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Tickets en Chetumal

Powerful capital of the Mayan ""sneak kingdom"", main political and military enemy of Tikal, Calakmul held with tight grip the Mayan lands of the south for various centuries. Live the unique experience of walking into this outstanding Mayan city of more than 6,000 archeological buildings located inside the biosphere of Calakmul, a place of enormous biological diversity.

Do a little trekking in the forest and visit the museum of the site to admire copies of the Mayan art hidden under its pyramids. At the sundown, make a stop at a sink hole to observe how millions of bats take flight to the forest. Calakmul, with its history written in stone, its landscapes and its natural surroundings will catch you forever.

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Magic tour in Bacalar - the sole colonial town in the Mexican Caribbean. Visit the magnificent "cenote azul" with time to swim in this natural marvel, make a stop for an stunning sight of the lagoon, visit a local store of organic products, the ancient church and the colonial fortress with its museum where you will learn the history of this town attacked by pirates and Mayan rebels. Enjoy a meal feeling the breeze of the Bacalar Lagoon in one of the best restaurants in town and be ready to navigate this lagoon of the seven colours in a comfortable boat passing on blue holes until reach the "pirates canal" to relax swimming in its clear waters.

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To swim in the clear waters of Mahahual is an unforgettable experience. Free time to enjoy the beauty of this pristine Caribbean beach. Take your time to relax and enjoy a tasty seafood dish.

On your way to Mahahual you will visit a butterfly garden and a Mayan village of organic honey producers and artisans. Come to Mahahual and see by yourself that there is no other place like this, and back to home with the idea of coming back again.

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A full expedition day to discover fantastic mayan cities. Inmerse in the preserved forest that sourrounds Chetumal is Dzibanche, the place where the owl sings, where a misterious xibalba mall keeps the secrets of this old wealthy city and beautiful buildings makes clear the splendor of this civilization master of the time.

You will climb the Mayan palace of Kinichná, house of the sun, to sightseen an impressive landscape, suited for Mayan gods. Surrounding by high tropical palms you will find Kohunlich, and among its elegant buildings look for the Mask Temple, where unique stone faces watch eternally the sun on its down.

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Nigth tour by the Chetumal bay, starting in a lookout in the city to make a toast during sundown, then you will enjoy dinner (not included) in one of the best restaurants in town, before touring by the boulevard of Chetumal through its elegant costaline to see pintoresque caribbean style houses, its night lights, and monuments. Make a guided visit to the animated Casinos of Corozal Free Zone of Belice, and test your good luck betting in the bingo, black jack or the roulette.

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Enjoy this beautiful tour in kayak and relax navigating through its clear waters. We will take you by the most pristine places of the lagoon to show you the natural richness of this unique lagoon.
Enjoy its astonishing shades of blue, see the stromatolites - Earth's oldest of fossils and know about its importance, admire different types of mangroves, and water lilys all of them immerse in clean waters and surrounded by the Mayan forest, on the route you will have to swim in this piece of paradise on the earth.

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Start the tour visiting the Chetumal City Museum, to learn about the history of this Caribbean style Mexican town founded at the border of the chetumal bay. Then we will take you to the house of Daniel, a charismatic manatee that lives happy in a local lagoon.
In this educative visit you will learn about this protected kind, the history of Daniel, and the chetumal bay which is catalogued as a Manatee Sanctuary. Enjoy fresh coconut water just harvested by a local farmer and a delicious meal in a restaurant with sea view.

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