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101-9th Avenue S.W. Calgary, Alberta T2P1J9

The Calgary Tower really is the heart of Downtown. Visitors to the Observation Deck are able to virtually "step out into" space on the glass floor experience. Imagine standing 160 meters above the ground in the heart of Calgary and being able to look straight down and directly out in front of you into the heart of the city.

The experience is awe-inspiring and will challenge the emotions, but rest assured the thrill will be worth it. With only a glass wall in front, you will be treated to the unusual experience of literally being suspended in mid-air. And don't forget to check out the optical illusion as the shaft on the Tower looks as though it bends away from you. Go right to the edge on our incredible glass floor, step into thin air, and see the bustling city streets so far below you. With less than an inch of glass between you and a 191-metre free fall, it’s an exhilarating experience.

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