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Tickets en Gramado

Inspired by the small european towns, gramado and canela have a special charm and romantic air. We will make a tour visiting the main attractions of these two cities. In gramado we will visit the lago negro (panoramic); mini mundo, is an outdoor park made up of faithful replicas of buildings from all over the world, rich in detail and unique, based on their unique designs; hollywood dream cars and lugano chocolate. In Canela we will visit the caracol park, don colise wines and stone cathedral (panoramic).

Discover the heritage of Italian immigrants in the region of vineyards. On this day we will see how are made the best wines of Brazil. In Bento Gonçalves embark on the Maria Fumaça train (optional), transfer between the cities Bento Gonçalves and Carlos Barbosa, offering a typical Italian show. Visit Miolo winery, where you will learn all the wine making process. In carlos barbosa: visit the show room of Tramontina and cantina di fetina formaio. In Nova Petrópolis: we will stop for shopping in aspen mall.

Rua Borges de Medeiros,851 Centro Canela

With inspiration from the European tour buses, Bustour project brings to the region a new tourism experience. Aboard the Bustour you will know the highlights tourist attractions of Canela and Gramado cities. besides having a beautiful panoramic view of the double-decker bus from the top, using the Bustour you have the possibility for transfer for more than 30 stopping points.

The Bustour has a route of departures and arrivals, with stops in major sights of Canela and Gramado. Includes more distant parks and attractions of the central part of cities like: snowland, gramado crystals, le jardin, alpen park, magic florybal land, dinosaur valley park, caracol waterfall, cable cars and castelinho caracol.

Discover 4 craft breweries in Serra Gaucha and delight tasting 12 different types of drink. In Nova Petrópolis we will visit the Edelbrau Brewery; the rasen bier brewery in Gramado and lighthouse brewery in Canela. The visits and tastings are guided by master brewers, which explain the whole process of manufacturing and curiosities of each brewery. In this tour we will delve into the craft brewing universe with a specialized guide.