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JR Shintoku Station

Hokkaido's vast territories offer unique opportunities for winter activites. One of them is mushing - a ride on a dog sled that is common for the polar circle regions. This tour has been quickly gaining popularity in Japan as an unusual outdoor escapade. It's an experience that you will fully enjoy and never forget!

You will ride a dog sled with 6 to 8 well-trained and marvelous dogs across the breath-taking snow-covered Tokachi Plains. The Tokachi mountain range overlooking the plains contribute to creating a unique northern atmosphere that you are not likely to experience elsewhere in Japan.

Explore the beauty of one of Hokkaido's prettiest towns with this day tour. Otaru is just 30 minutes away by train from Sapporo. It's conveniently located on the way to Niseko so be sure to stop by and have a pleasant walk. Otaru town developed as the main harbor and trade center of Hokkaido during the first years of the island's reclamation.

Many beautiful warehouses along the quaint canal area remain and remind visitors about the town's role in the 19th century. Nowadays many of the historical buildings have been turned into attractive shops, craftsmen ateliers, and pleasant cafes.

Otaru also hosts the annual Festival of the Snow and the Candles which coincides with Sapporo's Snow Festival in February. A night visit to Otaru during the festival is considered one of the most romantic experiences in Japan.

Points of interest/ itinerary.
1. Kikkogura Sake Museum of Tanaka Sake Factory - This museum exhibits valuable items related to the production of local sake which uses 100% Hokkaido rice and pure underground water. You will have the opportunity to taste different sake brands and buy some as souvenirs.

2. The Music Box Museum - This museum symbolizes one of Otaru's well-known industries, the music box production. In this large museum shop you will see music boxes of all kinds and sizes. Outside the building is the famous Otaru steam clock.

3. Glass workshops along the main shopping street - Glassware production is another well-known industry of Otaru. Here you can try hands-on experiences such as glass making. You can also visit a very large museum of Venetian glass art developed by the famous local glass producer Kitaichi.

4. Otaru canal area - This pleasant area still retains the old atmosphere of the trade port. The warehouses have now been turned to museums and restaurants. Here is one of the main venues of the Snow and Candles Festival.

5. The former Temiya Line - You can see the railway tracks of the former Temiya Line which was Hokkaido's first ever railway line, abolished about 30 years ago. This is another venue of the Snow and Candles Festival.

The Hokkaido Rail Pass is the best way to travel in Hokkaido with unlimited travel on JR trains (except the Hokkaido Shinkansen) and most JR buses in Hokkaido on three, five or seven consecutive days or on four days of your choice within a 10-day period. All ticket deliveries will be sent to you.

Trains and buses included in the pass:
All Limited Express, Rapid and local trains on JR Hokkaido lines
JR Hokkaido buses within Sapporo, JR Hokkaido Express buses between Sapporo-Otaru (Chuo buses are not included).