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Kawagoe is a town with a long history. Many traditional candy shops and sweets shops can be found throughout the city in other locations besides the nostalgic candy shops found in Kashiya Yokocho which was founded in the early Meiji Period. The sweets vary from traditional sweets made using the same process as in the old days to sweets using sweet potatoes which are a Kawagoe specialty. Each shop has a unique method of producing these sweets so they all have a different taste and appearance.

At shops that allow you to observe the process, you can also taste the flavor of freshly made sweets.

Museum of Kurazukuri which is open to the public. The museum is what used to be a tobacco wholesaler's shop. Visitors can have a closer view of what a Kurazukuri building looks from the inside beyond the store front. Some of the exhibits include traditional machines used in the past. Clair Shopping Street is local shopping area, not only for sightseeing, but mainly used by locals andJapanese as Real Shopping aera.