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Malibu House restaurant

Have a kayak and snorkeling adventure in Blue Cave, Okinawa! Enjoy the sunny beach and marvel at the glowing blue ocean in between crevices and tunnels.

In this experience, you'll meet your host at a handmade marine house before kayaking towards the Blue Cave where you'll enjoy panoramic views of cliffs, coastlines, and subtropical plants!

Enjoy a short tea break, and then snorkel for the remainder of the time with tropical fish among the magical Blue Cave.

Points of interest/ itinerary:
1. Gather at the guide's handmade marine house.
2. Get into a kayak and row out towards the "Blue Cave". Enjoy a panoramic view of cliffs, coastlines, and subtropical plants while you leisurely row your kayak.
3. When the huge cave appears, kayak onto the shore nearby and have some tea.
4. Snorkeling practice in the ocean near the shore.
5. Head towards Okinawa ocean!
6. Enjoy snorkeling, play with tropical fish, and explore the mysterious and magical Blue Cave with sunlight glistening from the bottom.

Iriomote Ken Guide Shop

Iriomote island is an uninhabited rustic land where pristine nature stays untouched by men and urbanization. Here, you can relax in the forest of mangroves as you leisurely cruise by on your Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP).

Take a bath in the powerful waterfalls of the outback and kayak through unexplored jungles to see rare species of wildlife such as the Iriomote wild cat, an endangered species.

Join us on this exciting adventure through the unexplored jungles of Iriomote island!
Points of interest/ itinerary:
1. Meet your guide at the facility venue.
2. Enjoy a brief lesson and experience stand up paddle boarding!
3. Indulge on a delicious Okinawan meal at a nearby restaurant recommended by the guide (lunch fee is not included.)
4. Be adventurous and trek through unexplored and mysterious caves.

Shuri Station

Okinawa offers not only endless opportunities for relaxation and outdoor activities, but also many historical sites related to the past and traditions of the former Ryukyu Kingdom. This all-inclusive Naha tour is the best way to explore the city. Naha is the capital and largest city of Okinawa prefecture.

More than just a transportation hub to the beautiful coral-reef islands, Naha has a rich historical heritage and this city tour will introduce all the best sightseeing spots to you.

Points of interest/ itinerary:
1. Shuri Castle - This UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site was originally built in the 14th century as the main residence of the Ryukyu Kingdom (which ruled over Okinawa until the 19th century). Unlike other castles in Japan Shuri has a distinct China-influenced architecture and atmosphere.

2. Tamaudun Mausoleum - Located close to the Shuri Castle, this mausoleum served as the family tomb for the Ryukyu royal family. The tradition in Okinawa is to erect large stone tombs over graves which is different than in other parts of Japan.

3. Shikinaen Garden - Another residence of the Ryukyu Kingdom and currently a reconstructed Okinawa-style garden. Visitors can walk around the little pond and enter the wooden residence building.

4. Okinawa Prefectural Museum - This large museum exhibits many interesting items related to Okinawa's history, traditions, and local arts. You will easily immerse yourself in the world of Ryukyu Kingdom.

5. Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters - This is an impressive 450 meter-long underground tunnel which served as the headquarters of the Japanese Navy during the World War II. Today it stands as one of Okinawa's many memorials to the war victims.

6. Kokusai Street and Tsuboya District - The main shopping street in Naha attracts with plenty of restaurants, souvenir shops, bars, and fresh food markets. Just outside the bustling area is Tsuboya district where you can see many craftsmen shops specializing in Okinawa's famous pottery.