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With 2000 people daily capacity the largest aquapark of Turkish Mediterranean region invites you to fun, action and adventure.
There are no limits for fun at the Mediterranean’s favorite water paradise whether you are young or an adult.
You can have adventurous fun with rafting or relax with sea view from the forest or pump your adrenalin with bungee jumping and slides.
24 slides, each one more fun and exciting than the other: Family fun with the Family Slide, high speed excitement with the Kamikaze, 4 people side by side at the Multi Slide, taking you to another dimension with its special design; the Black Hole, up and down and again with the Slope Slide, Kids Slides for kids fun and many more…
Rafting on a 300 meter course with artificial waves, Wave pool for cooling and refreshment, mini golf for relaxing, kids pool with fun toys, bungee jumping from 70 meters high for adrenalin lovers, crazy foam parties at the disco inside the aquapark, terrace for enjoying the sun and sea view.

Couple or Single and looking for a perfect place where you can find relaxation at its best? Why not joining the chill out cruise for adults. With all local drinks included and sunbeds guaranteed, you can soak up plenty of sun and relax completely with chill out musics while slowly cruising along the coast. To cool off you can take a refreshing bath in the crystal clear water, twice.

Alanya offers some of the best sunsets in the area and there is no better way to see the town than from the sea. We’ll take you up to Seljuk castle for a photo stop over-looking the whole of Alanya - here you’ll get the best panoramic bird’s eye view of the town.

After a brief stop at a Jewellery Shop to see all the glittering goodies on display we’ll head into town for some free time and a stroll around the harbour. We’ll then board our Sundowner Cruise where you’ll enjoy dinner as the sun sets over the sea.

Fulya Mah. Akdeniz Bulvari, Turkler

Spend one day in paradise. Spoil yourself in this tropical getaway, soak up the sun on cool tropical sandy beaches and and discover the marine mammal’s life. You will be charmed in the aquarium room, thrilled in the shark tank, fascinated in the tropical reef and completely relaxed in the tropical river.

You can snorkel in the reef, explore the colourful tropical marine life and get in touch with gentle stingrays by swimming with them even touching and feeding them. An unforgettable experience for the whole family.

desde 40,11 €

Escape the hot and humid coast of Alanya for the day and enjoy a sightseeing tour of the Sapadere Canyon. Located approximately 25 miles (40 kilometers) from Alanya City, Sapadere Canyon offers visitors the chance to walk along a network of well-maintained wooden walkways through the Taurus Mountains, and experience the dramatic landscape up-close.

With departures from hotels in Alanya province, drive to the cooling Canyon for the start of your 7-hour guided tour which includes a typical lunch of local produce in Sapadere village. Take in the fresh mountain air and marvel at nature’s pure beauty. During the relaxed 750-meter walk, pass numerous waterfalls cascading down the rocks. If you're feeling brave, jump in and swim in ice cold water!

desde 21,88 €

Try an innovative approach to exploring Turkey and discover the wonders of the Turkey with a digital guide that’s available during your rental.

The digital guide is loaded with guides, maps, audio tours on a 7-inch tablet that’s been specifically designed for travellers visiting Turkey.The GPS navigation lets you go around the country without needing other devices, and printed maps.

The tablet comes with unlimited 3G internet access and a sharing option with other devices via Wi-Fi. You’ll easily find your way around and can check your tablet for recommended places and stay connected with your loved ones.

You’ll also find useful apps, with maps, quick information about the Turkey, and social tools. The operator’s staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have via a Viber account that’s been installed on the device, delivery will be done before one day of service date to hotel receptions, and guests will leave the tablets to reception end of the service.


Visit Turkey's most popular spots on your own schedule.
Enjoy on the go with digital guides and audio tours.
GPS Navigation with upto date LOI and traffic maps.
Stay connected with unlimited 3G speed internet and connect up to devices anywhere in Turkey.
Make use of all the useful applications and information at your fingertips.
Delivery and pick-up from your hotel anywhere in Turkey.

La duración mínima de esta actividad es de 2 días

desde 34,4 €

Why search for hotspot when you can take one with you? With our mobile hotspot devices you can easily connect your tablet, laptop, smartphone or other devices to the internet while on the go.

There’s an unlimited internet access (fair usage applies) and you do not need to worry about roaming charges. You can freely surf the internet, use favorite chat applications, stay connected with friends via social networks.

You can travel like a local, stay connected, and have more fun when you use a Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot.

The hotspot comes with unlimited 3G internet access and a sharing option with 10 other devices via Wi-Fi. Sharing with 10 devices lets you and your group all connected during the trip without worrying about getting lost or losing connection.

The operator’s staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have via a Whats-App, Viber, Telegram, or e-mail during your rental.

Get all the benefits of fast internet access anywhere without any roaming charges.
Surf at speeds of up to 21 Mbps, download or upload as much as you like*.
Connect up to ten devices at the same time.
Use free powerbank for re-charging any device during the day.
Re-charge by USB or mobile charger.
Delivery and pick-up from your hotel anywhere in Turkey.

La duración mínima de esta actividad es de 2 días

desde 31,53 €

A smartphone with 4G connection, ideal for expats, frequent visitors, or tourists so that you do not need to worry about getting your phone registered locally, or being blocked. Connect to fast and secure 4G internet AND enjoy the city with our digital companion!

• Find your way around with GPS and maps. Avoid the hassle!
• Stay connected, check tips and reviews for local restaurants, cafes, city highlights and attractions. Stay up-to-date with what’s going on in town. Enjoy the city like a local!
• Share what’s going on as it happens! Connect to your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) accounts and share your experience and memorable holiday photos on the go!
• Unlimited 4G internet included!

La duración mínima de esta actividad es de 2 días

desde 35,84 €

A fun day out for everyone at the legendary theme park full of exciting rides, water-themed slides, a dolphin park and a host of other attractions.

Watch the Dolphin show and enjoy the dolphins perform an exceptional act with special visuals to create a beautiful story - a must-see for the whole family. Take part in the numerous choices of water slides, whether it is the thrill of the Turbulence, the adrenaline-making Tunnel Deep Dive, Twister Racer or the scary Typhoon Coaster, 43m high and 525m long. For kids, there’s the Aqua Tower and Aqua Play to keep them happily occupied.

For refreshment there’s a variety of venues to choose from serving fast food and refreshing drinks.

desde 50,08 €

Merkez Mh. Akdeniz Bulvari No:4, Türkler Kasabasi

Eftalia Island is located by the beach and there are a lot of facilities such as a Waterpark (12 adult slides, 5 child slides), snack bars, mini-clubs, playgrounds for children, 2 swimming pools for adults and 1 for children, patisserie, post office, market, hamam Spa and gym area, as well as sunbeds and umbrellas by the pool and beach.

desde 22,59 €

Come with us and visit Antalya’s newest attraction. Antalya's Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the world and offers three different levels with many different species of fish and the largest underwater tunnel aquarium in the world, over 131m long and 3m wide. The main tank was designed and decorated by a Italian sculptor, Benedetti, inspired by coral reefs and featuring a life-size airplane, shipwreck and submarine.

The almost 5 million liters of water in the main tank are home to many species of tropical fish and sharks. You will find species from the all over world's oceans and rivers, from caves and there is even a special tank for jelly fish!

The Aquarium also offers Snow World, over 1500m2 of winter wonderland with igloos, Santa's grotto and cafés where visitors can have a snowball fight and make snowmen, the Tropical Swimming Reef, situated on the aquarium's roof where visitors will have the chance to swim with harmless sharks and rays and even get to feed the fish in special aquariums and Kid's World (these attractions are subject to an extra fee).

And if you should fancy some food or refreshments you will find something for all tastes; there are several restaurants, a fast food restaurant a patisserie and an ice-cream cafe at the aquarium.

desde 35,25 €

Come with us on this two-day journey into Turkey's heartland where you will be amazed by the unique landscape of Cappadocia, definitely unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Cappadocia is a magical and breathtaking region with its unique mix of natural geography. Anatolian history and vibrant traditional Turkish culture Created by ancient volcanic eruptions, this unique moon-like landscape situated in central Turkey, scattered with rock cones, valleys and fairy chimneys will make for a trip you will remember for the rest of your life.

On this two day trip you’ll marvel at the natural wonders of this unique region as well as the underground cave dwellings, churches and cities that have been carved out of the living rock through the centuries by early Christians.

We'll also visit a Mevlana, a school for the famous whirling dervishes as well as an unforgettable visit to Pasagablari where you'll be thrilled by the sight of hundreds of fairy chimneys piercing the air.

We’ll also visit the Göreme National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you will be able to admire a complex of rock-carved churches painted with Byzantine frescoes.

A visit to an organic farm at Fatma Sultan and a carpet factory is also included.

La duración mínima de esta actividad es de 2 días

desde 99,68 €

Located in the woods above the city of Antalya, the Forest Park covers 250,000sqm and offers a host of fun and exciting activities to suit most ages. Among the many attractions, there are zip lines, zorbing, ATV motors, go-karts, horse-riding, a rope adventure park and children’s amusement park. An on-site cafeteria provides refreshments.

There is a choice of 3 packets and you can choose to go with the organized tour which includes pick-up and drop-off at your hotel:

Package A included: Alpine Coaster (880m), 2 activities of Zipline Castle (300m), Zorbing, ATV Motors, Gocard, Riding Horse at the Manege, Rope Adventure Park, Sightseeing Train, Meal: Hamburger (140gr) + Potato Chips + Soft Drink.

Package B included: 5 of the following activities; Alpine Coaster, Zipline Castle (single use only), Zorbing (single use only), Gocard, ATV Motors, Rope Advanture Park, Riding Horse at the Manege, Sightseeing Train, Thematic Children's Amusement Park.

Package C included:3 of the following activities; Alpine Coaster, Zipline Castle, Zorbing, Gocard, ATV Motors, Rope Advanture Park, Riding Horse at the Manege, Sightseeing Train, Thematic Children's Amusement Park.

desde 42,54 €

A wonderful trip west along the Mediterranean coast to the ancient land of Lykia where their beautiful rock-cut tombs can still be seen carved out of the rock face. See fallen friezes carved with theatrical masks and wander round the amphitheatre at the Lycian site of Myra.

Next, it’s on to St Nicholas's church at Demre; this bare Byzantine church houses the empty tomb of St Nicholas, once the Bishop of Myra and the inspiration for Santa Claus.

Finally, hop on a boat and sail to Kekova Island where parts of a Lycian settlement were submerged in the sea. Peer down through the water as you glide over sunken walls and steps.

desde 44,98 €

Discover the unique Cappadocia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a magnificent place to explore. This almost fantasy world is so rare, you don’t want to miss out!


* Discover a fairy tale world!
* Take the best photos from the most stunning panoramic views!
* Admire the astonishing architecture of the underground city of Kaymakli!

This once in a lifetime tour to visit the fairy tale scenery of cones, pillars, mushrooms and fairy chimneys. The tour starts the day in the underground city of Kaymakli, a surreal city made up of caves and tunnels underground built by the Phrygians. This has to be seen in person to believe its existence and to unravel the history behind this curious, ancient city.

Next stop, Pigeon Valley, a beautiful walk through the home of thousands of pigeons. Take note of the quaint pigeon homes carved into the rock, there really is nothing like it! Lose yourself to nature as you stroll through this unforgettable valley. Afterwards, the tour heads to the panoramic views of "O Agacin Alti.” The view will take your breath away.

The tour then makes its way to the unforgettable fairy chimneys in Pasabag, they make you feel as though you’ve stepped straight out of a fairytale! The cones and shapes are so striking and exquisite, you will need some time to take it all in! Next we visit the Göreme Open Air Museum, which is quite honestly out of this world. The monasteries carved into the rock are so intricate and mind-blowing, this has to be on every travellers list!

The day finishes with a stunning panoramic view (Üçgüzeller) and you may wish to pay extra to watch the fabulous “Whirling Dervish Show” in Dervish House.

We will then return to the airport to fly back to Antalya and head back to the hotel.

desde 170,18 €