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Float along with the fish as you snorkel in the crystal clear waters of Freeport, Bahamas. Snorkelers, non-swimmers and kids are all welcome!

We will be happy to take you to the Port Lucaya Marketplace where you will check in and board our 45‘ catamaran ‘Sunshine’ or our 72’ vessel ‘Fantasia’.

Enjoy island vistas on your 15 minute boat ride over transparent waters to the snorkel site, a shallow open water coral reef. Our friendly, informative staff will help you every step of the way. Join a guided tour or make your own memories as you snorkel through hundreds of fish. Take a picture as the fish eat out of the palm of your hand. This tour provides more than an hour of snorkel time.

desde 42,74 €

If you dream of snorkelling, remote beach and a little pampering - this is the tour for you! Share amazing day in The Bahamas with a wonderful crew, snorkelling in beautiful clears waters and soft sandy beaches. Let us do the work while you - Relax with plenty of snorkel time, fun, history, cultural flavour.

This is a personalised tour on a 45ft catamaran with comfort and easy ride to a deserted Beach isolated from the world. Sandy beach, more snorkeling, bird watching, swimming, sunbathing and your Deserted Island Dreams come true.

desde 75,4 €

marina del port lucaya

You will take a 25 minute ferry boat ride to the Dolphin Experience Lagoon where you will sit on the dock as the dolphins swim by your feet. The staff will present interesting facts about the dolphins and everyone will have the opportunity to ask our animal care staff questions about these wonderful creatures.

If you wish you can come face to face with our dolphins, you will be invited to step down onto a platform in waist high deep water and stand to pet the dolphin while a photographer capture the moment.

desde 76,53 €

marina del port lucaya

You will take a 25 minute ferry boat ride to the Dolphin Experience Lagoon where you will begin an interactive swim with the dolphins.

You will be swimming in a group of 6 for approximatley 20-25 minutes. As you swim with the dolphins you will be given an opportunity to give them a few hand signals in which they will do a trained behavior for you. Our animal care staff provides you with new facts about these wonderful animals while you inteact with them.

desde 161,15 €

marina del port lucaya

Only at UNEXSO can you swim and interact with the Dolphins in the open ocean. You'll begin this once in a life time experience in a boat with the dolphins following you out to the ocean while leaping to the trainer’s command (weather permitting).

Then you will enter the water to swim and interact with the dolphins in their natural element of the open ocean.

desde 197,16 €

marina del port lucaya

The first dive of the day is on one of our solid reef at a maximum depth of 80ft or our famous Theo’s wreck or Sea Star (Captain’s Choice). Some of the most glorious and ancient corals have formed in these dive sites and give you a view over an incredible work of nature. Small blue holes, plate corals, after a surface interval spent on the boat travelling from one dive site to the other, you will submerge on one of our medium reefs.

Enjoy the second dive in a maximum depth of 60ft, cruising around the scattered coral heads, searching around our small wrecks, playing in the sandy areas with garden eels, curios jaw fish, shy sting rays and ever magnificent reef sharks. Dive destinations are posted daily on the board; however the schedule is adapted as much as possible to requests and weather conditions.

desde 89,13 €

marina del port lucaya

These are the dolphins that belong to our family at the Dolphin Experience. The dolphins follow the boat out to the open ocean to the designated dive site in approximately 45 feet of water.

Once on the bottom the dive will consist of two different parts. The first part is stationary; all divers kneel on the bottom and interact with the dolphins under the supervision of the trainers. Divers will be able to pet, kiss, spin and play with these incredible creatures.

The second part is a swimming portion of the dive. Divers will glide along the colorful reef among other fish and creatures while petting and interacting with the dolphins in their own environment. Divers will get a glimpse of the dolphins from a different perspective then what the rest of world is used to; from underwater divers will be able to observe their incredible beauty and grace paired with an unthinkable power and capability. Cameras are welcome on the dive. For those divers who wish to enjoy the dive and not worry about taking pictures, we bring along a professional videographer to bring back memories for you.

Dive with the dolphins in the open ocean along a coral reef on this exciting and very unique dive. You'll get to interact with these amazing animals in their natural open ocean environment.

desde 197,16 €

Port Lucaya, Bell Channel Bay

This exciting dive was pioneered almost 20 years ago and was the first to offer shark diving on Grand Bahama Island. Our staff is considered experts in shark behavior and conservation and will organize an up close and personal experience with the sharks. The expanded pre-dive briefing dispels the misconceptions about sharks, covers information about shark behavior and highlights interesting facts about these misunderstood creatures. During the dive, you'll observe these magnificent creatures as our experienced staff feeds and interacts with sharks of all sizes. You will come away from the experience with a new appreciation of these beautiful animals and understand the need for increased conservations measures.

desde 98,13 €

Enjoy the end of the day with a delicious meal on the beach. Sing the night away to sounds of the DJ’s music. A crackling bonfire, fire dancer, limbo contest and other fun activities make the evening complete. Dance to our "Jamming" live band under the moonlit sky. Local Bahamian BBQ consists of all you can eat BBQ ribs, chicken, corn on the cob, peas ‘n rice and Johnny Cakes (traditional Caribbean bread).

Try the drink that has made the Bahamas famous - the Bahama Mamas as well as Kama-Kasis and fruit punch. The evening's party begins on a beautiful white sandy beach where your buffet dinner is served. The buffet includes chicken, ribs, peas 'n' rice, corn on the cob and coleslaw. And to accompany the feast you can order as many Bahama Mama cocktails as you like at the all-you-can-drink beach bar.

After dinner, take part in fun beach activities like Limbo Dollar Wine and Swing Engine. Sing the night away to the lilting sound of the rolling waves. Enjoy the fire dancer as she dances her way around the crowd before you dance to the DJ's music under the stars.

desde 50,65 €

Explore everything there is to see in Freeport. This three hour excursion that takes you from the flora to fauna, the suburbs, to the commercial business center. The Garden of The Groves is 12 acres of winding paths, cascading waterfalls, ducks in ponds and a picturesque hillside chapel, in addition to the many flowers and plants from all around the world.

Millionaire's Row as the name applies, is Grand Bahama's version of Beverly Hills. (The commercial business center located downtown, houses many businesses.) Then travel to the open air fruit market. While there, visit one of our conch vendors and find out just how to make conch salad. The tour ends on a good note - shopping at The International Bazaar.

desde 39,39 €

Truly a treat for nature lovers. The Lucayan National Park is home to Ben's Cave the longest, underwater surveyed cave system leading to the ocean. Across the street is Gold Rock Creek housing the five ecosystems of Grand Bahama. You'll step down and see part of the cave system. You'll stroll along a wooden boardwalk through a mangrove ecosystem were you'll see a variety of wild birds and colorful fish to spectacular Gold Rock beach, 52 miles of white sandy beach, the official "Welcome Mat" of the Grand Bahama Island Tourism Board. You'll go shell hunting or just relax in the beauty of our sunshine paradise.

Come join us for an experience of a lifetime the Eastern end of the island to the Ben’s Cave – the longest, underwater surveyed cave system. This half-day guided tour of Lucayan National Park’s takes you through 42 beautiful acres of fauna and fascinating caves. The Arawak Indians lived in these caves before Christopher Columbus discovered the islands of The Bahamas. These caves help form part of the largest uncharted cave system in the world.

You’ll walk through the part and see a variety of wild birds and colorful fish. You will have an experience you won’t forget! Also, captivate the beauty of twenty miles of crystal clear water and pearly white sand beach. Go shell hunting or just relax in the beauty of our sunshine paradise. Experience the finest overview on the history of Grand Bahama Island.

desde 45,01 €

This is the excursion that you would want to take if you wanted to see some of the features that other tours do not offer. Take a sightseeing tour through the city of Freeport. You will hear about the development of this Private Area and its history. Visit our historical International Bazaar where you will get the opportunity of a guided tour of the Perfume Factory where fragrances have been produced for over 40 years.

You will then board the bus for shopping in the Port Lucaya Market & Festival place for 30 minutes. Following this, you proceed to the Candle Factory and Souvenirs for a taste of the Bahamian Rum Cake, demonstration of the candle production; continue the sightseeing tour on the way to the Brewery. Upon arriving there, you will be briefed about the production & bottling Facitiy. At the end we invite you to taste as many as 6 different types of beer in any quantity in the private bar for guests. This drinks are included.

Experience our unforgettable motorized bicycle tour from the Port Lucaya Market Place to the picturesque seaside Banana Bay Restaurant. Along the way encounter a bit of our Bahamian culture with a live conch demonstration, take a peek at the dolphins and view some of the island's affluent coastal homes, before retiring to the beach for swimming, lunch and relaxation

Beach Hopper transportation gives you the opportunity to sun bathe on the beach, swim in the ocean, build sand castles, snorkel off the shore, kayak in the Atlantic Ocean, Paddle board, and bask in comfortable lounge chairs in the local Bahamian atmosphere while an ocean breeze blows across your face.

Beach Hopper buses return to the hotels every 2 hours from Junkanoo Beach ensuring you choose how much time you wouldlike to spend on the beach. This facility also has straw vendors for ease of purchasing souvenirs. Enjoy a hearty good old Bahamian typical meal and a soft drink. Beers and mixed drinks are available at their bar for purchase.

Take a 40 minute mini tour to the Western End of Grand Bahama where your private boat and Captain awaits. Take a 20 minute ride out to sea and anchor at a nearby reef and fish for yellow tail snappers, trigger fish, turbot, grunts and lots more using a fishing pole or do it how the locals fish with a handline. Fishing gear is provided and professional fisherman assists. Up to 4 persons max. A perfect way to spend the day as a family in the beautiful seas in West End, the best fishing area

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