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Pay a visit to the Olympic Sailing Center, which is also a view point of the new city square, May Fourth Square. The sculpture "Wind of May" in the centre of the square has now become a typical symbolic mark of new age Qingdao. Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center is located alongside Fushan Bay, Eastern New Center of Qingdao; the hardware facilities there have received high praise both at home and abroad, and it is recognized as "the best Olympic Venues in Asia" by the industry.

Qingdao hosted the Olympic Sailing Competition in 2008; since then, Qingdao has gained the name of "the city of sails", and sailing, at the same time, becomes a high-end sport event. Hereon, you will sail by "The Flying Tigers", each boat is able to take 8 people accompanied with a coach, who will explain the structure of the boat and the principle of voyage. There you will be able to have opportunities for an up close experience of this classy oceanic event.

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Take a trip to Badaguan scenic area. Badaguan scenic area is a leisure spot, which perfectly combines worldwide superb architectural art and unique courtyard greening. It also has the name of "World Architecture Expo".

Centennial street visiting - Zhongshan Road, we will start from Zhanqiao Pier, then travel alongside Zhongshan Road and visit the St. Emil Church. In the end, we will visit a centennial courtyard on Zhongshan Road - Pichaiyuan.

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