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Portal Hidalgo 14, on Juan de Palafox y Mendoza Av

Discover why the UNESCO named Puebla a Human Heritage City. You will walk around the historic downtown and you will have to solve a crossword with the information you will be learning during the tour. You will visit the main square or “Zocalo”, the Cathedral (with the highest towers in the Continent and recognized for the cultural, sculptural, pictorial heritage inside the temple).

Next to the Cathedral, you will find the Palafoxiana Libarary, founded in 1646. It was the first public library in colonial Mexico, and is sometimes considered the first in the Americas. It has more than 41,000 books and manuscripts, ranging from the 15th to the 20th Century. In 2005, it was listed on UNESCO's Memory of the World Register. You continue to the Rosario Chapel, covered with gold and named the 8 Wonder of the World; City Hall, Candy Street (where you will discover the delicious candies the nuns of the convents invented), artist neighborhood, Sapos alley (antiques and flea market) and Parian handcraft market.

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Portal Hidalgo 14, on Juan de Palafox y Mendoza Av

Walking tour in Puebla visiting the Cathedral, baroque and colonial jewelry. The sheer size of the cathedral reflects its importance to the city of Puebla, and the role that religion played in a society that lived for centuries within a strict colonial structure. The spacious interior contains five naves: highlights include the singular Main “Altar of the Kings” (altar de los Reyes) and Tolsá’s imposing tabernacle. This tour includes a visit to the “Cathedral Treasures Museum” where you be able to admire an exhibition that explains how the Mexicans worship the Virgin, mother of God. Walk through the Main Square of the City: the Zocalo.

Visit to the fabulous “Rosario Chapel” covered with 22-karat gold laminate covered stucco. Ever since it´s foundation has been classified as one of the new wonders of the world. Then, we are going to walking throw the Artist Neighbor and Candies Street. Visit to the Palafoxiana Library, founded in 1646 by Don Juan de Palafox y Mendoza and built in 1773 by Don Francisco de Fabian y Fuero. It keeps on its bookshelf elaborated in fine wood, as cedar, wild sunflower and ayacahuite, more than 42 500 volumes of works of universal significance like Nuremberg Chronicle, De Humans Corpora fabric or the Gothic mass. Among its culture wealth, there are 5345 manuscripts and printed documents among which are proclamations, edicts and engravings. Visit to the Amparo Museum is one of the most important museums in central Mexico. The two buildings, formerly a mansion and a hospital, were adapted with elements of contemporary architecture to exhibit the magnificent collection of modern art and ancestral artefacts – it is home to the most important private collection of pre-Hispanic art in the country. Fourteen different rooms are dedicated to pre-Colombian, vice regal, 19th-century, modern and contemporary artworks.

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Portal Hidalgo 14, on Juan de Palafox y Mendoza Av

50 minute panoramic tour on board of a double-decker tram passing by the Zocalo, Cathedral, Los Sapos Alley, Analco neighborhood, Convention Center, Loreto and Guadalupe forts, Parian, Artist neighborhood, Candy Street and Revolution museum. After this tour, you will take a big picture of Puebla.

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Puebla is one of the states in Mexico with the richest gastronomy due to its geographical location. In addition, many convents were established in the city, where the magical nun’s hands created the most famous dishes in Mexico.

Our tour will take you to traditional markets, mole mills and small traditional restaurants where you will be tasting different dishes such as:tamales, torta de tamal, cemitas, chalupas, molotes, pelonas, memelas, pipian, quesadillas and to finish, traditional candies. During the tour, you will know the history or our City of Puebla named a Human Heritage City by UNESCO.

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Portal Hidalgo 14, on Juan de Palafox y Mendoza Av

We start our tour from Puebla City main plaza or “Zocalo” boarding our traditional double-decker tram.Five miles to the west of the city is the “double” town of Cholula, which brings together San Pedro and San Andres. Each of these towns has its own main square and church, but they are so close to each other that the border has been lost and they are both thought of as the same town.

Our panoramic tour starts in San Pedro Cholula at the Plaza de la Concordia, which is flanked by the Convento de San Gabriel built by Franciscans in 1549 on the site of the ruins of a temple dedicated to Quetzalcóat. We continue towards the Great Pyramid of Cholula, the largest in the world if we consider the basement. On the top, you will admire the Nuestra Señora de los Remedios Temple, built by the Spaniards in 1549. We continue to San Andrés Cholula, where we will stop for a moment so you can visit the beautiful parish.

We board again the tram and then stop at San Francisco Acatepec and Santa María Tonanzintla temples where will admire the Mexican baroque style. This last church was completed by the indigenous using the expressive scope of the Baroque style, they managed to capture their own universe in the plaster: dark-skinned angels, children with feathered headdress, fruit and ears of corn. There is no corner that hasn't been decorated, leaving no gaps and demonstrating a lot of love and care.

We continue our tour to San Pedro Cholula, passing by the wizards house, and Copa de Oro cider factory, to finally stop San Pedro Cholula zocalo to visit the Great Pyramid, the local market, the Royal Chapel, San Gabriel Convent and Concordia Plaza.

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Five miles to the west of the city is the “double” town of Cholula, which brings together San Pedro and San Andres. Each of these towns has its own main square and church, but they are so close to each other that the border has been lost and they are both thought of as the same town.

Our first stop will be the Talavera Workshop. This handcraft has an “origin nomination” and dates from Colonial times. n fact, Talavera is the oldest tin glazed ceramic in America and it is still being manufactured with the same techniques as in the 1531. Thanks to the abundance of quality clay in the region and to the splendor of the arts at that time in Puebla, in a short time the Talavera Poblana achieved such quality and beauty that it was soon exported to the rest of the continent. You will learn the process to create this wonderful handcraft.

We will continue to visit the Cholula pyramid, the largest in the world if we consider the basement size: walk inside it´s tunnels and climb up to the hill, where the Lady of the Remedios temple was built by Spaniards in 1549. From the top, you will be able to admire the Puebla and Cholula valley as well as the Popocatepetl Volcano.

Continue your visit to San Francisco Acatepec and Santa María Tonanzintla temples, the best representation of Mexican Baroque style. This last church was completed by the indigenous using the expressive scope of the Baroque style, they managed to capture their own universe in the plaster: dark-skinned angels, children with feathered headdress, fruit and ears of corn. There is no corner that hasn't been decorated, leaving no gaps and demonstrating a lot of love and care.

Visit to a cider factory “Sidra Copa de Oro”, to learn the process and have a tasting. Finally, walk by San Pedro Cholula main square to visit the Royal Chapel, San Gabriel Convent and Plaza de la Concordia.

Visit to the northern mountains in Puebla and experience the Indian life of this Magical Town. This region is inhabited by the Nahuas Culture. However, they also inherited from the Totonacas the amazing custom of “Danza de los Voladores”, an eloquent pre-Hispanic ritual dance that presents the Totonaca cosmogony, the connection between men and gods on spatial planes.

We depart from Puebla City at 7:00 am towards Cuetzalan. Once we arrive to this region, our first stop is at Apulco, where we will admire the Pot waterfall. Then we continue to Yohualichan pyramids built by Totonaca Indians. This archaeological zone was strongly influenced by El Tajín, in Veracruz. We will tour the Cuetzalan town, where you can still see the Indians wearing their traditional handmade attires; Indian market with beautiful handcrafts to buy and don´t miss the regional gastronomy! Visit to the “Jarritos Church”, the main plaza and the San Francisco Parish. On Sundays, visit to the “Indian Market”, a unique on its kind where locals exchange goods instead of paying with money. You will find handcrafts and meals. At 5:30 pm, we return to Puebla City.

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We begin our tour with a stop at Chignahuapan, Magical town, whose main industry is manufacturing Christmas spheres, so we will visit a workshop and watch the process. In this same town, we will visit Concepcion virgin wich is 12 meters tall. Later we will go towards Piedras Encimadas, a valley where the wind has sculpted rocks in capricious forms that seem the faces off different characters. Finally, we will visit Zacatlán Magical Town, knowing the factory of fruit wines, clock museum and take a city tour.

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Transfer to the archeological zone of Cacaxtla that was the principal seat of the “Olmeca”, also known as the Olmeca Xicalanca. An archaeological study of the region confirmed that Cacaxtla was the most powerful capital in the Tlaxcalan region during the first half of the Texcalac cultural phase from A.D.650-1100. Cacaxtla covers about 180,000 square feet of which only Building Bhas been fully excavated. This residential area is made up of a labyrinth of rooms, patios, and passageways built around two main plazas oriented on anorth-south axis. The architecture copied much of Teotihuacán’s talud-tablerostyle, together with a ground plan similar to Mayan palaces such as in Palenque. Frescoes are found throughout the palace site. The best preservedare found in the rooms adjoining the North Plaza, which is a six hundred square meter courtyard which was the focus of Cacaxtla’s ritual life. Then, we wilcontinue to Tlaxcala, Capital of the State of Tlaxcala where we will visit the main plaza and the Mayor´s Palace to admire the murals in it.

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On this tour, enjoy the view of the Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl volcanoes and take a walk along the Paso de Cortes, which is a road that passes between the two. It was named after Hernan Cortez who walked this path with his soldiers, on their way to Mexico City in 1519.

From this altitude (about 11,000 ft), admire the wonderful views of the volcanoes in awe-inspiring surroundings. Almost all year long, the volcanoes are covered with snow, creating a great contrast with the rest of the landscape. The occasional plumes of volcanic ashes also add to to this attractive picture. During our tour we will pass through the small town of Buena Vista for those who wish to buy some handicrafts or try a dish of local cuisine(optional), to end this magical tour we will visit the smallest volcano in the world called Cuexcomate.

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Portal Hidalgo # 14, Centro

You will start in the Zócalo of the city, around which are the beautiful buildings of the Cathedral and the Government Palace. Later you will be taken through the neighborhoods of Los Sapos and Analco telling you of their origins while you see buildings from the virreynato time. In the historical area of ??the Fortes de Loreto and Guadalupe you will discover the place where the Battle of 5 de Mayo was fought.

Then you will return to the down town, passing by the Parian, a market of handicrafts and sweets, the Artist's Quarter, full of workshops, painters and art, and a block from the Revolution Museum. After the tour in the Historic Center of Puebla we will take you to a typical restaurant "Mi viejo Pueblito" to taste a delicious Mexican dinner and versatile music that has the pleasant place.

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Be part of this unforgettable tour along the Franciscan Convent Route Tour. This tour take you from your hotel in Puebla to see historic sixteenth-century monasteries, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. First we’ll visit the town of Tepeaca, where you’ll see a former Franciscan monastery and a house that belonged to Hernan Cortez, as well as the legendary image of the Baby Jesus dressed as a doctor.

Afterwards, this tour continues to the town of Cuautinchan to visit another former Franciscan monastery, which houses a museum of religious art and the remains of a mammoth. Finally, we’ll visit the community of Tecali de Herrera, where you’ll see the ruins of another Franciscan convent built in the sixteenth century. This town is known for its beautiful handicrafts made of onyx and marble. Experience a full day of culture and religious traditions during your next vacation in Puebla!

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On your vacation in Puebla, take advantage of the opportunity to explore the beautiful surroundings and book your spot on this Chautla Hacienda Nature Tour. This historic site is one of the attractions in Puebla that you don’t want to miss. It is located just 45 minutes from the downtown area. In its heyday, it was a pulque hacienda and had several ranches and power plants.

You’ll love a boat ride on the lake, fishing, riding zip lines, and even a picnic in a beautiful natural setting. This is the perfect place to enjoy fresh air and lush natural landscapes. You’ll be amazed by the majestic construction of the Castle, which was built in the late nineteenth century, and is situated between two lakes.

We’ll also visit the museum located on the ground floor and tour the beautiful interiors decorated with furnishings from the era, many of which have been used as the setting for well-known telenovelas. Remember to bring your camera to capture unforgettable moments and spectacular natural scenery on this tour.

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The Cantona Archaeological Zone Tour will take you to the first municipality known as Oriental, which is located in the eastern part of Puebla. It was given this name in honour of the old Oriental Railway that connected Mexico City to the port of Veracruz.

Once you are in the town of Oriental, you’ll visit the Centro Ferrocarrilero (Railroad Centre), which was founded in 1892 and is part of the Sistema Nacional del Ferrocarril Oriental. Later on, you’ll travel to the Cantona archaeological site, located 55 miles northeast of Puebla.

At Cantona, which means “House of the Sun”, you’ll see the remnants of this walled city, an archaeological site that houses the most ball game courts. This pre-Hispanic site was founded between 100 and 600 AD and is located on the ancient trade route between the Gulf of Mexico and the Central Highlands. On your next visit to the city of Puebla, don’t forget to join the Cantona Archaeological Zone Tour.

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Avenida Don Juan de Palafox y Mendoza 14

Descubre el encanto de Puebla con un emocionante recorrido en un tranvía de dos plantas con el que recorrerás los lugares más emblemáticos de la ciudad.

- Interesantes explicaciones de un guía caracterizado
- Paradas en los fuertes donde se desarrolló la batalla del 5 de mayo
- Conoce las leyendas de la ciudad de forma amena

Recibe la bienvenida de un anfitrión muy particular; un soldado francés o un indio de Zacapoaxtla que luchó en la batalla del 5 de mayo de 1862. Ellos te contarán algunas de las leyendas más destacadas de la ciudad en un tranvía de dos plantas que se detendrá en los fuertes que fueron escenario de la batalla. Allí, los guías te explicarán la verdadera historia de este episodio de la historia de México de forma amena, por lo que aprenderás mientras te diviertes.

Admira la belleza de los elegantes edificios coloniales y del centro histórico, declarado Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO, en un recorrido que abarca los principales atractivos turísticos: la Catedral, el Zócalo, Los Sapos, el barrio de Analco, el Centro de Convenciones, los Fuertes de Loreto y Guadalupe, El Parián, El barrio del Artista y Candy.

Español e inglés.

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