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Corte dell'Idume 5/A

Learn how to cook like an Italian mamma with a cooking class that introduces you to all things Italian.


* Look for your own ingredients at the local market
* Be involved in all stages of cooking
* Taste your own dishes with a final lunch or dinner

Get stuck in with a traditional Italian cooking class that will have you whipping up your own pasta in no time. Meet your local chef at the local marketplace and after a typical Italian coffee break it’s time to choose the best ingredients for your recipes from the range of fresh and delicious produce on offer.

Once we arrive the cooking school, either at the local ancient farmhouse, or Masserias, in an ancient noble palazzo or at the chef’s house, it’s time to get hands-on and get to grips with the secret to making delicious pasta every time. You’ll be given an apron and a chef’s hat to get you started as well as your own workspace to be able to take part in all the phases of dish preparation.

Learn how to prepare ‘orecchiete’ and all shapes of local handmade pasta as well as old recipes handed down from our Italian grandmothers. At the end the lesson comes the highlight of the day – the tasting! Try what you prepared during a friendly Italian lunch or dinner paired with local wines from the local wineries, and take away a special booklet of recipes and a final gift to remember your time.

Free admissions in private museums of the city; discounts at tourist facilities, restaurants, coffee bars, beaches, bookshops, craft shops that participate in the initiative are just some of the benefits that you can get by requesting the Lecce city Card which will allow you to make your stay a memorable one.

The voucher is personal and not transferable. You only have to show it at the entrance of one of the contracted museums, receive the card and get affix a stamps. Since then, the card will allow you to visit the museums during the following 3 days.

The permanent collections of the museums can be visited only once, inquiring in advance about the days and times of opening. These and other information are specified in the guide that you will receive by email and which has been created to make the most of you stay.

To take advantage of the discounts you will simply have to show the voucher or the card before making the payment at the contracted shops. The discounts are not combinable with other promotions and are valid for one year from the date of issue.

Castro Town Port

Apulia boasts a wonderful coastline made of long sandy beaches and amazing sea cliffs, of crystalline water and breathtaking sunsets. The best way to enjoy these natural landscapes is a boat tour along the coast :during the cruise you will visit the seashore caves and have a swim in the warm waters of the Adriatic sea, but also taste a delicious aperitif or lunch on board . Furthermore, we offer you the chance to explore the seabed together with an expert who will escort you underwater discovering the hidden wonders.

Piazza Sacramento 17

"Your tour will start in Alberobello where you will meet with your local guide in Piazza Sacramento and start a walking tour of the small charming village of Alberobello, UNESCO site and World heritage. After e brief tour ef Alberobello to visit also the inside of a Typicla trullo you will meet Mamma Lucia or Mamma Maria and go together to do shopping at the market. You will come back to the location of your cooking class and start your lesson! You will learn how to prepare local recipes as “orecchiette” our typical hand-made pasta

desde 119,39 €


Meet with your local guide in Piazza Sacramento and start a walking tour of the small charming village of Alberobello, UNESCO site and World heritage. Afterwards you will head to the farm , meet the farmers and have a breakfast together savoring organic products. According to the season, you will take part to the harvest of seasonal fruits and vegetables, to the caretaking of farm animals and cleaning of the stables. At the end cooking class at the “masseria” with the wife of the farmer and final lunch.

desde 119,39 €

Piazza Sacramento 17

Meet with your local guide in Piazza Sacramento and start a walking tour of the small charming village of Alberobello, UNESCO site and World heritage. Afterwards you will start a tour through Alberobello countryside visiting some “Masserie” (local farms).You will have the chance to take part to a cheese-making demonstration and at the end you will have lunch with the family.

desde 119,39 €

19, Piazzetta Martellotta C

The village of Alberobello was founded in the second part of the 16th century: the landlords at that time belonged to the Acquaviva family and they were the earls of Conversano. In the feud lived local peasants who started to build houses without using mortar (this kind of circular building was then called "trullo"), simply by using the stones that they found on the soil or in caves. As the landlords wanted the pageants to pay taxes each time they built a village, this kind of building seemed to be the best solution, because they could be easily destroyed in case of inspection from the King's soldiers. In 1797 Alberobello (thanks to the decision of King Ferdinand IV Borbone) became a free village and in 1996 it was declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site for its peculiar conic buildings. Nowadays Alberobello is known all over the world as the "Capital of Trulli".

You will meet your guide and proceed for a walking tour of this small charming village. You will be shown the typical Trulli houses and you will enter some of them to admire them from the inside. The visit starts from “Terrazzino“ for a panoramic view and some beautiful pictures. You will proceed to Rione Monti and walk until the Church of Saint Antonio, to visit the only “trullo church” in the world”. The tour ends with some free time, visiting the characteristic little shops selling handcrafts products.

desde 81,25 €

In front of Swebian Castle

We offer you a unique opportunity to discover Bari through a pleasant walk in the heart of the town which has always been considered as the meeting point between Orient and the western culture.

We will go back to the past simply by walking within the old city centre, among the intricate narrow medieval side streets: here are most of the monuments of the Byzantine, Norman and Frederick's II time.