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Metekhi Church

This tour enables you to enjoy a walking tour in the capital of Georgia counting more than 1,500 years. The tour brings you to the ancient areas of the town as well as to nowadays popular streets with glamorous cafes and bars.

Tbilisi sightseeing program – visit the Old Town of Tbilisi. You will be able to take a glance to the history of the city from early centuries to nowadays by walking in narrow streets of the city and exploring the religious and secular architecture. Here you will find different religious buildings – churches, synagogues, mosques, as well as famous 19th century houses with wooden multi-colored balconies. You will visit the sulfur bath which made an unforgettable impression on Pushkin, Lermontov, Dumas.

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Metekhis aghmarti

Come and to explore Mtskheta, the ancient capital of Georgia, which came into existence during the 5th century. The old, narrow streets of the city will be beckoning you to catch a glimpse of times gone by! As you leisurely stroll through the old streets, you will come across unique and rare souvenirs! Souvenir sellers welcome everyone with smiles and friendly gestures - and cozy cafes tempt you with their aroma of great Georgian coffee!

Visit Svetichoveli Cathedral (11th century), where kings were once crowned and buried! This cathedral is the chief spiritual symbol of Georgia. Climb to the top of the mountain to the monastery Djvari, which offers a magnificent view over the convergence of the rivers Kura and Aragvi. This was the first monument in Georgia which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List - classified as one of the best masterpieces of medieval Georgian architecture! This monastery's history dates back to the year 545! There is a Georgian saying: "Who has not been in Mtskheta, he has not yet been in Georgia!

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Metekhis aghmarti

Explore the ancient Silk road route passing through Georgia and visit the 1st millenium cave town that used to receives ancient caravans travelling from China to Europe. The Great Silk Road is the popular name given to the system of caravan trade routes that lasted for many centuries and linked Eastern and Western civilization between the Ancient and Middle Ages.

The Great Silk Road is one of the most significant achievements in the history of world civilization. The widespread network of caravan routes crossed Europe and Asia from China to the Mediterranean coast and in ancient times served as an important means of business relations and cultural exchange between East and West. Also discover UNESCO World Heritage Sites located in Mtskheta and see the house whereJ. Stalin was born.

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Metekhis aghmarti

Explore David Gareja Complex & Semi-Desert, unique for its wild nature, mural masterpieces and rock-cut monasteries. David-Gareja is located in a desert area at the border with Azerbaijan. The very first monastery of the complex was founded by St. David, one of the Thirteen Assyrian Fathers who came to Georgia for strengthening Christian faith. The complex consists of thirteen monasteries.

Of particular interest are the complexes of Lavra and Udabno. Being the centre of religious and cultural life in the past, today these sites surprise us with their architectural design and unique murals of the 10th - 11th cc. According to the belief, visiting David-Gareja three times can be equalled to a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

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Explore the wild mountains of the biggest mountain range of Europe - Great Caucasus and enjoy the view of Mt. Kazbegi (5047m). We start from Tbilisi in the morning and drive along the famous Georgian Military Highway. Visit Ananuri church (17th century) with beautiful view on lake Jinvali. Continue to pass Gudauri ski resort (2200m), Cross Pass (2395m) and arrive in Kazbegi – the main town in the region.

From there we start a nice 2-hour walking uphill to visit Gergeti Trinity Church (14th century). Weather permitting you will have a chance to see Mt. Kazbegi (5033m) – one of the highest glaciers in the Caucasus. In the evening return to Tbilisi.


- Ananuri Fort and Churches
- Gergeti Church
- Great Caucasus Mountains

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Travel to the ‘Love City’ of Georgia and discover a spectacular hilltop town famous for wine, traditional food and traditional carpets. Visit the 18th century town of Sighnaghi in the region of Kakheti and tour the town, Sighnaghi Museum, Bodbe Monastery and round off the day with a typical Georgian wine tasting.

As you make your way from Tbilisi, you’ll catch your first sight of Sighnaghi as you see it perched high on the hilltop commanding over the surrounding valleys and mountains. Once you reach the town, you’ll be rewarded with dramatic views over Alazani Valley and the Caucasus Mountains, and you’ll soon discover why it’s named the most beautiful town in Georgia. Explore its history at the Sighnaghi Museum, full of Kakheti archaeology as well as paintings by Kakheti born artist Pirosmani, and head to the Bodbe Monastery; a major pilgrimage site in Georgia. After becoming acquainted with Sighnaghi, we take you to become acquainted with the Georgian way of making wine… and tasting it! An 8,000 year old tradition in Georgia, winemaking plays a major role for this nation, and especially for the Kakheti region which is renowned for it. We take you to a traditional 300 year old wine cellar where you can witness the different manner in which wine is made here and you can drink the wine straight from the clay jars. Enjoy a delicious traditional and home-made lunch at the local farmer’s house and sample some more of their prized wine before we make our way back to Tbilisi.

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Metekhi Church

Part history tour, part Home Cooked experience, this taste of Tbilisi’s got it all! We’ll show you just why Georgians are so famous for their hospitality with a home cooked meal (and glass of homemade wine) with a local family. But before you eat, you see! Wander the streets of Tbilisi, and hear the ancient tales that were born under your feet.

You’ll start your Tbilisi tour at the point where the city’s history began. Your guide will tell you the legends and tales of the ancient town, setting you up for your day exploring some of the city’s most iconic sites.
We’ll cross the Metekhi Bridge and head first to the sulphur baths, natural hot springs that are one of the most popular places to visit in Tbilisi. (If you would like to book a room at the bath for later during your trip, your guide can help you to make arrangements). From there, we’ll tour some of Tbilisi’s most significant sites. We’ll stop at the tamada sculpture and learn why it’s a symbol of Georgia’s ancient wine-making and tamada (toastmaster) traditions. We’ll also visit a local carpet shop, the Great Synagogue, Sioni Cathedral, and Anchiskhati Church — the oldest church in Georgia — and pass by the Spiritual Seminary where Stalin studied.

Once we’ve finished touring you through Tbilisi’s history, we’ll follow the old narrow streets to Freedom Square, where we’ll hop on public transit for the second half of our adventure: lunch! You’ll be dining with a local family and getting a true taste of Georgian hospitality. Local custom dictates that guests are blessed gifts from God, so prepare to be welcomed into the family like a long-lost relative!
Your hosts will show you how to make popular Georgian dishes such as khinkali and khachapuri (dumplings and cheese-filled bread — yum!), letting you lend a hand in the kitchen if you like. In addition to the mains, your lunch will include salads, homemade jam, and Georgian wine, made using the traditional qvevri method of storing wine in clay jars underground. Stuffed and satiated, we’ll put you back on transit and return you to Freedom Square, where you’re free to keep exploring on your own.

Have lunch with a local family and learn how to make traditional Georgian dishes
See some of Tbilisi’s most fascinating sites, from the oldest church in Georgia to the seminary where Stalin studied
Learn about the ancient traditions of tamada toasts and qvevri wine-making
Hop on local transportation and get a glimpse into daily life in Tbilisi

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Tourism Information center in Pushkini Park

When you’ve been doing something for 8,000 years, it’s a good bet you know your stuff. And Georgia definitely knows its stuff when it comes to wine. Learn about the ancient qvevri wine-making method, dine on delicious barbecue and bread, and spend the day chatting with locals who know the best experiences are had with a glass in-hand.
Fun fact: Georgia has been producing wine for 8,000 years, and boasts more than 500 species of vines. Seriously. So, obviously, you can’t leave Tbilisi without tasting some of that sweet, nectar.
Your wine tour will take you to Eastern Georgia, a region famous for its wine production — and therefore the perfect place to sample some local wines! Your drive will take you through the Gombori Pass, boasting charming, curling hills and beautiful views, then on to visit a farmer who will teach you how qvevri, the clay vessel for fermenting and storing wine under the ground, are made. The qvevri wine-making method is on UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage list, and a distinct part of Georgian culture that can’t be missed. We’ll then leave the village and head out to explore the Royal Citadel and Church of Archangels in the fairy tale-like Gremi Architectural Complex. Gremi was a Silk Road town and the capital of Kakheti (Eastern Georgia) in the 16th and 17th centuries.

No doubt hungry after exploring, we’ll head to a nearby village for lunch. We’ll be dining at another farmer’s house, where you will see how traditional bread is baked and the famous Georgian mtsvadi is made. This delicious lunch will be accompanied by homemade wine and brandy, and honey will be served as dessert. Be warned, though, that you’ll need to put your public speaking skills on display. Georgians love to make toasts, and we’re going to get acquainted with the Georgian tradition as our toastmaster (Tamada) leads us through the rounds. After lunch, we’ll visit an old winery where you’ll drink typical Georgian wine straight from the jar (really, the only way to drink, we say!), and learn how Georgian wine-making methods vary from the European techniques.
We’ll finish it all up with a stroll through the romantic fortified town of Sighnaghi. We’ll walk along its beautiful cobbled streets, and take in stunning views of the surrounding Caucasus Mountains before returning to Tbilisi.

Learn about traditional Georgian wine-making and find out how qvevri are made
Visit a 300-year-old winery and sample wines that have been stored underground
Dive into a delicious Georgian mtsvadi (barbecue) and participate in a traditional bread-baking ceremony
Taste homemade wine and brandy
Explore historic sites like the Gremi Architectural Royal Complex and the romantic town of Sighnaghi

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Metekhi Church, 1 Metekhi Rise

One visit to historic Tbilisi and you won’t be able to get Georgia off your mind! We’re talking delicious foods, famous wines, ancient traditions, and Eurasian Silk Road charms — and we’re showing you all of it on this total Tbilisi tour that walks you through the city’s past and present.

You’ll start your Tbilisi tour from the point where the city started. You’ll hear about the history and heritage of this ancient town, and the legends that surround it to this day. You’ll cross the Metekhi Bridge — the first bridge in the city to span the Mtkvari — and continue on to the sulphur baths. These natural hot springs come straight from the depths of the Earth, and they’re one of the region’s most popular activities. (If you’d like to book a session at the baths, your guide can help you to make arrangements for later during your travels).

Your walking tour will then take you across Chardin Street to the Tamada statue, which honours Georgia’s traditions of toastmasters and wine-making, and is a copy of an archaeological relic that dates back to the 8th century BCE.
We’ll then visit the Great Synagogue and ancient Sioni Cathedral, which holds St. Nino’s cross — an important relic for Georgians. As we continue, we’ll also pass by the Spiritual Seminary where Stalin studied, reminding us of Georgia’s Soviet past.
Along the way, we’ll stop to visit a basement bakery, where you can see how Georgians make traditional bread in a tone (a deep, circular clay oven), and stop in at a local carpet shop where you can learn about the styles and traditions of carpet-making.
Your Tbilisi tour will then lead you to an underground winery, where you’ll get to taste different kinds of Georgian wines, fermented using 8,000-year-old traditions.
Finally, we’ll arrive at Freedom Square and walk down Pushkini Street, passing by the ruins of the city’s ancient fortress. We’ll then arrive at Anchiskhati Church, the oldest church in Tbilisi. We’ll finish it all off with a delicious vegetarian lunch at a cozy, charming café.

Points of interest:
Learn about Georgia’s long traditions of toastmasters and wine-making.
Wander past some of Tbilisi’s most notable historic sites, from an ancient fortress to the seminary where Stalin studied.
Visit an underground winery and taste those famous Georgian wines.
Dig into a delicious lunch starring vegetarian Georgian cuisine.

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Kote Apkhazi Str

We invite you to discover Tbilisi, capital of Georgia and situated at the crossroads of Asia and Europe. Enjoy a city that is multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-religious on the crossroads of history, a city neither European nor Asian but a heady blend of both East and West where you can find Georgian Orthodox, Armenian Gregorian and Roman Catholic churches, a synagogue, a mosque and a Zoroastrian temple all within a 5-minute walk of each other together with old narrow streets and antique buildings, modern glass constructions and peaceful parks. Taste the delicious Georgian cuisine and enjoy the renowned Georgian hospitality.

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