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Full day boat trip in the crystal clear Mediterranean waters. 1h drive to the heart of Kekova to see and spend more time in the region. We start from Ucagiz village and take our first swimming break at Tersane Bay and see ruins at the bay. See the broken pots and amphoras from glass window on the boat and ruins on the island. We visit pirate cave and serve open buffet lunch in Gökkaya bay. We have also another swimming break in Burc bay and we’ll see the watching tower from the Ottoman Empire. You can visit the medieval castle in Simena peninsula or have home-made ice cream. Enjoy the final swim in a bay near Ucagiz and then drive back to Kalkan.

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This is an excursion tailor made for those of you who love to shop, or maybe you just have lots of gifts to buy! We start the day at the Gold Centre, where as well as buying some fantastic jewellery you can see some of the processes that go into making it. Then move on to biggest market in the region. We stop in Fethiye market where you will be able to pick up some great bargains. Then we visit the old Greek town of Kayakoy where you can explore the church and houses of the village now famous in the Louis de Berniere book ‘Birds without Wings’. Lunch is served in these surroundings. Afterwards we make our way down to Oludeniz, Turkey’s most photographed beach. Here you can soak up the sun or spend some time in the Turkish bath (extra). On the way back to Kalkan we stop in a Turkish delight factory. (Lunch, drinks and Oludeniz entrance fee extra)

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This exciting off-road programme starts with a visit to the ancient city of Xanthos, the capital of the Lycian League and a UNESCO world heritage site. Monumental tombs, well preserved theatre and marble roads can be seen. On our 4x4 vehicles we drive through the villages, forests and off-road tracks. A short break is taken at C.W.A, where you can rest and learn some thing about Turkish carpets (kilims). Al fresco lunch is served at Saklikent gorge, Europe’s second longest gorge. After lunch, you can walk, do fun rafting or rest by the river. On the way to Patara beach we’ll have a stop for a mud bath and end the day at the stunning Patara beach, where you can enjoythe18 km long golden sand or visit the ancient city of Patara. (For Kas Guests we will stop in Kaputas Beach as well.)

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Starting at Saklikent canyon and where after you have explored the canyon we head off to learn about the history of the famous Turkish carpet and see an array of fantastic examples.  We then stop for lunch in Yakapark (trout farm) after lunch we visit the ruins of Tlos which is the oldest and longest settlement in Lycia. We visit the theatre, Roman baths and rock cut tombs in acropolis.

desde 26,74 €

We start this day with a visit to Xanthos, which was the capital of Lycia and you can see some well preserved ancient ruins.  Then we stop for lunch in Saklikent Canyon, and afterwards you can explore the Canyon itself, which is great fun. After the canyon we stop west side of Patara beach for swimming which is the longest beach of Turkey before heading back to Kalkan.

desde 36,47 €

Kalkan is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Turkey's Turqoise Coast, and its stunning seascape should be a part of everyone's holidays.
Boat trips are the best option for exploring these crystal clear bays. Our regular boat trips take place on double decker boats, while our private ones are mostly on the popular Turkish gullets. Places that are remote that the only way there is by boat. You can drop anchor and go for a swim, or drink, eat and watch the beauty unfold in front of you.

Why not go for a swim in Frenk Bay (French Cove) or Firnaz Bay where the water stands still for most of the year and you can see it all the way to the bottom. You can explore the surrounding coastline by snorkeling and see the true beauty of the Turquoise Coast.

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This is the best tour to learn about Turkish village life. At first we will visit Saribelen village, where guests can see the old mill, village houses and the mosque. After Saribelen village, our next stop will be Bezirgan, where we will visit the warehouse. Then we will drive to the Islamlar village. We'll visit the old water mill and trout farm there. After that we will have our lunch, which will include traditional home cooking. Later we will drive back to Kalkan. From learning about traditional Turkish village life to experiencing Turkish hospitality, this tour will be an unforgettable experience!

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For an exciting journey through nature, spend a day canoeing along the beautiful Xanthos River at Patara National Park. No canoeing experience is required. In fact, if you've never tried it before, there's no better time to give it a try! In addition to teaching you about canoeing, your experienced guides will introduce you to one of the region´s most unspoiled areas.

After picking guests up from their hotel or villa, we drive over to Xanthos, which is located about 15 minutes away. Upon arrival, the guides will provide instruction on using the canoes. After approximately 1.5 hours of canoeing, the first break will be taken for the mudbaths. Then, canoeing continues for 45 minutes, before stopping for a delicious outdoor B.B.Q lunch. Once guests have rested, it's a 1.5 hour-long canoe ride to Patara Beach, where half an hour is devoted to exploring and enjoying the beach. To conclude this exciting excursion, we provide transportation back to the guests' hotel or villa.

desde 30,39 €

Guests will be collected from their accommodations and driven to Patara where the Quads are kept. After a quick introduction, guests will begin quad biking, following their guide. The guide will take guests around the hills of Patara to the riverside by the road. As dust picks up, driving will slow down. When Patara Beach is reached by river, guests are given free time. Then, guests can enjoy driving to the beach on their own. Once there, the guide will take guests to the dunes, returning to where they started. Transportation is provided back to guests' accommodations.

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Liman yolu Kas Yat LImani

While visiting Turkey, why not take a short boat trip to Greece, or rather one of the Greek islands which border the Turkish coastline. This tour is a 30 minute boat ride to the tiny island of Meis (known as Kastellorizo in Greek). Once there, the day is free to explore the harbor area, a charming warren of alleys and houses behind the pretty waterfront where there are shops and some tavernas where a delicious Greek lunch can be enjoyed, washed down with the local wine or a glass of ouzo. Stock up on duty free goods before taking the return boat back to Turkey.

desde 30,39 €

Holidays are all about trying something you may never get the chance to do back at home. And we have the perfect morning activity that will see you getting a fun work out with a beautiful animal. As well as learning about the horses and getting tips on riding from the experts you’ll have a short indoor warm up ride to get you in the saddle so to speak before you take the reins on your one-horse power outdoor adventure. About 90 minutes will be spent riding. It’s perfect for beginners and experienced alike. So if you fancy yourself as a bit of a John Wayne, why not join us on our horse riding adventure?

desde 44,98 €

The exciting sport of paragliding is thrill of flying over the beautiful coastal scenery. We launch from the mountain behind Oludeniz. Oludeniz offers the best paragliding site in Europe; if not the world. The spectacular views and stale water conditions puts it right up there.

The perfect take off sites close to the 1960 meter summit of Babadag Mountain, your flight will take you over ridges with birds eye view of the white stretched beach and the famous Blue Lagoon.

After 25-40 minutes flight, you will smoothly land close to the beach.

desde 121,56 €

Experience the true" Turkish Delight" in traditional style, working your way from warm, to hot, to an enjoyable furnace. Then have a body scrub, to clean your body. It will never be so clean again!!!
You can have a shower and stay in the hot room for a short while, awaiting your soap massage, which will unlock all the tight muscles in your body and make you feel re-born, shower again and have a cup of tea with your new found friends. Finish of the experience with a rose oil massage.

desde 42,54 €

You will meet or be transferred to the hill behind Kas to start your experience. Your safety is paramount. These paragliding pilots fly four times a day, taking all sorts of passengers on this amazing adventure every day. Every passenger is briefed and issued with a helmet and flying suit, while all pilots carry reserve chutes and communication systems.

The descent will be around 30 minutes and your flight will give you a bird’s eye view of the old town of Kas, along with its harbour, the peninsula and, of course, the Greek Island of Castellorizo (Megisti).

desde 103,32 €

The day begins early from your accommodation with a drive to Pamukkale which is known as Cotton Castle. On the way we stop for a break in Bekciler Village then drive straight to Pamukkale.

Depending on the time, we might have lunch before visit the Pamukkale. After a lunch break, we will visit the Hierapolis ancient city which used to be a healing and health city for Roman soldiers. Its amazing necropolis and Amphitheatre is worth visit. During your free time you can walk on the calcium terraces, which gave the name to Pamukkale as Cotton Castle. There is an ancient Cleopatra pool where guests can swim in a hot spring water pool full of columns.

During your free time, you can visit the museum (closed Mondays) which was once an ancient bath from the Roman Empire. After visiting the ancient city and Cotton Castle, we can stop in a textile factory (Denizli city is capital for textile in Turkey) or a local weavers' association before we drive back to Kalkan.

Esta actividad es para un mínimo de 2 personas

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