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Visit two iconic places on Santorini: the little village of Oia and the capital city of Fira! Explore and uncover the culture in both unique places before an impressive tour of the Pre-Historic Museums


* Discover the little village of Oia
* Explore the capital Fira
* Admire the fascinating findings in Pre-Historic Museum

Start the day at one of Santorini’s most loved villages, Oia, situated on the northern tip, on top of an impressive cliff. Famous for its quiet, laidback life, its blue domed churches and its fantastic sunset, this really is a must see place whilst on the island. See the spectacular views of the volcanos Palia and Nea Kameni, along with unique views of Thirassia Island. Walk around and discover the relaxed vibes from this little village, a lot different from the modern world you’re used to. Tread the volcanic soil and lose yourself amongst the quaint whitewashed houses down the narrow, little roads.

Next stop is the capital of Santorini: Fira. Situated on the west coast, high up on the caldera cliffs opposite the volcano. Explore the cobbled streets and see the contrast between the modern day world and the charms from the olden days, in a city with approximately only 2,000 inhabitants. Here you’ll get the opportunity to visit the pre-historic museum, a fascinating collection of finds from the excavations in Akrotiri.

After, we’ll head home, after a wonderful journey and more in-depth understanding of life around Santorini.

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Taste the delicious wine from Santos Wines Winery along with a tour of the beautiful town of Fira and Pre-Historic Museum! This tour is a must whilst staying in Santorini


* Sample 3 different award winning wines
* Explore Fira, the town located on the caldera
* Visit the fascinating pre-historic museum

Our first stop on this tour is the magnificent Santos Wines, the biggest winery on the island. Take in its unique location situated on the Caldera cliffs with extraordinary, panoramic views over the volcano and island. We’ll have a tour around and an in-depth explanation about the magic behind making this award winning wine and their secrets of combining advanced technology with energy saving methods. Here we’ll sample 3 delicious different types of wine whilst listening to traditional Greek music and learning about the culture.

After, we’ll depart for the picturesque capital town, Fira. Built on the rim of the caldera, this is a landscape like no other filled with lots of little white washed houses and situated 400 metres above sea level. Whilst here, we’ll visit the fascinating pre-historic museum, one of the most important museums in Greece. See all the collections of artefacts excavated from the Akrotiri site.

Next up, take a lovely stroll through the narrow streets of Fira, capturing the everyday life in the town. If you wish to treat yourself to a bit of retail therapy, there will be some free time to explore and purchase some souvenirs before heading back to resort.

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Let the Ancient ruins of Thera win you over, on this half day tour of history, culture and precious views of the Aegean.


* Scenic journey up to Messavouno Mountain
* Explore the ruins and ancient architecture from different periods in time
* Admire the 360 degree views of the Aegean Sea

As we jump on board the minibus, we’ll make our way to the fabulous destination of Ancient Thera, found on the top of the rocky Messavouno Mountain and standing at 360 metres high.

Be fascinated as we arrive at the ancient city, full of a mixture of ruins including those from Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods and excavated in the 1890’s. Uncover the incredible structures such as the temples, the theater, the gymnasium and the old houses. See the old central commercial hub that took place in the Agora, contemplate the once busy and thriving city which once existed. Admire the inscriptions and carved stones belonging to the Archaic period.

Another major highlight, is the most breathtaking, panoramic view of the Aegean Sea from up high. Gaze over at the glittering sea and see the island from a whole new perspective. After a wonderful day full of stunning scenery and in-depth culture and history, we will descend the mountain by bus back to the hotel.

Explore the Akrotiri ruins, stroll through the traditional village of Pyrgos, climb to the highest point of the island on Profitis Ilias followed by a wonderful tour of the capital. This day includes everything you must see in Santorini


* Uncover the ancient ruins in Akrotiri
* Roam through Pyrgos and see the spectacular views from the Profitis Ilias
* See the capital city in a new light

The tour starts at the fascinating Akrotiri Archaeological site, one of the most important ancient settlements found in the Aegean. This ancient city and port used to be one of the main urban hubs, trading with Crete, Mainland Greece and even Egypt and Syria. Their success is notable through this large display of sophisticated buildings, draining systems, beautiful wall paintings and furniture. Unfortunately, the old inhabitants had to flea due to earthquakes that provoked a volcanic eruption that thankfully preserved this town in a great condition.

Admire the frescoes, the architecture and contemplate life back then, when this city was in full flow. Take a rare glimpse into the urban life of the Minoan period. Akrotiri is a fine demonstration of the rich culture and history that originates Santorini.

Next stop is the traditional town of Pyrgos, found on the highest point of the Island boasting precious views of the nearby Oia. This protected settlement takes the form of a typical fortress. Observe the traditional architecture and some of the neo-classical influenced mansions, the small white houses, the narrow lanes and the vineyards – this town is truly charming.

Head up to the top of Profitis Ilias, named after the Prophet Elijah and standing at 567 metres, providing fabulous views of the entire island. Observe the monastery, take note of its splendor and its general ambience of peace.

Returning back to Santorini’s capital, Fira, we will have a lovely walking tour around the city that hosts 2,000 inhabitants. Enjoy the unique contrast between the modern world and that of a time gone by.

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Discover the archeological delights of Santorini with a full day tour to Akrotiri, ancient Thera and Kamari.


* Discover ancient sites with an expert guide
* Walk around the ash-preserved site of Akrotiri
* Admire the view from the ancient city of Kamari

Begin the tour at the archaeological site of Akrotiri for a unique glimpse into the culture of ancient Santorini. Buildings, houses and incredible frescoes have been so well preserved in ash from a volcanic eruption that today you can still witness what urban life was like during the Minoan period. Your guide will show you around, telling you about its fascinating history as you walk along its main street lined with shops and warehouses from the ancient commercial city.

From here the tour takes you to ancient Thera, a city with fascinating ruins built on a picturesque settlement on top of a high rocky mountain called “Mesa Vouno”. Continue on to Kamari where you will be driven to the top of the ancient city. Uncover the ancient buildings, sanctuaries and temples, inscriptions and carved stones as well as the ancient theatre with commanding views over the Aegean Sea. Marvel at the view and let Santorini capture your imagination.

Wine-tasting and exploring, in a wonderful private tour to Pyrgos!


* Perfect way to engage with culture!
* Explore and discover the hidden treasures of a beautiful land!
* Tickle your taste buds with delicious wine tasting!

Come and explore beautiful hidden places on this private tour Pyrgos! Enjoy a knowledgable tour guide, as he leads you on this wonderful journey!

Pass by and admire the picturesque, little village of Megalochori, made up of white and cream Cycladic houses with wooden doors, traditional white churches and contrasting bright blue domes dotted around. It really is quite a sight! Shortly after, we arrive at our wine destination, Pyrgos.

After, a relaxing stroll around this pleasant village, we proceed to a traditional, local winery, for a fabulous tour around and a brief introduction to the various typical wines which are produced there. Indulge your taste buds in three different varieties of the local brand, then be fascinated by a short informative film.

Then, we make our way to the precious settlement that is Oia, located on the Northern tip of the island, high on the top of a cliff. Oia is famous for its picturesque views of the harmonious sea and the contrasting cliffs the other side. Discover traditional Santorinian architecture as we stroll along the town and admire the houses built into the volcanic soil, with their typical white washed walls and blue domes that sparkle under the sun light!

desde 59,45 €

Delve into the heart of Santorini with this island tour. Discover pretty whitewashed villages, taste the local wine and drive along dramatic coastal scenery.


* Have lunch at a typical restaurant in Pyrgos
* Taste local Santorini wine at a winery
* Explore the charm and beauty of Oia

Driving to Pyrgos we pass by Megalohori, one of the most picturesque villages on the island. In Pyrgos, enjoy a short stroll around the traditional village soaking up the charming atmosphere before stopping at a local restaurant for lunch served up with a spectacular view.

We then head up to Profitis Ilias for photo stop before proceeding on to a local winery. Hear about the history on local wines with a tour of the winery and tasting of three local wines on offer. From here we continue on to Oia, on the northernmost tip of the island, high on the cliff top.

With magnificent views of Santorini and a picturesque coastal road leading up to it, Oia is attractive beyond words. Walk around and discover the typical whitewashed houses sunk deep into the volcanic soil, and marvel at the blue domes sparkling under the sun’s rays.

desde 80,02 €

This is the perfect all-you-need introduction tour to Santorini’s traditional, picturesque villages. Along with your guide, visit the volcanic beaches, the Profitis Ilias and taste some delicious wine made locally.


* Tour a local winery and sample 3 different varieties
* Look out from the heights of Profitis Ilias
* Explore either Perissa or Perivolos before enjoying a traditional lunch

We’ll start with a lovely stroll through Megalohori, a breathtaking village from the 17th Century. Explore and admire the ancient mansions, courtyards and fall in love with its famous wine. Make your way over to the local winery, where we’ll learn about the production and typical flavours, followed by a tasting session of three different varieties. Enjoy an informative screening about the history of this wine and then you’ll have a guided tour of the winery.

Next, we’ll head up to Profitis Ilias, also known as the Prophet Elijah, a scenic mountain with the highest spot on the island at over 500 metres tall. Make sure you have your camera handy, as the views are incredible.

Finish the tour with a visit to one of the most iconic volcanic beaches, either Perissa or Perivolos. Here you’ll have some free time to unwind on the velvety, dark volcanic sand or even explore the little taverns or chill-out bars nearby. Look out over the crystal clear Aegean and bask in the tranquil atmosphere. Tuck into a delicious lunch at a local restaurant before we head home, with full stomachs and happy memories.

desde 80,02 €

Explore the highlights of Santorini in one day! Take a private tour of the island and enjoy the incredible scenery unfold before your eyes.


* Enjoy a wine tasting at a local winery
* Soak up the magnificent views at Oia
* Visit the capital, Fira

We start with a walking tour to Fira town where we’ll head on down to the area of Emporio continuing on to the dramatic location of Pyrgos. Here we find the “Santo Wines” winery where you can taste three local wines alongside an introduction to the history of the island’s wine.

The tour then departs to the traditional village of Oia, on the northern tip of the island, high on the cliff top. Soak up the magnificent views over Santorini, and as we drive along a picturesque road you have cliffs on one side and the sea on the other. See whitewashed buildings and blue domes sparkling in the sunlight with picture postcard views that will live long in your memory.

Visit Fira, the capital of the island. Wander along its cobbled streets, feeling the old-world charm blend with the modern day. You’ll then be dropped off at your hotel, with your head filled with images of Santorini from the guide books.

desde 72,39 €

Santorini Island tour, including all the must-see iconic places including a visit to a local winery, the Pre-Historic Museum, a donkey ride, a cable car ride and so much more!


* Explore the capital, Fira
* Enjoy a cable car ride down to the Old Port and a donkey ride back up
* See the medieval town of Pyrgos
* Stroll through the narrow lanes and blue domes of Oia
* Visit the volcanic beaches Kamari, Perivolos and Perissa

Start the day with a unique cable car ride down to the Old Port, exposing incredible views of the volcano and take approximately 20 minutes. Once at the bottom, we’ll take the extremely traditional way back up – by donkey, of course! Donkeys have always been an essential role in the cultural and economic development in Greece and they continue to adore these animals. Ride up the 586 stairs onboard your trusty stead!

When we reach the top, we’ll explore Santorini’s capital: Fira. Stroll down the white cobbled streets and marvel the contrasts of the modern day world mixed with olden day charms in a city that has approximately 2,000 inhabitants.

Whilst here, visit the Pre-historic Museum, boasting an impressive collection of findings from excavations in Akrotiri. Following this is the island bus tour, where we’ll take a leisurely stop at a local winery and learn all about Santorinian wines.

Continue to the velvety, dark volcanic beaches of Kamari, Perivolos and Perissa. Admire the serene atmosphere and the beauty of the glittering Aegean coast. Head to the medieval village of Pyrgos, found on the highest point of Santorini and was declared a protected village in 1995. It is a typical fortress settlement where you can find the ruins of Kasteli Castle, one of the five “kastelia” on the island.

Our last stop, is one of the most loved villages in Santorini: Oia. Found high on a Cliffside, this attractive village is full of fascinating architecture, houses sunk deep into the volcanic sand, whitewashed house and big blue domes that sparkle beneath the sun. After a lovely walking tour around the area, our tour returns back to your hotel for you to contemplate this in-depth tour of Santorini.

desde 116,85 €

Acrotiri, 84700, Santorini

Si amas la naturaleza y disfrutas con las actividades al aire libre, no puedes perderte este paseo en kayak, dirigido por guías experimentados.


* 3 opciones entre las que elegir según experiencia
* Explora sorprendentes formaciones rocosas y bellos acantilados
* Incluye guías certificados, material y almuerzo pícnic

Diviértete sin renunciar a la seguridad con una experiencia que te regalará recuerdos inolvidables. Elige entre tres rutas diferentes:

Descubriendo el sur – Nivel principiante
Descubre las espectaculares formaciones rocosas, aguas cristalinas y hermosas playas de la parte sur de la isla. Durante el paseo, harás una parada en la playa Kambia para practicar esnórquel y reponer fuerzas con un ligero pícnic. Esta opción es ideal para una primera toma de contacto con el mundo del kayak.

Alrededores del faro – Nivel experimentado
Una excelente ruta para kayakistas experimentados. Comenzarás en la playa Balos, en la Caldera, y remarás por los alrededores del faro. La playa Mesa Pigadia, Roja y Blanca son sólo algunas de las sorpresas que te aguardan en esta aventura. Tras el almuerzo (tipo pícnic), pondrás rumbo a las formaciones rocosas únicas de Vlychada. Terminarás el día con una cena junto al mar y con espectaculares vistas de la puesta de sol.

Atravesando Caldera – Nivel medio
Empieza el recorrido en la parte noreste y rodea los espectaculares acantilados de Oia, el pueblo más bonito de Santorini. Entra a la Caldera por el canal que hay entre Santorini y Thirasia. Poco después, harás una parada en Palia Kameni para disfrutar de un almuerzo (tipo pícnic) y de una sesión de esnórquel. Continúa la travesía por el sur, hacia la Bahía de Balos, donde pondrás el broche final al día con una cena con hermosas vistas de la puesta de sol.

Santorini, 84700 Pyrgos Village

Selene’s aim, since 1986, has been the promotion of local products, Santorini and Cycladic cuisine. We have been trying to transmit this ‘experience’ to our guests through cooking classes, wine and food tastings and menu degustation.

Selene has moved since last year to Pyrgos village and it now spreads in two venues, both located in the same complex as ‘Drosos-Chrysos’ folklore museum: a permanent exhibition where the visitors can become familiar with the traditional ways of the agricultural production in Santorini and the traditional way of living. So, we can now offer you a unique and complete gastronomic experience with the following options:

T1. Welcome, museum and fine dining: Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday you are welcomed at Selene downstairs with a glass of wine, following a visit to the folklore museum of Drosos-Chrysos, while a presentation of the agricultural products of the island completes your knowledge of the farming life of Santorini. A gourmet dinner follows at Selene upstairs (fine dining) with amuse bouche, 4 course menu, miniardise.

The sample menu includes fish roe with herring eggs and beetroot puree, santorini zucchini with botarga jelly and clam and sea urchin with lime foam, squids with smoked fava and cuttlefish’s ink flakes, sea bass and zucchini with garlic with stuffed zucchini flowers and baklavas with Santorini pistachios and baklavas ice cream. Please, note that there might be some changes in the menu according to the chef’s choice.

T2. Welcome, museum, short cooking lesson and dinner: Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6:30pm at Selene downstairs you are welcomed with a glass of wine, following a visit to the folklore museum of Drosos-Chrysos, while a presentation of the agricultural products of the island completes your knowledge of the farming life of Santorini. You will enjoy a cooking demonstration of one dish of the proposed 3 course menu that you will of course afterwards, taste. The menu includes tomato fritters in pita bread and salad, pork grilled with cream of fava and melitini with strawberries. Please note that menu may vary according to the season.

Mesaria, 847 00

Engage in one or a series of cooking lessons on the preparation of Greek recipes and impress yourself and your loved ones with a mouthwatering, authentic Greek meal cooked by you! The chef of Markezinis Suites Restaurant will initiate you into learning how to cook like a Greek by sharing his top secrets in using the top ingredients of the island and other parts of Greece.

Previously a “canava” (winery and cellar) the restaurant’s kitchen constitutes the ideal venue where you will explore the delights of the local and Greek gastronomy and discover easy ways to create dishes containing Santorini’s unique agricultural ingredients. The best part is that after the lesson you can indulge in the meal you prepared yourself. We will save the best table in the restaurant for you and treat you with a glass of exquisite Santorinian wine to accompany your creation!

El Greco Resort, Fira Santorini 84 700 Greece

Lotus Spa is a spacious and brand new spa center in Santorini. The “gem” of El Greco Resort is a place that you can spend endless hours of leisure and rejuvenation. Walk into a world dedicated to beauty and pure relaxation and give your holidays and your honeymoon a really restful dimension. Cleopatra
Hometown glory (scrub, donkey milk and honey). Cleopatra is one of the most magnetic and seductive woman of human history who knew how to take care of her face and body beauty. Ancient sources prove the beauty of her skin and fresh complexion. Donkey milk helps to clean your skin and with the honey, it makes you feel nice and soft. It is especially for dry skin because it is a treatment that restores the elasticity in the tissue as it nourishes and renews even the deepest layers. Duration: 60 minutes

Daughter of Aris and Aphrodite (Aromatherapy) Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses volatile plant materials known as essential oils, and other aromatic compounds for the purpose of altering a person’s mind, mood, cognitive function or health. There is evidence that essential oils have therapeutic potential. It is a breath-taking experience that will relax you. Duration: 50 minutes.

Daughter of ocean and earth (with olive oil, salt and scrub) “DIONIS” is a very unique experience for your body and mind. This specific treatment begins in the spa’s heated pool area helping you to relax. After the relaxing swim, the therapist takes you to the massage room and exfoliates your whole body with thick salts that allows you to eliminate dead cells and skin impurities. A soothing massage with Greek virgin olive oil is next, leaving your skin smooth and hydrated. Duration: 100 minutes.

Enjoy the sunset and the lunar landscapes of Santorini with an imposing view to the volcanic caldera. Schedule your romantic dinner on the island's capital, Fira and surprise your better half with a candle light dinner for two!

Menu: • Homemade bread with olive tapenade and olive oil
• Greek salad with feta cheese or Green salad with sundried tomatoes, pine seeds and honey balsamic sauce.
• Variety of starters (tomato croquettes, fried cheese pies, fava and stuffed vine leaves
• Main course choices: a) fresh fish (sea brim) with rice and potatoes, b) shrimp pasta with white honey sauce, c) chicken fillet in Vinsanto wine, d) Stuffed kalamari with feta cheese, sundried tomatoes and onion chives
• Dessert: Panacotta or fruit salad with yoghourt
• One bottle of wine red or santorinian white excellent quality

desde 114,31 €