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Come and find out why the wonderful city of Balneário de Camboriú is so loved by all travelers and locals alike. Perhaps it’s because of its beautiful urban infrastructure or perhaps it’s because of its lush green hills and long, sandy beaches. This tour aims to awaken your love for this city.


* Discover a passion for a new city
* Contemplate various views of the city from above
* Get your adrenaline buzz from high-speed mountain sled and high-up zip line!

Come and find out why the wonderful city of Balneário de Camboriú is so loved by all travelers and locals alike. Perhaps it’s because of its beautiful urban infrastructure or perhaps it’s because of its lush green hills and long, sandy beaches. The list goes on and this tour aims to awaken your love for this city.

Unipraias is definitely a highlight to anyones day in this city, flaunting the best views of the city. Maybe choose to take the cable car that connects the nature park to Laranjeiras beach and Barra Sul beach from the station at the top of Aguada hill, to make the most out of the spectacular sights. Be sure to bring your camera to snap up this landscape!

Feel the thrill of Youhooo! A mountain sled that runs at up to 60km per hour that will certainly get your heart racing. If you fancy some more adrenaline highs then be sure to try out the ZipRider! zip line, where you fall for almost a kilometer from a height of 240 metres. Fly through the air and feel the wind on your face, as you hurtle to other side at great pace, in a safe manner and with an extremely smooth landing.

By the end of the day, you will know Balneário de Camboriú like the back of your hand. We end the tour with a quiet journey home.

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Visit Florianópolis’ best beaches, where wild surf hits the shore Bike along quiet trails that are inaccessible to motor vehicles See historic fishing villages and learn how the native Manezinho culture has been preserved Stop for a swim in the island’s largest fresh water reserve Snack on local treats like sugarcane juice and polenta. Hop on two wheels and take a ride along the spectacular wild coast of Florianópolis! This cycling adventure takes you to the island’s most beautiful beaches and historic fishing villages, with stops along the way for local snacks, a freshwater swim, and plenty of photo ops.

Your Florianópolis bike tour will start in Lagoa da Conceição and take you to some of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Along the way, you’ll see old fishing villages, where the native Manezinho culture has been preserved, and find hidden corners where wild nature prevails. We’ll stop first at Lagoinha, a remote beach only accessible via trails, then move onto Campeche, one of the area’s first settled communities and a popular place for surfers, kitesurfers, and those who like to party on the beach at sunset.

Next up, we’ll veer our bikes toward Morro das Pedras (Mount of the Rocks) Beach, a stretch of sand known for its spectacular rock formation and wild waves. We’ll take a break for some local refreshments like sugar cane juice and polenta. Then it’s back on the bikes and over to the Parque Municipal da Lagoa do Peri, where you’ll get a chance to dive into a freshwater lagoon and give those cycling legs a break. Refreshed from your swim (and no doubt hungry!), we’ll cycle over to Armação village for lunch. This quiet spot is one of Florianópolis’ major fishing centres and in the 1700s was a launching point for whalers.

Our last stop will be Matadeiro Beach, a spot where no motor vehicles can access, but surfers love to gather. We’ll have time to wander the one-kilometre beach before hopping back on our bikes and heading back to Lagoa da Conceição.

R.H. Veras do Nascimento, N° 240

Spend the day outdoors, hiking the trails of Costa de Lagoa Visit historic fishing villages and learn about the early settlements of Florianópolis Enjoy a locally sourced seafood lunch at one of the best restaurants on the coast Go for a refreshing swim under a waterfall Take a boat ride on the Lagoa da Conceição, the largest freshwater reserve on the island. A hike, a swim, a boat ride — this full-day Florianópolis tour is a total outdoor adventure. You’re heading to a corner of the island that’s only accessible by trail or water, where fishing villages, a waterfall, and a fresh seafood lunch wait!

For your Florianópolis tour, we’ll walk from Lagoa da Conceição to the nearby neighborhood of Canto de Araçás — our starting point for the hike out to the village of Costa de Lagoa. This historic fishing town is only accessible by trail or boat, and to this day still preserves the culture of the first settlers to the island. Along the walk, we’ll pass the Ratones community, which has been inhabited since the 17th century, and other villages that were colonized by the Azoreans. Today, you’ll still find traces of Azore culture, in the food, fishing practices, and artisanal crafts.

You’ll stop for a simple, locally sourced lunch at one of the best restaurants on the coast, where you’ll dine on fish, seafood, rice, tomato soup, and salad — all the restaurant’s top sellers, of course. Back onto the trail, we’ll wander past ruins of mills and houses dating back to the 18th century, following in the footsteps of the original adventurers who settled on Florianópolis. We’ll then stop at the pretty waterfall of Costa da Lagoa, where you can dive in for a swim — perfect for burning off that delicious lunch! Exhausted from our day, we’ll give our feet a rest and board a boat back to Lagoa da Conceição.

Rua Henrique Veras do Nascimento, N° 240

Learn to kitesurf in one of the world’s best kitesurfing spots Feel safe and confident with an IKO certified instructor Tailor your lesson and experience based on your skill level Experience the thrill and excitement of kiteboarding, no matter whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

Crank up your adrenaline and go kitesurfing in one of the best spots in the world: Florianópolis! The stunning lake Lagoa da Conceição is home to some brilliant kitesurfing conditions (flat and shallow water) and the winds are warm and stable. Forget about that wetsuit and dive in.

Get your kiteboard on in one of the best places on earth! Whatever your experience, from basic beginner to total pro, Florianópolis is a dream place for kiteboarding. Join us for an experience of a lifetime, spending a few hours out on the water, just living the dream. Depending on your experience level, we’ll cater your kiteboarding adventure to your wishes. Your teacher will be an IKO-certified instructor who will help you learn safely and efficiently, giving you a truly fun and exhilarating experience. The spot we love is an area of flat and shallow water, which makes kiteboarding easier to master. Without any deep water in your way, you’ll feel more confident than ever!

We provide the latest gear, equipped with a simple safety system, that’s easy to re-launch from the water and has predictable steering and the stability needed while riding. We use various kite sizes to match you with the most suitable kite based on your weight in the current wind conditions. There is no age limit for kiteboarding, but you need to weigh at least 40 kg (88 lbs) and be able-bodied. You don’t need to be particularly strong, but you need to be able to use the bar that steers the kite.

Rua Henrique Veras do Nascimento, N° 240

Take in the most beautiful lagoons and biggest sand dunes of Florianópolis. Become a sandboard master on spectacular dunes for all skill levels Learn the proper techniques for safe sandboarding from an expert guide.

Get your heart pumping and add a totally cool new skill to your arsenal Check out local sandboarders as they show off their skills on the slopes. Hop on a board and hit the dunes for a thrill like no other! Whether you want to practice your surfing skills or are totally new to boarding, we’ve got the dunes for you — and they are pretty darn beautiful too! This Florianópolis tour will get your adrenaline pumping and you’ll get to add a sweet new skill to your resume.

Sandboarding is like the perfect love child of surfing and snowboarding, but instead of water or snow, you’re hitting the biggest sand dunes in Florianópolis! With unparalleled beauty, the Joaquina dunes are the perfect place to learn to sandboard with dunes for every skill level. While you might not conquer the biggest dune of 60m or the fastest speed of 62km, you’ll definitely get your heart racing as you speed down the sandy slopes. Whether you’re brushing up on old skills or adding a new one, your English-speaking guide will take your through the proper stretching and instruction to get you up and riding safely.

This Florianópolis tour has got to be the coolest way to enjoy the sun and sand while giving you serious bragging rights when you return home .

Descubre por qué Florianópolis es conocida como la “Isla de la Magia”. Sus hermosas playas son un paraíso para los amantes del mar o para quienes buscan un refugio para relajarse, y su historia es igualmente atractiva para los visitantes. Conoce lo mejor de uno de los destinos vacacionales preferidos de América del Sur.

- Contempla algunos de los principales atractivos de una isla paradisíaca
- Visita el puente colgantes más largo de Brasil
- Admira construcciones históricas y el enclave natural más visitado: la Lagoa da Conceição

Además de por sus más de 40 playas de extraordinaria belleza, Florianópolis sorprende por otras muchas atracciones que tendrás la oportunidad de explorar acompañado de un guía experto. Adéntrate en el centro histórico, hogar de la modesta Catedral Metropolitana, de tonos amarillos y con mucho encanto. Pasea poco después por la plaza más importante de la ciudad, la Praça Novembro XV, rodeada de abundante vegetación. Aquí encontrarás el imponente Palácio Cruz e Sousa, residencia de presidentes y gobernadores en el pasado que alberga en la actualidad el Museo histórico de Santa Catarina. Visita más tarde el Puente Hercílio Luz, el puente colgante más grande de Brasil. Fue el gobernador Hercílio Luz quien proyectó su construcción para unir la isla con el continente. Aunque se cerró al tráfico por motivos de seguridad, se conserva como un monumento y símbolo histórico. Admira esta sobrecogedora obra de ingeniería antes de descubrir uno de los recursos naturales más famosos de la ciudad: la Lagoa da Conceição, un verdadero placer para la vista. Situada en la parte centro-este de la isla, desde esta preciada laguna podrás admirar las playas, las dunas, los montes y la diversidad de colores del cielo, en armonía con el paisaje. Sus aguas tibias y tranquilas atraen a locales y visitantes para la práctica de deportes acuáticos y otras actividades de entretenimiento.

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Deja temporalmente a un lado la herencia portuguesa para conectar con las costumbres y cultura alemanas fuera del continente europeo. En Blumenau abundan las casas Fachwerkhaus, se ensalza la cerveza y todavía hay quienes se atreven con los leaderhosen. ¡Prepárate para descubrirlo tú mismo!

Deja temporalmente a un lado la herencia portuguesa para conectar con las costumbres y cultura alemanas fuera del continente europeo. En Blumenau abundan las casas Fachwerkhaus, se ensalza la cerveza y todavía hay quienes se atreven con los leaderhosen. ¡Prepárate para descubrirlo tú mismo!


* Recorre el centro histórico acompañado de un guía
* Contempla hermosos edificios de estilo Tudor
* Observa costumbres alemanas típicas

Visita un lugar con raíces verdaderamente germanas: Blumenau. Este singular municipio es famoso por mantener las costumbres alemanas de sus colonizadores, que podrás apreciar desde el primer momento en que pongas un pie en la ciudad.

Pasear por las calles de Blumenau es como pasear por Europa. Y es que prácticamente cada rincón y detalle es fiel a la cultura del país donde nacieron sus padres fundadores, salvo la lengua. La gastronomía es bávara, la arquitectura, de estilo Tudor, y la mayoría de los habitantes son rubios con los ojos azules. ¡Incluso utilizan los leaderhosen en las festividades!

En tu visita a Blumenau tendrás tiempo de sumergirte en su cultura mientras contemplas preciosos edificios alemanes. Antes de regresar al hotel, dispondrás de tiempo libre para comprar artesanía local.

Punto de encuentro: Recogida en el hotel.
Duración: 10 horas.
Hora de inicio o apertura: Martes y viernes a las 8:00 horas.

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¿Te apetece pasar un día de diversión en un parque temático? No elijas uno cualquiera, ven al mejor parque de Brasil. Nosotros nos ocupamos de llevarte.

- Emocionantes atracciones para todas las edades
- Visita uno de los mayores zoológicos del continente
- Traslados de ida y vuelta al mayor parque de América Latina

No dejes escapar la oportunidad de visitar el mayor parque de América Latina: Beto Carrero World, un complejo de más de 14 Km de extensión dividido en nueve zonas temáticas con entretenimiento para todas las edades.

Atraviesa el Castillo de las Naciones, la construcción que corona la entrada, y prepárate para disfrutar de centenares de juegos, atracciones, aventuras y espectáculos. Quienes buscan emociones fuertes, en Aventura Radical encontrarán atracciones extremas como la Big Tower, una caída libre de 110 metros de altura, o la Star World Mountain, la mayor montaña rusa del parque.

Pero en Beto Carrero World hay opciones para todos los gustos. Si te apetece algo más relajado, en la Isla de los Piratas, la Tierra de la Fantasía o el Lejano Oeste no te faltarán atracciones entre las que elegir. Y si eres un amante de los animales, en Mundo Animal, uno de los mayores zoológicos del continente, te esperan centenares de especies de animales. Sin duda, Beto Carrero World es un plan perfecto para disfrutar en familia.

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