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No te pierdas nada de este tour gracias a tu guía y a la reunión informativa sobre tu programa de visitas. Visita el Museo de Mevlana y la tumba y mezquita de SEMS-i Tabriz-i (guía espiritual y maestro de Mevlana). Visita a Karatay Madrasah y Tile Works Museum. Visita a la Mezquita Alaattin (tumba sultanes selyúcidas ') y las Ruinas del Palacio de Seljuk. Podrás ir de compras en Nar. Visita a Bedesten (el viejo bazar) y disfruta del tradicional bazar de estilo antiguo.

We start for our daily tour first visiting to Mevlana Museum. We learn some stories and information about Mevlana and later going to see Selimiye mosque to see the architecture and to get the information about the mosque. We will have our lunch in a authentic restaurant and the lunch also including in our tour program.

After lunch we visit to Aladdin mosque and castle one of the most important structures of Konya and was built by Sultan Aladdin in 1221. After here we visit to Ince Minare Museum and Karatay Medresseh. We take some pictures and get some information by official guide of Murti’s Tour. After here we visit to the Sahip Ata Mosque and Medresseh where is one of the biggest complex of the area and now under restoration.

Mevlana Museum: The Mevlana museum, located in Konya, Turkey, is the mausoleum of Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, a Sufi mystic also known as Mevlana or Rumi. It was also the dervish lodge (tekke) of the Mevlevi order, better known as the whirling dervishes.The decree of 6 April 1926 confirmed that the mausoleum and the dervish lodge (Dergah) were to be turned into a museum. The museum opened on 2 March 1927. In 1954 it was renamed as Mevlana museum.

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Destination 1: Museum of Mevlana
Our guide will meet you in the hotel at 9am (can change depends on your request) and give you general information about our tour today we will visit Mevlana museum which is the mausoleum of Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, a Persian Sufi mystic also known as Mevlâna or Rumi. It was also the dervish lodge (Tekke) of the Mevlevi order, better known as the whirling dervishes.

Destination 2: Selimiye Mosque
Selimiye Mosque (Selim II Mosque) is an Ottoman mosque in Konya, although not certain the architect was probably Mimar Sinan. The construction was completed in 1570. The double-minaret mosque is a typical 16th century Ottoman mosque and it resembles Fatih Mosque in Istanbul. The praying area is roofed by a big dome. Very beautiful architecture work to see.

Destination 3: Aziziye Mosque

Destination 4 : Local Konya Lunch

Destination 5: Sems Tebrizi Tomb
After Lunch we will visit Sems Tebrizi Tomb just next to Aziziye mosque, Shams al-Din Mohammad was a Persian Muslim, who is credited as the spiritual instructor of Mewlana Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Balkhi, also known as Rumi and is referenced with great reverence in Rumi’s poetic collection, in particular Diwan-i Shams-i Tabrizi (The Works of Shams of Tabriz). Tradition holds that Shams taught Rumi in seclusion in Konya for a period of forty days, before fleeing for Damascus. The tomb of Shams-i Tabrizi was recently nominated to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Destination 6:Alaaddin Hill and Alaaddin mosque
The Alâeddin Mosque is the principal monument on the citadel of Konya, Turkey. The building served as the "Mosque of the Throne" for the Seljuq Sultans of Rum and contains the dynastic mausoleum. It was constructed in stages between the mid-12th and mid-13th centuries. Both the citadel and the mosque bear the name of sultan 'Ala al-Din Kayqubad I. You can also see the view of the Konya city center from the Alaaddin hill.

Destination 7: Karatay Medrese
Karatay Madrasa is a madrasa (a school) built in Konya, Turkey, in 1251 by the Emir of the city Celaleddin Karatay, serving the Seljuk sultan.

After having a walk in the city center we end our tour in Konya and drop you off back to the hotel.

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