maya Period, Calakmul and Palenque, this last one a close ally of Tikal. After this visit, we will continue with direction to Tenosique Tabasco. Once you arrive at the farm in Tenosique, you’ll get to see the workshop, where cheeses like Provolon, Manchego and Tio Rodo are made. At the end of the tour you’ll be offered samples of various cheeses that you can wash down with a Jamaica based liquor

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Dare to live a different experience in the Sierra Route in Tabasco. Explore the incredible Caves of Cocona, that hide a beautiful lake in the middle of tropical landscapes, just the place for experiencing cave archaeology. Enjoy the Magical Town of Tapijulapa, with its cobbled streets and red- and white-painted houses. Visit the Ex Dominic convent at Oxolotan, built in the 16th century by the Dominican monks from Chiapas, with an impressive architecture.This tour is perfect for those with an adventurous spirit and hoping for a closer contact with nature and culture. Begins the journay directly to Cocona Caves in Teapa, you will discover and admire amazing stalactites and stalagmites as well as a gorgeous indoor lake and cascades. Also you will find several galleries and magnificent limestone formations. We will have time to admire the biodiversity of this natural paradise inside of the tropical Jungle.( 1.45 hours of visit).The area is covered by a dense layer of vegetation that in the high mountain region.

After the visit, the second stop will be Tapijulapa Magical Town (Since 2008). A walk through the cobbled streets of Tapijulapa is a genuine delight, as its alleyways lead to the main square, with its bandstand and hanging gardens.Its most emblematic building its the Santiago Apostol Church building in the 17th century. You will also be able to admire the work of skilled local craftsmen as they make and weave wooden furniture. (1.30 hours of visit).

Finally you will visit the Oxolotan Ex Convent. The trip ends at Oxolotan, 17 kilometers from Tapijulapa. Right on the banks of the Oxolotan River, you will stop by the downtown area to admire the Santo Domingo de Guzman Church and former convent. Built around 1572, the former convent is now a colonial-era art museum, although small it has a number of notable pieces. (45 mins of visit).

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Visit Tabasco's cacao farms and delight your senses. Enjoy an amazing journey with the delightful aroma of chocolate. Old ranches dating from colonial times are now home to cacao farms whose owners like nothing more than receiving visitors. You'll be able to see, smell and taste cacao in its various stages of production.

At the farm Hacienda de La Luz in La Chontalpa, the cacao grain is home grown and made into handmade chocolates. Boasting some 50 hectares, the farm has at its entrance a beautiful garden where a large variety of tropical plants and fruit trees grow freely.

You'll also see Comalcalco Archaelogical site which is the only Mayan city built with bricks of baked clay instead of stone.This amazing archaeological site is made up of three complexes: the North Square, the Great Acropolis and the Acropolis of the East. Its impressive Site Museum houses around 300 pieces portraying the development of this ancient city.After your visit, relax on the trip back to your hotel.

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Visit this wonderful museum and enjoy. A combination of Archaeology and Nature, located beside the lake border of Illusions , in the City Villahermosa. It was designed by the writer Carlos Pellicer Cámara and remodeled in 1994 according to the project of the architect Iker Larrauri.

It exhibits a collection of 33 archaeological monuments like altars, wakes and colossal heads (1300-200 B.C.), and around 650 species of living fauna, like mammals, birds and reptiles, besides the representative flora of this tropical region. It is a combination of archeology and nature, located in an eight-hectare surface, on the banks of the Lake of the illusions, in the city of Villahermosa. It is divided into 2 areas: zoological and archaeological. The first one exhibits animals belonging to this tropical region; and the second area has monumental pieces of the Olmec culture; it also has 33 sculptures that are classified in 3 groups: altars, wakes and colossal heads.

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