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If you’re a certified SCUBA diver then you cannot afford to miss this unforgettable dive in the “world’s most popular dive resort”. Come and discover the walls, reefs and wrecks that New Providence Island has to offer!


* Two dives led by a qualified instructor
* Pick your dive spots from a long list of unique sites
* Chose to explore famous wrecks such as the one from James Bond or maybe the Cessna used in the film JAWS!

Start this thrilling day with your first dive along one of our most beautiful walls starting at 40 to 60 ft and dropping down into the Tongue of the Ocean. Be led by your Divemaster, an experienced and qualified diver helping you have the most exciting and comfortable day. He will lead the dive up to 80ft and they last up until 30 minutes!

Next chose your second dive, each site along the wall is unique, you will be spoiled for choice! The wall is perfect for both new divers and for the more advanced divers, making this perfect for everyone! Choose from shallow reefs, movie sites or even one of the 12 wrecks! Explore and discover in these beautiful waters, two extremely varying experiences. With so many beautiful reefs, an array of exotic fish and various coral formations – you can’t go wrong! Or maybe for the more adventurous explore a 100ft freighter, a famous James Bond wreck or even the Cessna used for the filming of JAWS!

Make sure you don’t miss out on this must-see journey in the crystal clear waters of New Providence.

desde 122,74 €

Obtén una nueva perspectiva de estos temidos animales y aprende un poco más sobre su reputación. Esta aventura de bucear con los tiburones es una experiencia única que te brinda la oportunidad de conocer de cerca esta especie y, quizás, cambiar tu opinión en cuanto a su fama.

- Haz acopio de tu valor y bucea con tiburones
- Forma parte de una experiencia única acompañado de un buceador experto
- Compra tus fotos en alta definición y crea momentos inolvidables

Acompáñanos en este emocionante programa y realiza una sesión de buceo para conocer, por fin, los tiburones salvajes -la mejor forma de entenderlos y observarlos en su hábitat natural. Actualmente, tenemos cuatro lugares para bucear, que se dividen en dos zonas: por una parte, el Shark Wall (muro de tiburones) y The Arena (la arena); por otra, el Shark Wall North (muro norte de tiburones) o Runway (la pista).

Ambas zonas son perfectas para encontrarte con los tiburones de arrecife del Caribe. Tendrás la oportunidad de bucear en una de ellas.

El primer contacto con los tiburones será a lo largo de una pared, un enclave donde los tiburones nadarán tranquilamente a tu lado. Te aseguramos que es una sensación única y, sin duda, te sorprenderá la belleza y la inteligencia de tus nuevos amigos. El segundo buceo lo haremos en una zona con arena, donde podrás arrodillarte y formar un circulo con los otros participantes mientras el buceador experto alimenta a los tiburones.

Déjate cautivar por esta experiencia de ensueño que te permite conocer docenas de tiburones de arrecife del Caribe, de más de metro y medio de largos, siempre con la máxima seguridad garantizada.
Toda la experiencia se documentará con fotos y videos que podrás adquirir al acabar la actividad.

Tres horas, sin incluir los traslados.

Hora de inicio o apertura
Entre las 11:15 y las 12:10 horas, según el punto de recogida.

Inglés, español, portugués e italiano

La actividad incluye tanques de buceo y cinturón de lastre.
Es imprescindible tener un certificado válido y haber buceado en los últimos tres años.
Material disponible para alquilar: traje de neopreno, máscara, chaleco de buceo, sistema regulador, compensadores de flotabilidad.

desde 166,7 €

Date una vuelta por la ciudad de Nasáu y revela su historia, escucha anécdotas y aprende un poco más sobre el país en general. Pasea a tu ritmo por los lugares de interés más destacados de la ciudad. Además, acompañado de un guía, viajarás a la isla principal y a cinco lugares históricos.

Uno de los lugares históricos es la conocida «parada 3 en 1»: el fuerte, la torre Water Tower y la Escalera de la Reina. Admira la belleza de toda la isla desde la parte superior del fuerte. Siéntate y relájate en nuestro autobús equipado con aire acondicionado, música bahameña, refrescos y aperitivos típicos a bordo.

Si eres un amante de la diversión, anímate y aprende el Rake 'n Scrape de las Bahamas, un género musical cuyo principal instrumento es el serrucho. Tu guía personal se asegurará de que guardes un recuerdo imborrable de este día.

Español e inglés

desde 47,11 €

Take a ride around the City to get to know the history, stories and general information about the country. Leisurely walk around the important places of interests in town and take a leisurely drive with a personal tour guide around the main island and the five other historical places.

These include the famous 3 in 1 stop: The Fort, Water Tower and Queen’s Staircase. See the best view of the entire island from the top of the Fort. Your next stop is a sweet one-at the oldest Confectionary for some samples of old fashioned Bahamian Candy. Pass Government House, see the oldest 5-star restaurant in the Caribbean and drive along the sandy coast toward the local eatery.

Enjoy our air-conditioned bus, Bahamian music and refreshing drinks along the way and a typical Bahamian meal. You funlovers out there...Get funky at the restaurant learning the Bahamian Rake 'n Scrape dance. Your personal tour guide will make your visit unforgettable.
Points of interest/ itinerary:
Fort Fincastle
Water Tower
Queen's Staircase
Mortimer's Candy Kitchen
Parliament Square
Government House
John Watling's Rum Distillery
Fish Fry

desde 91,07 €

Explore with us in a comfortable air-conditioned bus for two and a half hours around the City of Nassau while looking for historical treasures in the older parts of the city. Explore the old forts, Queen's staircase, old Cathedral and the oldest restaurant.

Afterwards, explore the Heritage Museum, where you will see artefacts dating back to the 1500’s and walk through Bahamian history in this wonderfully displayed museum for about 45 minutes. Take pictures along the way as you will develop a greater appreciation for the peaceful and slowly progressive Bahamian way.

Next stop-"We rum"! Tour one of the oldest mansions in the Bahamas which now is home to the John Watlin's Rum Distillery. Then step into "e ole pub", the bar of the distillery, to get samples. After working up an appetite, get Bahamian appetizers at our local eatery-"Fish Fry.

desde 91,07 €

Explore with us in a comfortable air-conditioned bus for two and a half hours around the City of Nassau while looking for historical treasures in the older parts of the city. Explore the old forts, Queen's staircase.

Afterwards, get up close and personal with Caribbean Flamingoes at the Ardastra Gardens & Zoo to see the world famous March of Flamingos. After touring the Zoo, visit the old Cathedral and the oldest restaurant, Graycliff with its 18th Century architecture.

Then satisfy your hunger with typical Bahamian appetizers and refreshing tropical drinks in the local eatery. Freshly cooked seafood is served at The Fish Fry where personal service is added to their scrumptious food and everyone learns how to dance "Rake and Scrape". Enjoy Bahamian Culture in “Funky Nassau”! This will be an unforgettable experience on New Providence.

desde 91,07 €

Explore with us in a comfortable air-conditioned bus for two and a half hours around the City of Nassau while looking for historical treasures in the older parts of the city. Explore the old forts, Queen's staircase, old Cathedral, the oldest restaurant, Afterwards, its high ho and away we go on board "The Revenge" at the Pirates Museum to relive the life of a Pirate in The Bahamas.

Start your adventure on the dark streets of the Pirates Taverns, Get educated, clear up misconceptions about pirates and experience a battle of the pirates all with a personal guide at Pirates Museum, dowtown Nassau. After spending your energy, get Bahamian appetizers to re-energize at our local eatery "Fish Fry.

desde 91,07 €

Enjoy a brief tour of the City through downtown as the driver makes his way on a 20 minute drive in the west to take you to explore the ruins of the caves where it’s said that Pirates used to hide their treasure.

Next, take a half hour drive along the beautiful Coast further west to Clifton Heritage National Park where you will tour the Slave ruins dating back from the 1,700’s. Along the way get general information on the islands of The Bahamas and listen to Bahamian music. Visit the old slave village still standing.

Then relive the Bahamians ancestors’ way of life as a guide gives a passionate recap of life in the slave days. It will end in a Nature trail towards the beach where we have a cultural picnic with music, food and dancing on the beautiful and rarely used Private Beach.

Snorkel the brightly colored tropical coral reefs in a hidden private paradise, 50 minutes away by boat. Relax and let yourself go with the flow, on this unforgettable journey.


* Sail away to a hidden paradise!
* Snorkel and explore the magical underwater world!
* Relax and enjoy the music, the paradise, some light snacks and a beverage! You don’t have to think about a thing, this tour has got you covered!

The Bahamas, famous for its superb snorkeling conditions and one of the many reasons it is loved by tourists all around the world. It would almost be unfair to travel here and not experience one of the best things this tropical place has to offer. Come and discover a whole new world on this Nassau Snorkel tour.

Sail away and don’t look back, inhale the salty sea air and feel the sun beat down on your skin as we float to a private island. Once we arrive, the world is your oyster and the inviting turquoise waters and colorful coral reefs are all yours to discover in an intimate and relaxed environment. Sit back and bathe on the serene beach or take an exhilarating ride out on the catamaran to snorkel, the choice is yours. Feel the tickle of your feet as the tropical fish brush past, admire in awe the wonderfully colored coral reefs and their almost magical underwater world. This is your time to enjoy and use how your heart desires, lose yourself to this peaceful paradise.

Whilst returning to reality, enjoy some music and devour some delicious snacks and a beverage as we ease ourselves back to the harbor after an unforgettable journey.

desde 78,51 €

See art in the making on a walk through the Graycliff Chocolatier. The senses are teased as coco beans are roasted, ground and turned into liquid goodness. Moulds are hand-filled, and transformed into bars, bits, bonbons, truffles, barks and cocktail pops and guests are treated to a choice of two of these ultimate candy confections. Freshly made chocolates never tasted so good

desde 20,94 €

Join us for a romantic night full of picturesque views and delicious food. Take that special person on a night to remember.


* Carefree evening onboard a charming catamaran
* Delve into a delicious buffet dinner with plenty of rum punch!
* Dance and sway to alluring music whilst taking in the provocative views.

From the moment you step foot aboard the magical catamaran, feel the relaxed and natural atmosphere and begin your sensational evening at sea. The catamaran leisurely sails through the harbor, providing the most perfect views of the bay. With soothing music playing creating a friendly ambience, let your cares float away as we take care of everything.

Tuck in to a traditional, authentic Bahamian dinner buffet washed down with a special rum punch and water is also available. Take advantage of a full bar service too, where you will be able to purchase wine and champagne among other drinks that may take your fancy.

All that’s left to do is dance the night away under the twinkling stars before we make a slow cruise home.

Take a 20 minute boat ride to the natural habitat of 24 bottle-nose dolphins. Flipper and Andy, former actors, are among the dolphins who put on a show for onlookers. There a beautiful beach awaits you with hammocks, beach chairs and palm shaded areas, a floating water park.

Lunch includes bahamian food and a salad bar with a soft drink. The tour guide who speaks the guest’s language accompanies and pampers the guest(s). Top off the trip with an individual picture with a Dolphin or Sea Lion. Come experience the real Paradise.

desde 88,98 €

La forma más cómoda y segura de explorar la vida marina es con un barco con fondo de cristal, equipado con un observatorio submarino que te brinda la oportunidad de hacer unas fotos de cerca únicas. Siente el regocijo del buceador sin siquiera mojarte la ropa o meterte en un traje de neopreno.

Acompáñanos en este tour informativo y panorámico por las aguas de la costa de la isla Grand Bahama y déjate cautivar por la belleza del paisaje subacuático. ¡Es la opción perfecta para una excursión en familia! Ven y explora con nosotros.

Hora de inicio o apertura
Por la mañana a las 10:30 horas y por la tarde a las 13:00 o a las 15:00 horas.

Inglés y español

desde 41,87 €

Disfruta de un paseo en un cómodo catamarán de 3 horas de duración con destino a la primera capital de las Bahamas: la isla Harbour, también conocida como la «isla de arena rosa». Una vez allí, dispondrás de 3 horas y media para explorar lo máximo a bordo de un carrito de golf y acompañado de un guía.

Prepárate para descubrir algunas de las playas más espectaculares nunca vistas: playas privadas donde el cielo abraza el agua, creando un mundo fantástico. Pasea por playas de arena rosa y siente como si pisaras un manto de coral. Coge tu carrito de golf y aprovecha el vale de comida para reponer tus fuerzas con la gran variedad de marisco fresco servido en los restaurantes participantes. Te aseguramos que no querrás irte de este paraíso terrenal.

Por la tarde, emprenderemos el viaje de vuelta a la isla de Nueva Providencia.

Inglés y español

desde 235,53 €

Christ Church Cathedral, George and king street

Escape Bay Street’s busy downtown strip, as you slow down and explore the city’s off-the-beaten path sites and local flavors on our Bites of Nassau Food Tour. We’ll lead you deep into the heart of Old Nassau’s charming commercial and political center as you indulge yourself in Nassau’s rich culture, fascinating colonial history and unexpected foodie fun. We’ll take you to some of the city’s most unique gems that even the locals consider to be a treat!

Tour groups are intentionally kept small and our knowledgeable and charismatic food tour guides will introduce you to a rarely revealed side of Nassau- beyond the regular touristy spots. Discover why natives are proud to call Nassau home. You simply won’t find any other way to experience the city this authentically and you’ll leave with unforgettable (and delicious) dining memories you will treasure for years to come. After the guided tour, explore Nassau’s downtown neighbourhoods with confidence and take advantage of thoughtful recommendations from your local guide on the area’s full spectrum of restaurants, attractions, entertainment and cultural offerings.

Eat wonderfully delicious regional foods. Explore the sights and sounds of beautiful Old Nassau. Experience the unmistakable rhythms and rich warmth of Bahamian culture.

desde 62,12 €

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