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Tickets en Nagano

JR Nagano Station

See two Japanese national treasures in just one day with this tour to Zenko-ji Temple and the one and only Jigokudani Monkey Park in Nagano.


* Admire the magnificent main hall of to Zenko-ji Buddhist Temple
* See Japanese snow monkeys relaxing in natural hot springs
* Relax yourself in the renowned Yudanaka Onsen hot springs

From Nagano we depart to one of few remaining pilgrimage sites in Japan - Zenko-ji Temple. Founded in the 7th century, it’s one of the fine temples famous for both its vast size and history dating back 1,400 years. We enjoy lunch here before departing to the next national treasure on the itinerary.

Jigokudani Yaen-koen (monkey park) is where seeing is believing! Watch in awe as wild Japanese snow monkeys unwind in the hot springs in a place that has become internationally renowned. Take a snap of the monkeys behaving mischievously before it’s your turn to relax in the hot springs at Hotel Suimeikan. Enjoy the hot waters of the famous Yudanaka Onsen, one of Japan's most famous hot springs, complete with saunas, rooms to relax in, foot baths and abundant hot springs that continually pump out 2,200 litres of fresh water. Truly relax before we start our return journey back to Nagano.