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Our day will begin with morning drive to the village of Lefkara, which is famous for handmade lace known as ‘Lefkaritika’, and also its silverware. It is said that Leonardo Da Vinci visited the village and bought an altar cloth here which he donated to the Milan Cathedral.

Travelling through pine-covered mountains, we reach Santa (Ayia) Thekla Monastery, a Nunnery founded by Santa (Ayia) Eleni (mother of Emperor Constantine). We will have a chance to wash our faces in the Holy Spring Water, said to help prevent eye and skin illnesses.

Next stop will be at Meniko village where we will visit the church of St Kyprianos dating from the 13th Century. There you will have the opportunity to embrace the icon or to venerate the relics of the saint and ask for healing. On request the priest will recite a prayer for the suspension of any spell put on you. The prayer will protect you against the evil eye, evil words and envy. You will also be able to wash your hands and face in the holy water that gushes forth next to the church. After we will go to see the only one divided Capital in the world, ‘Lefkosia’, situated in the centre of the Island, is the ideal City for you to find your holiday bargains! Driving along the Green Line, the capital’s dividing borderline and proceed to the picturesque old quarter of “Laiki Yitonia” where, you will have time for lunch and a stroll around the charming winding alleys lined with numerous traditional houses, shops and galleries.

Our tour continues to Larnaca where we will visit St. Lazarus church, located in the heart of the old city.

The church dates back from the 9th century and is one of the oldest in Cyprus. There you can see the tomb of the saint who lived in Kition after his resurrection by Christ.

Our morning drive towards Nicosia, the Island’s Capital, brings us to the “Green Line,” the political divider between the Republic of Cyprus and the Northern Region of the Island - an area occupied by Turkey since 1974.

We make the routine crossing and enter into the less developed, yet supremely beautiful landscape of the Pentadaktylos, meaning ‘Five Fingers,’ Mountain Range. For our first stop in the North, our bus climbs to the top of a spectacular peak where we tour the grounds of St Hilarion Castle, an impressive stone-built fortress, dating back to the 8th-10th Century which offers some of the best views over Kyrenia and the Northern coastline.

Our next visit is to the must-see Bellapais Abbey, situated in the village of Bellapais and made famous in the novel Bitter Lemons by Lawrence Durrell. This monastery is considered one of the best-preserved examples of Gothic Architecture on the island and is built almost entirely out of local limestone. The first settlers in the Abbey (whose First Monastic Phase was constructed in 1198-1205) were the priests of the Augustinian order who had migrated from Jerusalem.

Much of the day will be devoted to exploring the picturesque town of Kyrenia with its horseshoe-shaped Harbour, its spectacular Medieval Castle, and its maze of narrow streets with finely preserved stone houses. The most important monument inside the town is the Kyrenia Castle Museum, which houses, amongst other exhibits, the famous Kyrenia Shipwreck. This wooden ship dates to cir.300 BC and was raised up from the seabed and preserved in a special environmentally controlled chamber, where it is proudly displayed today as the oldest shipwreck ever brought out of the water.

During the day, ample time will be given for lunch and coffee breaks and you will be able to explore the picturesque Harbour of Kyrenia, before we make our way back across the Green Line and onwards to your Hotel.

We journey towards the rising sun to experience the fantastic sandy coastlines and pristine turquoise waters of eastern Cyprus. Our day will focus on:

The town of Famagusta with its superb Venetian architecture, famous “fence-surrounded” 1970s Hotel District and the town’s unique story in Cyprus modern history.

The historical background to Famagusta, with visits to the ancient capital of Cyprus, Salamis.

During this fairly relaxing day we shall explore Hellenistic theatres, Roman Colonnades, Medieval Walls and the spectacular Gothic Cathedral of St. Nicholas, now operating as a Mosque. See the famous ‘Othello’s Tower’, stroll through narrow streets, shop in the Bazaar, and enjoy quality time on one of the best sandy beaches in the Mediterranean! There will be lots of free time for personal explorations.

If you want to swim in the shallow warm waters, bring your swimming gear!

Today will be spent discovering the Legends and History of one of the most beautiful parts of Cyprus. Our first stop en-route to Paphos will be at the ancient city of Kourion, an impressive and unspoilt site perched high on the cliff top. Admire the famous Greco-Roman Theatre and Mosaics and enjoy the dazzling view.

Our next stop will be at Aphrodite’s Rock where, according to legend, the Goddess of Love and Beauty was born from the foam of the sea. Here, you may have a quick swim or chill by the seashore. Then join us in discovering the remarkable history of Paphos Town which UNESCO awarded a member of the coveted group, ‘World Heritage Cities’. In ‘Kato’ (meaning ‘Lower’) Paphos we will pass by the Catacombs of St. Solomoni and see the Pillar of St. Paul.

Then we will visit the House of Dionysos and admire a series of beautifully preserved mosaics depicting scenes from Greek Mythology. Ample time will be given for lunch and to wander around the Harbour Area. Finally, on our return, we pass the 9th Century Basilica of Ayia Paraskevi and we will stop at Yeroskipou village to sample the famous Paphos Delicacy ‘Loukoumia’.

Come and explore an abandoned city of Famagusta with us! You will never experience anything like it, it truly is a unique experience.


* Explore the deserted town!
* Come and let our guide take you on an enriching cultural journey!
* Leisure time to relax on the beach and reflect on the derelict world around you!

Since the Turkish invasion in 1974, Varosha has remained an abandoned ghost town. Join us to explore the history in this half day trip to Famagusta and let us guide you through a unique experience.

Our tour guide will lead you to the historic port city and tell you all the amazing facts and stories of how in the medieval times this was the most important port on the Island due to trade and how this beautiful backdrop was the setting for our very own William Shakespeare’s play Othello. We will then lead the way to Saint Nicholas Cathedral, which was converted into a mosque in 1571 where you will have some free time to wander around and explore the old town.

Upon satisfying your curiosity, we will head down to Constantia beach where you may cool off in the refreshing waters and bathe whilst observing the abandoned and derelict hotels and homes in Varosha. Relax as you take in the history around you and imagine what this city was once like.

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