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Súmate a una aventura pirata y pasa un divertido día en familia.


* Ideal para toda la familia
* Multitud de sorpresas para los más pequeños
* Traslados incluidos desde numerosas zonas

Relájate tomando el sol y escucha el murmullo de las olas golpeando contra el casco del barco mientras los más pequeños se transforman en auténticos piratas. Observa cómo se divierten jugando a ser corsarios, cómo dejan volar su imaginación al escuchar historias de aventuras y cómo crean sus propios disfraces con pinturas, pañuelos y otros accesorios.

Durante este día inolvidable podrás disfrutar de las aguas cristalinas, nadar y divertirte en un exclusivo barco tradicional de madera. ¡El entretenimiento está garantizado para todas las edades!

Esta escapada consiste en pasar un día en un yate de lujo. Explorarás escondidas bahías de las costas, y podrás darte un chapuzón en las aguas cristalinas. Verás tortugas bobas en peligro de extinción, delfines y focas monje. Comerás en una típica taberna de la ribera, donde podrás olvidarte de la prisa y bullicio del día a día.

St. Nicholas Beach, Vasilikos

¿Quieres dar una oportunidad al buceo? ¿Ya eres un experto buceando? Sea cual sea tu nivel, podemos organizar una fantástica experiencia de buceo para ti. Vas a poder bucear alrededor de formaciones rocosas que esconden todo tipo de vida marina. Los buceadores más experimentados se aventurarán más lejos para explorar las asombrosas aguas de Zante.

Navega hacia el más asombroso ocaso de las Islas Jónicas. Haremos una parada en Isla Tortuga para que te des un chapuzón antes de poner rumbo a la costa occidental. La asombrosa puesta de sol es fantástica si se observa a través de las rocas Mistitris. Hay un fotógrafo profesional a bordo para que obtengas la instantánea perfecta. La atmósfera romántica se verá culminada con la luz de la luna y la música relajante que suena de fondo en el viaje de regreso al puerto. Están garantizados los momentos mágicos al atardecer.

Zante es mucho más que playas y vida nocturna. Lejos de los resorts vacacionales, encontrarás bosques de antiguos olivos, atesorados pueblos y extensiones de viñedos que no conocen el turismo. ¿Qué mejor manera de descubrir el lado secreto de Zante que haciendo un tour en 4x4? Salte de la carretera y explora con un Jeep las partes de la isla que sólo conocen sus habitantes. Aventúrate por sendas y caminos campestres y verás de todo, desde pueblos remotos a recónditos monasterios y solitarias playas.

If you only have one night out in Zante, this has to be it. Our Wednesday-night paint parties are legendary – check out the videos on YouTube if you don’t believe us. Everyone packs into Rescue, the biggest club in Laganas, and after a countdown, we use 3 heavy-duty guns to blast hundreds of litres of UV paint everywhere. The whole club – from the dancefloor to the bar staff – gets covered in it. It’s the messiest night of the week – guaranteed.

We love headphone parties at 2wentys. Especially when you take your headphones off and watch everyone throwing their best dance moves in complete silence. Our party is down at Plus nightclub, with 2 DJs battling it out for your attention. Half the club could be singing along to an indie track, while the other half are dancing to dubstep, so the big question is – which side will you choose? This night sold out week after week last year, so make sure you pre-book to avoid missing out.

Booze cruises are a 2wentys classic, and this one – brand new for 2014 – is set to be one of the biggest and best we’ve got. Join the whole 2wentys crew on board our 3-deck party palace, ready for an afternoon of sunbathing, swimming and partying. We’ve got the best floating sound system on the island and some of Laganas’ top DJs on the decks. After we sail around the south coast of the island, we’ll stop so you can jump in for a swim – just try not to belly flop. There are discounted watersports for adrenaline addicts, too.

Leave the hustle and bustle behind for the Ionian Sea on this VIP turtle-spotting cruise. This trip is perfect if you want to unwind away from the crowds. Your trip starts as your boat leaves Zante Town to cruise along the island’s southern shores. You’ll sail around the Vassilikos peninsula passing sandy beaches, cliffs and high mountains. Chill out on deck, chat to your fellow guests or just soak up the sunshine and sea breezes - it’s all totally relaxing. And along the way, keep your eyes peeled for Zante’s famous loggerhead sea turtles, especially around Laganas Bay - it’s a favourite haunt of these rare creatures. Come lunchtime, you’ll moor up at a harbourside village, with time to stroll to a waterfront taverna for lunch. Then rejoin your boat to sail back to port, looking out for turtles again as you go.

What’s a week of partying up and down Laganas’ strip without a legendary foam party? On Friday night, the Scene Team takes you to the iconic Zeros nightclub, where you’re in for a truly wet and wild night. In between diving into the frothy stuff, you’ll be busy cutting shapes to the sounds of Zante’s roster of top DJs, or propped up against the bar ordering drinks from the club’s award-winning cocktail makers. But before all that, make sure you take advantage of the free bar – it’s only open for a while, so get the drinks in while you can, before the foam takes over the dancefloor.

This is your ticket to an exclusive Monday night party at one of Laganas’ heavy hitters. It all takes place behind the doors of Waikiki, a state-of-the-art nightspot that specialises in R&B and house. The staff here know a thing or two about partying – the club’s been around for more than 20 years. Plus, a recent renovation has brought everything right up to the 21st century, from the futuristic lasers to the bass-blasting sound system. The best bit? At a certain point in the night, the drinks are on the house for an hour and a half.

The Greek island of Zante is known for its fantastic produce and, today, you’ll get an introduction into how some of it is made. Because it’s only a half-day tour, you won’t have to give up a whole day on the beach, either. Things kick off at the colourful vegetable market. The stalls here overflow with nutritious ingredients, so be sure to load up. From here, you’ll be whisked to a factory to see how the delicious mandolata sweet is produced – it’s a local favourite flavoured with almond and honey. After this, you’ll head into the countryside to be schooled in the production of olive oil. Finally, you’ll visit a winery to check out the science behind the local tipple. The tour is rounded off with lunch at a traditional café. You’ll be given the chance to help the chef out with cooking, too.

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This award-winning trip rolls out the best bits of Zante in one day. Travelling by coach through olive groves and rolling hills, you’ll start at Katastari, soaking up the views across to Kefalonia and mainland Greece. Then onto a boat to cruise around the famous Blue Caves. Carved into cliffs along Zante’s northern coast, the star of these caves is the ‘Blue Grotto’, which is named after its dazzling blue waters. After that, it’s on to the village of Volimes for some souvenir shopping before making your way to the monastery at Anafonitria. Here you can admire the many frescoes on the walls of the half-ruined 14th century monastery which was once a refuge for Zante’s patron saint, St. Dionysios. After lunch in Anafonitria village, we’ll drive to an olive oil factory in Lithakia to sample some of the island’s golden nectar before heading to Macheirado to see its church - famous for its Venetian belfry. Lastly, you’ll call at the hill

Why settle for just one island while you’re here? Kefalonia lies just north of Zante and is big on beauty. First off, ride the ferry over to her shores, watching as her mountains and cliffs come into view. First on the agenda is a trip the Drogarati Cave. Step inside this 1,000 square-metre cavern and prepare to be dazzled by its stalactites and stalagmites. Your tour then continues to Melissani Lake - a subterranean lagoon only discovered in 1951. Take a rowboat over its waters - they turn an extraordinarily bright blue when the sunlight shines through the roof. After this there is time for lunch at the portside village of Agia Efimia, before a photo stop above Myrtos Bay. This cliff-framed beach took a starring role in the movie, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. Lastly, we’ll drive past Argostoli on the way to our last stop at the Kastro of St. George, a ruined hilltop fortress that was once Kefalonia’s capital, before sailing back to Zante.