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Immerse yourself in the myths of ancient Greece on this trip. First up is the Necromanteion or ‘Oracle of the Dead'. Dating back to the 6th century BC, this ruin of a once underground labyrinth was believed to lead into the underworld, ‘Hades'. Take a guided tour, descending through the dark corridors to the chamber where the pilgrims ‘consulted' with the dead. It's an eerie experience. Your tour then continues to Zalongo, where a clifftop memorial marks a terrible tragedy. In 1806, 62 women and children jumped to their deaths from here to escape the clutches of Turkish troops. Next up is Gliki, where you'll have time for lunch and visit its natural springs before joining our ramble along the Acheron River. Known to the ancients as the River Styx, which carried the dead into Hades, this waterway is a serious beauty spot. Walk along the banks and wade through the waters as they weave between steep cliffs and woodlands. The ramble takes about two hours and you'll need waterproof shoes and a set of clothes to change into afterwards.

Join us on an adventure to one of Greek's standout sights - Meteora. Deep in mainland Greece, it's a group of medieval monasteries, each one balanced precariously on rock pinnacles rising up from a plain. During the 13th century, twenty-four were built here using nets to haul the stone and workmen up. And today, six are still in use. After a scenic drive here, you'll take a good look at these half-natural, half-man-made wonders. You'll concentrate on the biggest, the Great Meteoron. Perched 2,000 feet up, this huge edifice was built in 1382. Admire its church, museum and frescoes before drinking in the views from its walls. While you're wandering round, you might get a sense of déja;-vu - the whole place landed a starring role in ‘For Your Eyes Only'. With your explorations done and after time for lunch in nearby Kalambaka, you'll continue on to Metsovo. This cutesy village perches high in mountains and is known for its smoked cheese and red wine. Peek round its cobbled lanes and balconied houses before heading back to Parga.

The islands of Paxos and Antipaxos sit just across the water from Parga. And this is your chance to sample both these Ionian gems. Everything starts with a cruise to Antipaxos, the smaller of the pair and home to just 120 people. Ringed by white sands, it's got a look of the Caribbean about it. After time to relax or take a swim here, you'll head for Paxos itself, sailing first along its west coast. This stretch of shore is littered with ‘Blue Caves' - natural sea grottoes carved into the cliffs. Grab the chance to swim inside one before heading to Paxos' capital, Gaios. With its Venetian-style mansions overlooking a bay and tiny island, it's a charmer of a town. And once we've dropped you off, you'll have free time to roam around on your own. Delve into its narrow lanes and shops or have lunch overlooking the boats before returning to Parga.

Dip your toes into five different Ionian islands on this cruise. After driving to Lefkas, you'll sail from the port of Nidri at around 10am. Sit back on deck and soak up the sunshine and views as you steer a course for Porto Katsiki beach on its west coast. The sight that awaits you is really something - all white sands framed by steep cliffs. Here, you can dive in for a swim before starting your island-hopping proper. You'll visit the pastel-painted port of Fiskardo on Kefalonia, with time for lunch along the waterside. Next, you'll stop at Ithaca, the mythical home of Odysseus, before relaxing on board as you sail around the small island of Meganissi. See its famous Papanakolis sea cave, said to have been a submarine hideout in World War II, before chugging on to Skorpios. Covered in pine woods, this islet is owned by the super-rich Onassis family and shrouded in secrecy. There's a chance for a final swim here before motoring back to port. Tuiuk only

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You can explore Corfu Town at your own pace on this trip. You'll take a boat from Parga to Corfu Town. Once there, it's up to you how you spend the day. Have a wander round the old fortress, or stop at the elegant colonnades of the Liston - it's a great place to sip a coffee and people watch.