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Luhuitou Park It is located high on a hill overlooking Sanya, providing visitors with sweeping vistas of the city, its surrounding area, and the South China Sea. The park features a 12-meter tall statue commemorating the legend of a brave young hunter and a mountain deer that was apparently transformed into a beautiful young girl. The park takes its name, which means, 'deer turns its head' from the legend. Luhuitou Park is both a daytime and nighttime destination, offering spectacular views, shopping and dining facilities.
Local Market It is located in Hongqi Street in Sanya city. There is the most popular shopping center. It is 600 meters long. You can buy various of tropical fruits, such as Coconut, Mango, Pineapple, Jackfruit, Lychee, Banana, Durian, Lemon, Orange, Olive etc.
And you can buy all kinds of commodity. There is night market, too. You can buy some seafood here. In a word, if you want to save money, please come to The First Agriculture Trade Market in Sanya City Heren Pearl Farm Heren Pearl Factory is the southern most factory in Sanya and provides guided tours for visitors where they can learn more about pearl breading, production and sales.
The factory also displays the most expensive natural sea water pearls as well as providing great shopping opportunities; from different kinds of pearls to different cosmetic products containing pearl fragments.

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Nanshan Buddhism Cultural Park This famous utopian ecological zone is located at the southern most part of China at the foot of Nanshan Mountain. Nanshan, which means ‘the mountain in the south’, in Chinese is also believed to be the auspicious mountain of longevity in Chinese mythology.
A gigantic Buddha statue, built as recent as 2003, stretches 108 meters above ground and over looks the sea. This large statue seems to guard the nearby temples and the many tropical botanic gardens.
Visitors will be guided around the area and there will be plenty of opportunity to explore this wonderful place Jingrun Crystal Cultural Center Some of the best and rarest crystals originate from the Hainan Island and the southern parts of China.
The Jingrun Crystal Cultural provides workshops and tours where visitors can learn more about the crystal processing and producing of natural crystals. There is also a shop complete with different kinds of crystals.

Yanoda Rainforest Yanoda is originally a phonogram consists of Ya, No, Da, indicating the numeral words “one, two, three” in the Hainan dialect. Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone has put new meanings to these phonograms: “Ya means innovation”, “No” represents promise and “Da” refers to practice. The concept of Yanoda here intends to perpetuate the native cultures and exhibit the essence of Chinese traditional culture.
With the investment RMB 0.2 billion already, Yanoda has already built two scenic zones, the Rainforest Valley and the Dreamworld Valley. All spots are connected by totally 18km inner ring roads with the traffic means of American battery cars, high-class shuttle buses, plank roads alongside cliffs and suspension bridges on waterfalls.
The Rainforest Valley contains six rainforest wonders such as plant strangle, flower basket, old Stems Blossom, great roots, intertwined vines and huge stones embraced by roots. All these natural scences are symbolizing the essential features of the five major rainforests in Hainan Island.
In the valleys, designed artfully according to the landscape and the mountain terrain, the plank roads lead to the deep forest, the stone staircase twist up at both sides of the huge rocks, the suspension bridges sway in midair, the steel hawsers cross up to the mountain through the waterfalls.
Visitors here can feel tranquility and mystery in the deep forest, enjoy the joyfulness of playing waterfalls, and experience the pleasant surprise and the quiver of emotion on the fantastic sky bridges in Yanoda Jingrun Pearl Cultural Center This great place of treasured pearls is located right in the city center of Sanya.
The center offers visitors to view some of the largest natural pearls in the world as well as getting a glimpse of the most expensive and famous pearls in China. The Jingrun Center also provides a great opportunity for visitors to learn more about the cultivation process of pearls.

Monkey Island It is located on the opposite of Xincun Port, 16kilometers to the south of Lingshui County .It is the only island-type natural reserve for monkeys in China. The island has a mountain as its backbone covered with thick forests and adorned with scattered rocks.
Numerous caves on the forest male a paradise for monkeys Xincun Local Market It is just 500 meters away from Nanwan Monkey Island. There is special local food and local life culture. It is beside from a bigger fisher harbor. There is a fisher-village on the sea. Get here, you could fully enjoy the fresh smell of South China Sea.
Silk Houses There are many great places to buy natural silk in Sanya, but also to learn more about the over 2000 year old history of Chinese silk tradition and making of traditional clothing.

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Nantian Hot Spirng This great facility is located 40 kilometers east of Sanya. The Nantian Hot Spring is one of the best natural hot springs in China. It is rich in minerals and said to have a proven effect on hypertension and various kinds of skin disease.
You could also enjoy some of the special body treatments provided by the SPA or simply go for a nice swim in one of the many pools. There are 36 pools in total at the SPA all with special functions. There is also a pool for the children, which provides all sorts of fun activities. This is a fantastic place for the entire family to relax and enjoy.
Tea Houses in Sanya City There are many tea houses in Sanya and the best ones can be found along the beach walks. Due to the tropical climate, the city really comes to life in the evenings and what could be better than slowly sipping exotic tea while overlooking the stunning scenery of the South China Sea? Try every kind of different tea from Kuding, Basihsa Green Tea to Wulong.

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The Village of Li and Miao Minority if you like to see some original dwellers on hainan island. It is a good choice to visit the imitated village of Li and Miao minority at the foot of the mountain, there is a crowd of minority with different culture and life, you will be amazed by that. They still keep their own old life style and live in very simple house built of mud and wood and tree leaves as the roof. The old ladies have tattoo on their necks and bodies while they were 14 years old and here so much handwork, like small bags, fabric etc. You may get some for you as souvenirs and for your friends as gifts. It is mentionable that you must view the bamboo dancing of Li people, the dancing and music will make you relax.

Jingrun Crystal Cultural Center Some of the best and rarest crystals originates from the Hainan Island and the southern parts of China. The Jingrun Crystal Cultural provides workshops and tours where visitors can learn more about the crystal processing and producing of natural crystals. There is also a shop complete with different kinds of crystals.