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Kamakura is one of ancient cities where Japan’s central governments used to be located. In the late 12th century, the warrior class came into political power. Its government was formed by warriors, called Bushi or Samurai.Minamoto Yoritomo, the commander-in-chief, located his headquarters here at Kamakura and this was the beginning of Shogunate. The Bushi class was not only involved in politics but also engaged in developing Bushi culture represented by the spirit of simplicity and fortitude. They welcomed Zen Buddhism as a form of mental discipline. The first Zen temple in Japan was founded in Kamakura in those days. The culture created by the Kamakura Bushi has influenced Japan’s society up until modern days.

Kamakura also has many attractions and features other than shrines and temples. Being surrounded with small mountains on the three sides, Kamakura faces the Pacific Ocean on the south side, so tourists can enjoy walking through mountain trails and swimming or surf riding in the clean fresh air at the beach.