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Casablanca is the dynamical metropolis and economical capital of the Kingdom. We start the city tour with the Corniche Boulevard and its wonderful swimming pools, hotels, clubs and luxury restaurants.

Stop for a picture of the Hassan II Mosque, built in this century, this is an amazing building that gathers the historical Art and Design of the Moroccan and Arabic civilization. Then, a drive through the avenue “Forces Armées Royales”, the boulevard d’Anfa and the residential district of Anfa. After, we’ll discover “le Quartier des Habous” with the king palace and the administrative square where all the state’s buildings are situated. End of the tour with a visit to the colourful Central Market.

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Rabat, this imperial city and administrative capital of Morocco is situated only 60 miles north of Casablanca. As soon as we arrive, we visit the king palace (from outside), built in the second half of the 18th century by the Sultan Mohamed Ben Abdullah, then we will continue and stop for an overview of the Chellah Fortress with its high walls. We’ll visit also the prestigious Mohamed V Mausoleum (considered as the eighth wonder of the world) built amidst a 12th century unfinished Mosque and tower; the Hassan Tower Mosque which testify of the Almohades splendour. We will end the visit with the Andalusian Gardens of the Kasbah of Oudayas dated back to the 17th century.

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You’ll get a great introduction to Morocco’s most bewitching city on this full-day tour. Sitting in the shadow of the colossal Atlas Mountain range, Marrakech is a rich tapestry of spice-scented souks, street magicians and steaming food carts.

You’ll be led to the Koutoubia Mosque, to gaze up at its minaret. Topped with four copper globes and piercing the sky at almost 70 meters high, it’s one of the Red City’s most recognizable sights. You’ll also tick off the beautiful Bahia Palace. There’ll be a stop for lunch halfway through the day, before a visit of the city’s souks. Here, you’ll have a chance to rummage the stalls for bargains, so you can stock up on shiny copperware, delicate jewelry and hand-woven embroidery, you’ll have some free time to take in the sights and sounds of the iconic Jemaa el-Fna Square. And don’t forget your camera to take photos of the exotic wonders that Marrakech has to offer - from snake charmers to tiny alleys of hid charms.

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El Jadida or Mazagan, a former Phoenician trading post taken by the Portuguese in 1513 is located on the Atlantic coast, some 90 km south of Casablanca. The city still hosts today a lot of Portuguese monuments from that time, like the massive city walls, bastions and ramparts and inside the walls one can still see many houses of Portuguese style. However the most important building is the Portuguese Cistern often used by film-makers, including in Orson Welles movie Othello.

Our excursion starts with a drive to the City of El Jadida for a visit of its typical Medina and souks surrounded by imposing ramparts. The fortifications here are an excellent example of Portuguese Renaissance military design and the most important example are the Portuguese cistern, an enormous underground reservoir contained within an amazing Gothic architecture. After the visit of the Cistern return to Rabat.

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The Souks in Rabat are completely different than the other in the imperial cities. Renovated a few years ago, decorated in traditional way, it became a clean and clear place, more frequented by Moroccan than tourists, that makes your visit more original.

Carpet, Pottery, Wooden and Stone products, Silver jewels: all Moroccan artisanal handcrafts are presented.

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Fez, the oldest Imperial city of Morocco invite you to go back in time and discover one of the rare city which preserved its historical, cultural and spiritual role for years. Stroll and narrow alleys, houses with traditional architecture, sweet fassy pastry, delicate aroma of oriental perfumes, smell of tanned leather, Potters' Quarter, colorful es-Sebbaghine.. All this is the Medina. The best must-see in this city: Al-Qarawiyyin, founded in 859 AD, the oldest continuously functioning madrassa in the world .

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Visita Casablanca y Rabat en un día y descubre auténticas joyas arquitectónicas. Comienza el recorrido por la ciudad de Casablanca, la cara moderna de Marruecos. Además de poseer el puerto más grande del norte de África y ser el centro económico del país, Casablanca conserva un interesante patrimonio arquitectónico.

- Adéntrate en la Mezquita Hassan II, una obra faraónica
- Recorre los principales bulevares de Casablanca
- Admira un gran icono de Rabat: el Mausoleo de Mohamed V

Comienza el recorrido por la ciudad de Casablanca, la cara moderna de Marruecos. Además de poseer el puerto más grande del norte de África y ser el centro económico del país, Casablanca conserva un interesante patrimonio arquitectónico. Visita la Mezquita Hassan II, una obra faraónica cuya construcción se terminó en 1993. Admira la majestuosidad del templo más alto del mundo y aprecia la belleza de su amplio y lujoso interior. A continuación, atraviesa el bulevar de la Corniche, con maravillosas piscinas, hoteles, clubes y restaurantes de lujo. El itinerario discurre asimismo por la avenida de las Reales Fuerzas Armadas, el bulevar de Anfa y el barrio residencial del mismo nombre.

La siguiente parada es Rabat, la capital política y administrativa de Marruecos. Pasea por sus calles y contempla el exterior del Palacio Real, construido en la segunda mitad del s.XVIII por el sultán Mohamed Ben Abdullah. Más tarde, detente frente a los imponentes muros de la emblemática Fortaleza de Chellah antes de visitar el prestigioso Mausoleo de Mohamed V, considerado la octava maravilla del mundo. Otro gran icono de Rabat es la Torre Hassan, que atestigua el esplendor de la época almohade. Hazte una foto junto a esta joya y finaliza el tour en los hermosos jardines de La Kasbah de los Oudayas.

Inglés y francés.

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