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Tickets en Fukuoka

Stay connected while you are in Japan. Plug and play, Easy set-up. Make your trip fun and comfortable with prepaid SIM card and get connected anywhere, anytime. No registration required, Easy pick-up and no need to return.
- No registration required
- SIM will be delivered to your accomodation place
- No need to return
- Data allowance: 200MB/day (unlimited at 200kbps after 200MB)
- 4G LTE, High speed nationwide network
- Data communication only
- Instruction manual available in following languages: Engilsh/Chinese/Korean/Thai/Tagalog
- Customer support available in following languages: English/Chinese/Korean

Important: Not compatible with SIM-locked devices, Vodafone phones and Windows phones series.
Attention: iPhone users need to connect free Wi-Fi and download a profile date.

The All Kyushu Rail Pass is the best way to travel on the island of Kyushu, With unlimited travel on JR trains (except the Sanyo Shinkansen) for three or five consecutive days. All ticket deliveries will be sent to you.

The pass includes:
Unlimited use of JR Kyushu trains on Kyushu, including all trains along the Kyushu Shinkansen (Fukuoka-Kagoshima) and limited express trains
Up to 10 free seat reservations can be made with the 3-day pass, while up to 16 free seat reservations can be made with the 5-day pass.