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Tickets en Paraty

av. roberto silveira, 11 – downtown

Paraty can be considered the Brazilian diving capital. With its calm and clear waters is an everlasting invitation to meet its marine beauties. Discover the magic underwater world with security accompanied by the most expiring instructors of the region. We will get to know everything that you need about the equipment, communication and breathing. it will be one dive between 4 to 8 meters deep in 40 minutes underwater.

av. roberto silveira, 11 – downtown

Rafting is performed in Mambucaba River, located in Serra da bocaina national park. It is a river of crystal clear water in the middle of a lush Atlantic forest. Rafting involves five kilometers of rapids that are composed of class ii and iii, with a stretch that can reach class IV according to the level of the river, ideal for tourists and beginners.

The rapids are long, almost continuous with calm water, to rest and enjoy the trees full of epiphytes such as bromeliads and orchids.

Along the way will have a 5 minute walk from where we visit the ruin of the former Fazenda Santo Antonio and another stop with the ability to leap from a rock deep to the water, perfect mix of nature, and two hours of challenging descent. At the end we offer a snack with some fruits, cereal bars and biscuits.

av. roberto silveira, 11 – downtown

Trinidade is part of Serra da Bocaina National Park limiting with Cairuçu protected area. Arrival in Trinidade Village after 40 minutes in executive vehicle. Visit to the Cepilho Beach - photo stop (preferred by surfers), Beach Ranchos - stop for lunch (at fishermen bar with a set of rocks forming natural sculptures), Praia do meio - (great for swimming and at the end it starts the trail to Caixa D'aco beach that lasts 25 minutes).

Optional walk another 30 minutes down the trail in the middle of Atlantic Forest to natural pool Caixa deD'aco (set of rocks that form a pool in the middle of the sea, great location for relaxation and snorkel where you can watch several species of colorful fish and varied marine fauna). You can rent an aluminum boat to take you to Praia do Meio.

On the way back we visit the Natural Pool and make a stop for optional lunch at a typical restaurant of the seafront fishermen.

av. roberto silveira, 11 – downtown

Tour in the wonderful bay of Paraty, with four stops, one of them for lunch inside the boat (optional). We will visit two beaches and two islands, with stops for swimming and snorkeling. The marine life in Paraty is very rich, which makes the tour even more interesting. All vessels have a structure with bathroom, freshwater shower, bar and restaurant on board, providing safety and comfort to tourists.

av. roberto silveira, 11 – downtown

This walking tour has 3.6 km, and starts at the operator's agency, where the guide will be waiting you to take a public transportation to the trailhead. As part of the way, we will see one of the most beautiful parts of the national park of Serra da bocaina. It will be possible to enjoy various landscapes and species of flora and fauna, Atlantic forest characteristics.

The guide will provide you all the explanations about the type and pavement, the material found in the excavations, the Atlantic forest characteristics, life of drovers by road, etc.

av. roberto silveira, 11 – downtown

The jeep tour leaves Paraty bound for the Serra da Bocaina national park.

After walking trails through Atlantic forest, we visit beautiful waterfalls such as Pedra Branca. Then we will go towards Vila da Penha where we will arrive at Toboggan Waterfalls and Tarzan. During the walk we will observe different types of plants such as bamboo, poppy, bromeliad, among others. All waterfalls have pure and crystal clear water, great for swimming.

Along the way we can enjoy wonderful views of the mountain panorama and the historic town. We will also visit the alembic Pedra Branca and Engenho d'Ouro to meet an artisanal method of manufacture of rum and tasting various flavors as well as flour mill (Farinha) where we’ll learn all steps to his artisanal manufacturing.