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Departing from San Luis Potosi and after a 3 hour drive through the highplains in the Sierra Madre Oriental, sugar cane fields show us the way to the blue pond in Puente de Dios, a wonder of nature; we then continue to the refreshing and pristine Tamasopo waterfalls to swim and enjoy the rest of the afternoon. This tour departs from San Luis City and moves to the eastern part of the state, through the central region to the lowlands where the climate becomes warmer and wetter. Here, the sugar cane fields indicate the beginning of the Huasteca Potosina.

On your first stop, you'll visit the Poza Azul (the Blue Pond). You will go down approximately 150 steps until you reach the Puente de Dios, a natural bridge or tunnel formed by erosion from the water falling down the mountain. Standing on this rock bridge, you can see a pond at both ends of the tunnel, one of which is a beautiful deep blue. You can take a swim in the crystal clear waters of the pond while you admire this incredible work of nature.

The tour continues on to Tamasopo Falls, where you can cool off in its pristine waters while you enjoy this amazing hidden treasure.

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Walk through the streets and neighborhoods of San Luis Potosi when you join this fun and informative excursion. The San Luis Potosi City Tour first takes you through the historic center and its four main squares. You’ll also get to see city hall and the cathedral, which were built in the days of Porfirio Diaz.

The tour continues with a ride to the neo-classical Basilica of Guadalupe followed by a visit to the Center for the Arts, a former prison constructed during the Porfiriato.

Sign up for the San Luis Potosi City Tour and discover the fascinating history and incredible architecture of this inviting Mexican destination!

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On this fascinating tour, you'll visit the School of the Rebozo (Mexican shawl), a church and a traditional bakery. You'll also tour a former estate or Hacienda from the seventeenth century. The tour begins with a trip to the San Francisco Valley, an agricultural region that was home to several hacienda farms during in olden times. Here, you'll see Hacienda Gogorron, a majestic property that has been used as a shooting location for internationally acclaimed films.

The trip continues with a visit to Santa Maria del Rio, the birthplace of the "rebozo", where you'll see the famous School of the Rebozo and learn more about this traditional Mexican handmade garment. Following that, you'll head to the Church of the Assumption, a bakery and local handicraft shops.

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Travel into the highlands of San Luis Potosi to explore farming and cattle haciendas that date back to the colonial era. The Former Haciendas Potosinas Tour takes you to Peotillos and Gogorron, where the current owners of the haciendas will tell you about the histories of these beautiful properties.

During your visits to these incredible haciendas, you’ll have the chance to admire stunning architecture and learn more about how people lived during the colonial period. Don’t miss out on this fantastic San Luis Potosi excursion!

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Magical town with the charm of a ghost town. Dating from 1778, Real has remained a witness to the various struggles of Mexico, where the 19th century air can still be breath from the moment you enter the Ogarrio tunnel up to visit to the miraculous figure of St. Francis of Asis. You will also visit the old cemetery, bullfight ring, cock arena, square and Mint House. It is worth the trip! Travel amongst the cacti and palm trees in the highlands of San Luis Potosi until you reach the Ogarrio tunnel and enter the enchanting town of Real de Catorce.

The Real de Catorce Magic Town Tour takes you to the town’s very first church as well as beautiful colonial buildings and an old cemetery that is still used today. During the tour, you’ll also get to see the Armory and the local bull and cock fighting arenas. After visiting the Mint, you’ll head to the Church of the Immaculate Conception, which is known for its worship of St. Francis of Assisi.

Join the Real de Catorce Magic Town Tour and return home with beautiful photos and incredible memories of this charming colonial destination.

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Considered as one of the richest mines in Mexico, Zacatecas now opens the doors to its viceregal past through winding cobblestone streets. Here we will see some of the best examples of barroque architecture: the imposing Cathedral carved in pink limestone, the magnificent Dominican church with wooden gilded altars, and the former Agustine church, now turned into an exhibit hall.
We will also see the intriguing mine of Eden, the old aqueduct, 19th century buildings and a superb view of the city from the Bufa hill, with monumental statues that remind us of the Mexican revolution.

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