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Explora la hermosa región vitivinícola de Chianti en un recorrido panorámico de medio día, y disfruta de un paisaje toscano enmarcado en suaves colinas y viñedos salpicados de cipreses. Durante el recorrido verás la fortaleza de Monteriggioni y Castella en Chianti. En Monteriggioni encontrarás algunas tiendas especializadas en productos típicos de la Toscana, así como elegantes cafeterías donde podrás parar y disfrutar de un café o un helado.

El recorrido continúa con una visita a una encantadora bodega donde participarás en una visita guiada a las bodegas para conocer las diversas etapas de la producción del vino y en una degustación de los diferentes vinos de la bodega, maridados con embutidos, bruschetta y salami. Posteriormente, el recorrido incluye una segunda degustación de aceite de oliva y vino en otra bodega local.

El tren desde Lucca a Florencia está incluido. Los clientes recibirán los billetes en su hotel, el día antes del tour y deberán estar en el punto de encuentro a la hora establecida.

Hora de salida
Tren desde Lucca a Florencia a las 7:00 horas.

Hora de inicio
Tour a pie por Florencia: a las 9:00 horas
Tour de Chianti: a las 14:45 horas.

Hora de retorno
Tren desde Florencia a Lucca a las 21:00 horas.

Tour guiado a pie: 1 hora y 30 minutos.
Tour de Chianti: 5 horas y 15 minutos.

desde 52 €

Discover Florence sitting comfortably aboard one of our mini-vans. We will visit Piazzale Michelangelo with its amazing view over the city before continuing to Fiesole, the wonderful town of Etruscan and Roman roots situated on a hilltop overlooking Florence. During the tour we will see less known suburban areas hard to reach on foot but of artistic and historic interest, then we will head back to the centre of Florence, where we will see stunning sites enveloped in art and tradition.

We’ll pass by Fortezza da Basso, Piazza della Libertà, San Domenico Church, Fiesole, Piazzale Donatello, Piazza Cesare Beccaria, Piazzale Michelangelo, Santa Croce Church, Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Piazza San Marco and a lot more…

Optional: At the end of the tour you will be dropped off right in front of the entrance to the Accademia Gallery, where our official guides will be waiting for you. You will start the visit in the language you have requested. You will enjoy many sculptures by Michelangelo including his masterpiece, the David, one of the most significant works of art that identify Florence all over the world.

desde 38 €

Porta Sant Anna, Piazzele Verdi

Have you ever wondered why Florence became the birthplace of the Renaissance? An excellent and complete introductory tour dedicated to those who want to know all the facts and secrets of two thousand years of Florentine history, from the city’s Roman origins to a 15th century palace, from the Ponte Vecchio, through the famous Uffizi courtyard, to the wonder of the architecture of Brunelleschi’s Dome which overlooks the Baptistery's golden “Gates of Paradise”.

Have a close encounter with this fascinating city, understanding and appreciating the background and context, its place in history, thanks to the professionalism of our expert guides officers, who will guide you in this walking tour through Ponte Vecchio, the Uffizi Courtyard and the Duomo Baptistery.

desde 25 €

Ponte en manos de un guía experto para visitar los monumentos más importantes de la siempre fascinante Florencia, y escucha cómo y por qué la ciudad se convirtió en la cuna del Renacimiento.

Descubre los datos y los secretos que se ocultan bajo más de 2.000 años de historia florentina, desde los orígenes romanos de la ciudad a su apogeo en el siglo XV, llegando hasta los tiempos modernos. Admira sus notables palacios medievales, contempla el extraordinario Ponte Vecchio y asómbrate con la grandeza de la cúpula de Brunelleschi y las doradas “Puertas del Paraíso” del Baptisterio. Una arquitectura espléndida, vistas excepcionales y plazas elegantes se combinan para hacer de Florencia un lugar verdaderamente cautivador para el aficionado a la historia.

Como opción adicional, podrás hacer una visita a la Galería de los Uffizi, que alberga una de las colecciones de arte más importantes del mundo. Este puede ser un lugar abrumador para los novatos, debido al gran volumen de obras de arte que hay expuestas, pero gracias a la ayuda de tu guía podrás centrarte directamente en las más destacadas. Las obras de Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Miguel Ángel, Rafael, Tiziano y muchos más son toda una fiesta para los amantes del arte, y no hay nadie mejor que un experto local para ayudarte a entender y apreciar su importancia. Al final del tour, podrás permanecer en el interior del museo hasta la hora del cierre.

Descubre por qué Florencia lleva siglos atrayendo visitantes con esta visita informativa en compañía de un guía erudito y afable.

Take this unique opportunity to visit the Vasari Corridor. The Vasari Corridor was built in 5 months by order of Grand Duke Cosimo D’ Medici in 1564, to the design of his favourite Architect Giorgio Vasari. This aerial passageway would allow him and the Royal Family to move freely from their residence at Palazzo Pitti to the Government palace, Palazzo della Signoria.

The Corridor passes over the Ponte Vecchio Bridge, through galleries, city houses and the church of Santa Felicita. Being almost a kilometre in length, this is the longest single passageway of paintings and portraits in the world. The corridor was restored and reopened to the public in 1973 but can only be visited by appointment. Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy the magnificent views of the Arno from the windows of the Corridor and admire the incredible collection of over 1000 paintings, all dating from the 17th and 18th centuries, as well as the important collection of self-portraits by some of the most famous masters of paintings of the 16th to the 20th centuries.

After the visit of the Vasari Corridor, you will continue with our guide to the Uffizi Gallery, where you will admire a collection of the famous masterpieces by Michelangelo, Botticelli, Raffaello, Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, Cimabue and Masaccio.

The splendid bay of Portofino is like a jewel set in the lush greenery of the Promontory. With its tall, colourful houses huddled in a semicircle around the Piazzetta, or town square, Portofino, once a typical Ligurian fishing village, is now one of the world’s most acclaimed resorts. An exclusive destination attracting international tourism, its atmosphere still offers a taste of bygone days with the timeless traditions connected to the sea and the painstaking artisan crafts which embody the colours and scents of Liguria.

Upon arrival you will be offered a tasty appetizer in the small square overlooking the little port. A visit to the Church of San Giorgio or Brown Castle, a stroll down to the lighthouse or a hike along any of the numerous pathways over the mountain down to the village of San Fruttuoso offer delightful sensations, enhanced by the views of spectacular nature drenched in Mediterranean sunshine.

Subsequently the boat arrives in San Fruttuoso, a small fishing village located in a splendid bay at the foot of Mount Portofino, reachable only by sea or on foot, following the trails of Portofino Park. The extraordinary spot is dominated by the Abbey of San Fruttuoso di Capodimonte. This splendid monument, now part of the heritage of FAI — the Italian Environment Found — has extremely old origins, dating back to the 8th century. Around the abbey develop a small beach, a church, the tower of the Doria and a few fishermen's cottages that are reflected in emerald blue sea, on a dark green background of pine trees. Here we have free time for a nice relaxing bath in the limpid and crystalline water or sunbathing on the beach.

A underwater statue of Christ, known as the Christ of the Depths, protector of divers, stands at the bottom of the Bay.

An alternative tour to become familiar with an unusual combination of three Italian brands, Ferrari, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese. Don’t miss the Ferrari Museum in Maranello with cars, images and trophies that have marked the history of the brand. Thrill to the roar of a Ferrari engine and see the well-known “Galleria del Vento” (Wind Tunnel) designed by Renzo Piano, Italy’s most famous living architect. The gallery is used to test the aerodynamics and high speed performance characteristics of the “Pranching Horse” cars.

On request, and if available, you can also book the exclusive shuttle guided tour inside the Fiorano track and the Viale Enzo Ferrari to live the whole Ferrari Experience. The tour continues with a visit to a renowned balsamic vinegar producer close to MARANELLO, where you will be shown the ageing process of the best balsamic vinegar of Modena and you will taste the specialities of the estate. Lunch consisting of typical regional dishes will be served in a characteristic restaurant nearby. The tour ends with the visit to a cheese factory (tasting included) where the inimitable Parmigiano-Reggiano is made.

Visita las verdes colinas de la Toscana y Umbría, y descubre tres pueblos que incluso hoy se conservan como auténticas joyas: Asís, Cortona y Perugia.

Visita la antigua y encantadora ciudad de Cortona, situada sobre una colina, llena de tesoros arquitectónicos y con unas vistas espectaculares al paisaje circundante. Descubre por ti mismo por qué Cortona fue el escenario perfecto para el rodaje de la película “Bajo el sol de la Toscana”, de 2003. Explora la fabulosa Asís, cuna de San Francisco, con vistas a un pintoresco valle rodeado de suaves pendientes y viñedos.

Siguiendo los pasos del santo, se te guiará a lo largo de sinuosas calles y callejones para que disfrutes los tesoros históricos y artísticos de esta ciudad medieval. En la magnífica Basílica de San Francisco de Asís podrás contemplar los frescos de Giotto de la vida del santo y aprenderás la historia de este importante centro espiritual. Disfruta de tiempo libre para pasear y relajarte en el ambiente encantador de esta joya de Umbría.

Por último, da un paso atrás en el tiempo con una visita a la antigua ciudad de Perugia, capital de Umbría e impregnada de una historia que abarca hasta la misma época etrusca. Entre otros monumentos que no debes perderte está el Arco Etrusco, también conocido como Porta Augusta, una antigua puerta de entrada a la ciudad y que data de hace más de dos mil años. Vive la historia, la cultura y los lugares de interés turístico de la Umbría y la Toscana con este cautivador recorrido de un día completo.

Santa Maria Novella train station

Have fun riding a Vespa along the scenic and peaceful roads on the Tuscan hills. An alternative way to admire the sights of Chianti, wrapped in the perfumes of the Tuscan countryside and the sound of the working farms.

You can join the tour every day and enjoy this experience together with our escorts, who will be showing you around small medieval villages situated in the heart of Tuscany. Those who do not feel confident enough about riding on their own can opt for riding with one of our expert escorts. The tour along the Chianti hills lasts all day. You will be stopping in a renowned farm for a wine tasting and a light lunch.

desde 85 €

Porta Sant'Anna, Piazzale Verdi

Try to imagine how it would be to spend a day like the in the old Italian movies: driving a vintage FIAT 500 across the Chianti hills and enjoy all the beauty of Tuscany. We are here to make this perfect day possible.

Join us for and we will give you the opportunity to drive a fully renovated vintage FIAT 500 while an expert tour leader will guide you through the best paths and will organize stops in the most characteristic villages: you will discover the real Tuscany in these little gems that have remained the same through the centuries. Here you will have the opportunity to enjoy a typical Tuscan lunch and a wine tasting. This is the chance to live the Italian dream for a day and we want it to be unforgettable.

desde 75 €

inside Porta Sant'Anna - Piazzale Verdi

Explore the marble quarries of Carrara on a 4x4 off road vehicle with this full-day tour from Lucca. Experience the unique flavor of ‘Lardo di Colonnata’, enjoy some free time in Pisa’s Piazza dei Miracoli, and more.

Visiting the Carrara marble quarries by 4x4 Jeep is an unforgettable experience. You will enjoy the charm of exclusive places otherwise inaccessible for visitors on their own. Top quality off road vehicles driven by our expert staff will lead you to an altitude of 900m where your will see breathtaking scenery. Moreover, you will be given detailed explanations about both ancient and modern excavation methods in direct contact with quarrymen in work days, while cutting marble or loading huge blocks on trucks.

After that you will have a short break during which you will taste the unique flavour of the “Lardo di Colonnata”. Then you will reach an altitude of 1200m where you can’t keep your eyes off such a view. Afterwards you will be driven to Pisa where you will visit the most renowned squares and monuments such as Piazza dei Miracoli with the Leaning Tower, the Cemetery and the Cathedral.

desde 65 €

Lucca Train Station

What if returning from Italy you could show your family and friends, not only pictures, but your cooking skills too? Wouldn’t be great to impress them with a typical Italian meal you cooked yourself? Join our professional cooking class! You will gain unique techniques and the best tips to make a perfect Italian meal! The class will start with a visit to the market: our Italian chef will help you choose the best ingredients. Once you got everything you need, we will move to the unique location where the class will take place, in the heart of Florence.

During the four hour lesson, you will prepare a full Italian meal, from appetizer to dessert. We will first prepare all the needed ingredients by washing and cutting them. Our chef will show you how to make fresh pasta from the row ingredients and you will have the chance to knead it yourself! You will also cook the sauce (Tomato, Ragù Bolognese or Pesto), “bruschetta” as a starter, a main course (seafood or meat) with a side dish, as well as a dessert! Our chef will show you how to decorate your plate and you will finally have lunch with the amazing dishes you made. Lunch will be accompanied by a local wine, water or soft drink as you prefer.

At the end of the class you will also get a Graduation Certificate signed by the chef, as well as the receipts for the dishes you made, in order for you, to try them again, back home.

desde 65 €

Piazzale Verdi

Venture off the tourist track in Florence on a electric bike tour to see where the Renaissance city’s artists and scientists lived and worked. Enjoy an effortless ride through the streets of this popular city with an expert guide.

The countryside around Florence is full of surprises: antique villas, churches, monasteries, magnificent hills planted with olive trees and vineyards, breathtaking views. In these places the greatest Florentine master artists and scientists lived and worked: Michelangelo worked on the fortifications of San Miniato, Leonardo da Vinci painted the “Annunciation” now in the Uffizi Gallery, Galileo Galilei, the first modern scientist, lived in the Villa dell’Ombrellino and Villa Il Gioiello. Enrico Fermi, father of nuclear physics together with Albert Einstein, worked in the Astronomical Observatory of Arcetri placed on the homonymous hill.

Our new electric bicycle and an experienced guide will allow you to discover the beauty of these places in comfort, without effort.

Aprende cómo hacer una pizza italiana y un helado típico en una clase de cocina de 3 horas en Florencia. Obtén consejos sobre técnicas de un chef experto. Luego, sumérgete en tus propias creaciones al final de la clase práctica y descubre los auténticos sabores de Italia.

El chef comenzará la clase presentando brevemente la historia de estas maravillosas creaciones italianas. Después de eso, aprenderás a hacer la pizza italiana original paso a paso: te enseñarán los trucos para obtener una masa de levadura flexible y tierna, así como una salsa de tomate ligera, pero sabrosa. Nuestro chef te mostrará la manera correcta de estirar la masa y tendrás la oportunidad de hacerlo tú mismo. Haz tu propia pizza: estira, echa la salsa y hornea. El resultado seguramente será ¡la mejor pizza que hayas probado! Una vez que te hayas familiarizado con la pizza, se te enseñarán los secretos para hacer el 'gelato' italiano: podrás conocer los ingredientes básicos y cómo seleccionar los mejores productos.

Aprenderás sobre el desarrollo y la aplicación de colores naturales, las técnicas de calentamiento y congelación y los efectos que tienen sobre los ingredientes. Pronto te darás cuenta de lo fácil que puedes hacer estos deliciosos platos por tu cuenta. Al final de la clase obtendrás un certificado de participación.

A partir del 15 de marzo, el tour incluye un recorrido a pie por Florencia, de una hora y media de duración. El recorrido empieza a las 9:00 horas y la clase de cocina a las 15:00 horas.

Tour guiado a pie: 1 hora y 30 minutos.
Clase de cocina: 3 horas y 30 minutos.
Tren desde Florencia a la estación Leopolda de Lucca: aproximadamente 1 hora.