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Fez’s 1,200 years of history make it the proud spiritual capital of Morocco. Cradle of knowledge and the monarchy, its maze-like medina guards the city’s history and finest buildings. Join a tour that introduces you to Fez and soak up the movement, noise, smells and aromas of this imperial city.


* Discover the highlights of Fez in one day
* Explore with an expert guide
* Navigate the medina with ease

After leaving your hotel, we head out for a panoramic vision of the medina from the 16th century potter’s quarter (Fakhkharin), where you can observe the bustle of daily life amongst its winding alleyways. Admire the colours bursting from the street of dyers and copperware workers from es-Sebbaghine, and the renowned tanneries at es- Seffarine on the banks of the Oued Fez.

Enjoy the delightful el-Nejjarine Square as well as the exterior of el-Quarawiyine Mosque and University, the mausoleum Moulay-idris and Medersa Attarine. Break for lunch and then explore the Mechouar neighbourhood with the impressive Dar el Makhzen. Our final stops are the Royal Palace Fez el-Jadid and the Jewish Quarter before returning to your hotel.

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Founded in 790 by Moulay Idriss, Fez is the religious, intellectual and artistic metropolis of Morocco. Cradle of a thousand-year-old monarchy, it was also for a long time the political capital of the empire of the “Cherifs” and has preserved its historical background and its role as an Islamic city intact for years. Fez is a network of winding alleys that can hardly be unravelled. Movement, noise, shouting, smell of tanned leather, delicate aroma of oriental perfumes, barbecues, sweet pastry: all this is the imperial city.

Following pick-up, we’ll see the colourful es-Sebbaghine with its Street of the Dyer, the Copperware workers at es-Seffarine, the renowned Tanneries on the bank of the Oued Fes and the Carpenters district. Later, we’ll see the outdoors of the university Quaraouiyne, the outdoors of the Mausoleum Moulay Idriss, and Medersa Attarine. Then, we’ll have lunch before going back to the hotels.

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Open the door to a lavish night in Fez, where you’ll be treated to some of the finest surroundings and food in the city.


* Traditional dinner in the heart of the medina
* Opulent palatial surroundings
* Local experience

You’ll be transported by the magic of Aladdin’s lamp to a palace hidden behind closed doors in the heart of the medina, where a traditional feast awaits.

Patio walls are often decorated with the most beautiful tiles or intricate arabesque honeycomb plasterwork while plants and understated lighting add to the sensation of a secluded Garden of Eden. Sofas with colourful scatter cushions, puffs and rugs serve to enhance the feeling of opulence. In such surroundings you will savour this gastronomic experience.

Starters include a selection of Moroccan salads followed by a mixed kebab and a veal tagine with prunes - two signature local dishes. Prepare your palate for the sweet sensations of traditional Moroccan pastries and seasonal fruit followed by mint tea to round off an evening of fine dining.

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This visit rich in history, will enable you to appreciate the holy city of the Moroccan Moslems Moulay Idriss, the vestiges of the Roman city of Volubilis and finally the prestigious past of Meknes which made of it the third Imperial City.

After leaving the hotel, we will visit the roman ruins at Volubilis and the Moulay Driss, the holiest islamic town in Morocco. We will enjoy lunch in Meknes to later visit this imperial city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and visit the Bab El Khemis market, Bab El Mansourours beautiful Bab, or gateway, in all of the Maghreb, the Square El Hedim, the Souks of the medina, the granary of Moulay Ismail and thee mausoleum of Moulay Ismail before returning to the hotel.

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Rabat, founded in 12th by Almohad dynasty is a real example for a great exchange between the imperial historic city and the ambitious modern capital. Admire the magnificent royal palace, the archeological Phoenician site Chella, Hassane tower, Mausoleum of Mohamed 5, the picturesque walls of the Oudaya's kasbah, Medina with the typical souks, art gallery, theatre, Andalusian garden.... all this proves the greatest wealth of this city.

Fez, the oldest Imperial city of Morocco invite you to go back in time and discover one of the rare city which preserved its historical, cultural and spiritual role for years. Stroll and narrow alleys, houses with traditional architecture, sweet fassy pastry, delicate aroma of oriental perfumes, smell of tanned leather, Potters' Quarter, colorful es-Sebbaghine.. All this is the Medina. The best must-see in this city: Al-Qarawiyyin, founded in 859 AD, the oldest continuously functioning madrassa in the world .

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