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Beginning of the day is a visit to Zhongshan Square, Peoples Square, which displays an architectural mosaic of Russian and European styles building. Then you will visit Olympic Square , Modern Museum, Xinghai Square which is the largest Square in Asia, and 100 Anniversary Urban Sculpture. Binhai Road—Dalian's famous coastline and is a sightseeing for visitors to the area,you will have a good view of mountains and sea on Beida Bridge.

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After enjoying breakfast in your hotel we will drive to Lushun for about one hour. Tour East Cockcrown hill, Dongjiguanshan Hill and the north fortress Dongjiguanshan hill, which was built by the Tsarist Russians on the foundation of a fortification of the Qing troops. It was equipped with 30 artillery batteries and was the key battlefield during the Russo-Japan war.

Russian Japanese prison: Site of Lushun Russian-Japanese Prison. It now serves as a memorial exhibition against the crimes of the imperialists and is one of the major national historical relics. Navy harbour and Lushun naval station. Now as a training base of the North Sea fleet, west port is expanding. Lushun Museum was built early in the last century by colonists, the museum was a European style building modeled on classical architecture.

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After enjoying the breakfast in your hotel we will drive to Jinshitan, Golden Pebble Hunting Club(2 free shots), Mao Zedong Badge Exhibition Hall, Jinshitan Mysterious Life Museum, Golden Gulf Golf Course (3 balls free), Golden Rock Park, China Martial Arts Hall and the Ambassador Beach.

Jinshitan Scenic Area also known as the Golden Pebble Beach National Resort are top-ranking recreational infrastructures which 50 kilometers away from the northeast of Dalian City. The most splendid view is focused on the eastern peninsula, where geological wonders that formed 600,000 to 300,000 years ago extended along the 8-kilometers-long coast line. The vast structure came into shape as early as the Sinian and Cambrian Periods.

One can see hundreds of rocks in various shapes and postures. Some resemble rocks spreading their wings or monkeys watching the sea. Others resemble camels, turtles, dinosaurs, tigers, etc. There are so many scenic sports to explore. The Mao Zedong Badge Exhibition Hall displaying badges with Chairman Mao on them, A hunting ground in the western peninsula, equipped with modern facilities covers an area of 2,000,000 square kilometers, China Martial Arts Museum, Jinshitan Mysterious Life Museum, Golden Gulf Golf Course with 36 fairways and so on.

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The Port of Dalian, founded in 1899, is situated at the southern end of the Liaodong Peninsula on the Yellow Sea in Liaoning Province. It is the northern most ice-free port in China,It is the largest multi-purpose port in Northeast China, serving the seaports of North Asia, East Asia, and the Pacific Rim.The port of Dalian is the second largest container trans-shipment hub in mainland China.
Bangchui Island is known for its beautiful pebbly beach and secluded swimming bay. At the eastern end of Binhai Road in Dalian. this scenic zone is about nine kilometers from the city proper. Costal Road which links to Bangchui Island will show you the best view of ocean. In the northern part of the scenic zone stand the green mountains, and in the southern part, there is a vast expanse of sea area and smooth sandy beaches.
The fifteenth warehouse used to be largest mechanical warhouse in far east area since 1929. At present , it changes to business and leisure compound including art , fashion, culture, office building, creativity ect.
Trams in Dalian have a long history, stretching as far back as the late Qing Dynasty. On 25 September 1909, the South Manchuria Railway opened the first tram line for testing in Dalian. The city at that time was under Japanese occupation. This was the first example of public transportation in the city, making Dalian one of the earliest Chinese cities to have a public transport service.

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