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Enter the mysterious underwater world at the Aquarium to experience life in the fascinating realms of the deep. Admire a spectacular array of colourful fish from different oceans, seas and rivers around the world and take this opportunity to come face to face with sharks, crocodiles, piranhas, penguins and sea turtles. Many types of fish from the Mediterranean both common and uncommon and exquisite tropical species disport themselves in spacious environmentally friendly.

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We journey to the yet undiscovered northern part of the island. The tour combines old history and the present day, also showing us how Cyprus is full of opportunities despite being an island. Admire the old city of Famagustahautnah and you’ll be impressed by one of the best examples of medieval architecture in the Mediterranean.

Another main stop is Salamina, close to Famagustaentfernt and the largest archeological site in Cyprus. We continue our tour along the north coast towards Kerynialädt, where we’ll be detained for a while by its enchanting atmosphere. Enjoy a guided walking tour to the fortress. Discover yourself how beautiful the north of the island is.

Look behind the scenes of your holiday island and discover the villages that are off the beaten track. We set off by modern bus to visit an olive press in the village of Skarinou as well the Kolossi Castle with its breathtaking views. The idyllic and famous wine village of Omodhos is nestled in the middle of wine country. You will visit the monastery "Holy Cross" and the ancient wine press. Immerse yourself in the ancient world. A typical lunch awaits you in a rustic tavern. Even from a distance it smells of good cooking: "Kopiaste" means welcome. Taste the fragrant herbal tea and traditional sweets before continuing the journey. Experience the typical Cypriot specialties and the hospitality of the locals - a perfect day to get to know a different side to Cyprus.

Our minivan can reach the places that leave the large coaches defeated. The tour takes you through small villages almost forgotten, hidden between wooded hills. Enjoy a typical Cypriot breakfast in the old town of Fikardou of bread, halloumi cheese, olives, tomatoes and more goodies.

The trip continues along the picturesque mountain villages and allows you to get in touch with the country and its people. Pure and fresh air in the mountains invites you to stroll through nature, to enjoy the aromas of pine, lavender and thyme in the air. The Macheras Monastery is located in the middle of this beautiful landscape. A visit to this idyllic site is well worth your money. (Please be sure to wear clothing that covers you for the visit to the monastery). Then we travel through nice landscapes to get Vavatsinia where we will have a typical lunch.

Then drive to the village of Pano Lefkara, famous for its embroidery and silverwork. Enjoy some free time in the village before heading back to your resort. Here you will see in person what life was like for these ancient people

Continue in the northwest of the island along the coast to the archaeological site of Vouni, which is 250m above sea level and you’ll be spellbound by these ancient excavations. Next visit is to Soli with excavations and the Roman amphitheater. After lunch at a seaside tavern, we continue to Morfou. In the Morfou region more than half of Cyprus’ citrus fruit grows here, giving the area its special character. Visit the former Byzantine monastery of St. Mamas, with its Gothic architecture. The legend says that because of the patron St. Mamas’ courage, they are free from tax liability.

Nicosia, the last divided capital of Europe offers something for everyone.

The city is very diverse and interesting. In the partially car-free old town within the Venetian walls you’ll find many modern shops to browse around.

With its extensive collection, including archaeological discoveries, costumes, photographs, medieval pottery, maps, engravings, jewellery and furniture, the Leventis Municipal Museum is well worth a visit. Visit St. John's Cathedral, where you will be amazed by the beautiful interior which contrasts dramatically with the modest exterior building, after which you have some free time.

Take advantage of free time for lunch (not included) and to explore the old town before our German speaking guide will also show you the mysterious north of the city.

The Ayia Sofia Cathedral is now the Selimiye Mosque. Please remember to bring your passport / identity card, otherwise you cannot walk across the border.

Discover the north and south of Nicosia and experience different cultures within a few hours.

Discover Cyprus in a different way with a 4x4 beyond the usual tourist routes through extensive pine forests and vineyards of central Troodos.

With a combination of small asphalt roads and well-maintained dirt roads to reach small villages you can enjoy breathtaking views from altitudes up to 2,000 meters above sea level. Discover one of the wildest and most remote regions of Cyprus. A colourful flora, wide valleys, plateaus, vineyards, steep cliffs, winding roads, breathtaking views and a stunning waterfall in the middle of this idyll ... Feel the mountain air and immerse yourself in nature as well as the local and authentic villages. With a national expert and guide you can experience the heart of Cyprus. Learn the rustic way about this special island and let yourself be overwhelmed at lunch by the legendary Cypriot hospitality. This holiday memory is for you, not only the photos.

You'll love this laid back VIP afternoon cruise at sea on board a luxury catamaran. Relax on the rigging nets or in the lounge, as you glide through the crystal clear waters. A tasty meal and an open bar throughout the cruise, swimming in the warm waters of the Mediterranen sea, enjoying the views of the coastline, and last but not least - the sunset – this is as good as it gets.

Come and explore an abandoned city with us! You will never experience anything like it. Since the Turkish invasion in 1974, Varosha has remained an abandoned ghost town. Join us to explore the history in this half day trip to Famagusta and let us guide you through a unique experience.

Our tour guide will lead you to the historic port city and tell you all the amazing facts and stories of how in the medieval times this was the most important port on the Island due to trade and how this beautiful backdrop was the setting for our very own William Shakespeare’s play Othello. We will then lead the way to Saint Nicholas Cathedral, which was converted into a mosque in 1571 where you will have some free time to wander around and explore the old town.

Upon satisfying your curiosity, we will head down to Constantia beach where you may cool off in the refreshing waters and bathe whilst observing the abandoned and derelict hotels and homes in Varosha. Relax as you take in the history around you and imagine what this city was once like.

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