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St .Stephan Settlement B.B

Your day starts with meeting with the local guide and picking your preferred 4x4 drive for the adventure of today. Off Road driving through the Kuratica over Mazatar the highest peak of Plakenska Mountain (2000m). We drive through forest roads hacked through the densest beech forests in western Macedonia on the Mountain Mazatar and Plakenska. Along the trail in several wonderful places opportunity to see the two most beautiful lakes Ohrid Lake and Prespa Lake.

Along the trail will allow participants to actively gain practical driving 4x4 jeep the Off Road. The total length of track is 55 km. Upon arrival Plakenska mountain 1800 meters in the locality Brazdi. Guests will have the oportunity to explore the area. In the meantime, while the group makes a short walking, participants would be able to take prepare grilled sausages or similar food. After the lunch back down to Ohrid through the village of Rechica and Village of Kuratica. The tour includes: English guide service, operational assistance, packet lunch/Barbeque, 4x4 off road car.

desde 90,9 €

Restaurant Belvedere, St .Stephan Settlement

Your day starts with the meeting with your local guide in the city center. Ohrid, the so called Jerusalem of the Balkans, is a city in the Republic of Macedonia located in the easter shores of Lake Ohrid. It has had a continuous inhabitation since its first settlements in 4th century BC from the Illyrian tribes of Enchelai and Dassaretae, mentioned as the city of Lychnidos. Since the first centuries of Christianity, here the faith set roots so much that once is has been noted that had 365 churches, one of each day of the year. The city and the area were colonized by the Slavs but the city continued its prosper under many Empires. Due to the many cultural in heritance from the centuries and being well preserved, Ohrid and the lake in 1978 were included in UNESCO World Heritage List. Today Ohrid is the jewel of Macedonia and the pearl of Lake Ohrid.

The visit today starts to the old quarter of Ohrid. The traditional houses, build close to each other have created some cobbled narrow streets like a labyrinth. They will lead you to the churches of Ohrid where the most important and the most special one is St. Sophia Church, coming from 9th and 10th century from Bulgarian Empire, housing important medieval art of paintings, icons and frescoes. Other special religious attractions are the churches of St. Jovan Kaneo from 13th century, St. Pantelejmon Plaosnik Monastery from 10th century, etc.

On the way up you will also see the Roman amphitheatre, a one of a kind in Macedonia coming since almost 2000 years ago. Up in the Saint Klement Pantelejmon Church, named after the saint patron of Ohrid, is one of the most beautiful mosaics of the Balkans, a Christian one, on the floor of the church.

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St .Stephan Settlement B.B, Ohër 6000

Your day starts with the meeting with the local guide and the transfer to St. Naum Monastery. The Monastery of Saint Naum is an Eastern Orthodox monastery in the Republic of Macedonia, named after the medieval Saint Naum who founded it. The monastery was established in the Bulgarian Empire in 905 by St Naum of Ohrid himself. St Naum is also buried in the church. After the visit of the Monastery and the church, you will be transferred to Peshtani village for a visit of the Museum on Water. On the southern coast of Gradiste Peninsula in the Bay of Bones, a pile-dwelling settlement has been erected, which in the past was spreading at a total surface of 8.500 m2.

Bay of the Bones is an authentic reconstruction of a part of the pile-dwelling settlement, dating back between 1200 and 700 BC. A Roman military fortification (Gradiste) has been reconstructed on the hill above the Bay of Bones simultaneously with constructing the pile-dwelling settlement and the Water Museum. The walls of the fortification that once had protected the Roman Empire from its enemies are once again lifted up on the hill near Gradiste. The Roman fortress is connected with the settlement in order tourists and visitors to be given an extraordinary opportunity to experience time travel, from prehistoric to ancient times and vice versa.

Then we will be transfer to a small village in Ohrid when we will have a tasty lunch in one of the best restaurants in Ohrid, where we will be cooking with locals chefs, barbecue in the guest-house (Restaurant Ristos Guest House) and learn about traditional cooking meals. After this we will prepare your own lunch with the help of the local family in a traditional village on the shores of Ohrid Lake. The end of tour.

desde 44,45 €

St .Stephan Settlement B.B, Ohër 6000

Your day starts on the shores of Lake Ohrid. After grabbing your bicycles you will cycle around Ohrid Lake discovering two countries on a joyful ride. Your first stop will be the bay of bones just few minutes from Peshtani village. A recreation of pile-dwelling settlement dating back to 1200 BC. After a visit of the museum, you will continue cycling towards St. Naum Monastery located near the border of Macedonia - Albania. Established in the 10th century, the frescoes of the small church will amaze you even today.

Next you will be having lunch in a restaurant located in the black drin river springs with an amazing environment of the nature surrounding the restaurant.

Continue cycling towards Albania with a short stop in Pogradec city, opposite of Ohrid town. After a short stop continue cycling around the lake until you arrive in back in Ohrid.

desde 68,2 €

St .Stephan Settlement B.B, Ohër 6000

Your tour starts with meeting the local hiking guide in Ohrid and with the transfer to Galicica National Park.

Galichica is a mountain that separates the two biggest Macedonian lakes, Ohrid and Prespa. From Goga, its highest peak, both lakes can be viewed simultaneously–a unique and extraordinary sight, especially at sunset. Containing more than 130 different species of trees and bushes, Galichica is one of Europe’s richest national parks in terms of flora. It is easily accessible too; Ohrid town and the settlements round Prespa are about a fifteen minute drive from the park.

The hike goes up to 2100m with great views of Ohrid and Prespa Lakes on the other side. After picnic lunch you will continue descending to the parking area for your transfer back at Ohrid town.

desde 30,96 €

St .Stephan Settlement B.B, Ohër 6000

Your tour starts with meeting your local guide in Ohrid, and with the transfer to Tikves Wine region. A large fertile plain of about 2,000 square kilometers makes up the Tikveš district (part of Povardarie region), located in central Macedonia and enclosed by mountain highlands on three sides. It consists of gentle undulating hills at an average of 300 meters above sea-level. Its climate is characterized by long, hot summers and mild and rainy sub-Mediterranean winters with an average of 460 mm of rainfall each year. Spring is shorter; some say fresher here and autumn is a bit longer and warmer.

Its altitude varies between 110 and 650 meters. As a result of a harmonious climatic and geographic convergence, the Tikveš region is a perfect place for the cultivation of wine. The region has produced wine for over 2,500 years. Today, there are predominantly 20 different grape varieties grown in the Tikveš region. The local Smederevka, Vranec and Temjanika comprise 80% of the total grape production.

As wine consumers preferences change globally, the region keep paces with current trends and adjusts its vine varieties accordingly. Today we will visit Stobi Winery. It is one of the newest wineries in the region, but which is also one of the biggest producers of some of the finest wines in Macedonia and Balkans.

After the magnificent visit of the Winery, Wine tasting and lunch in the Restaurant, you will be transferred back in Ohrid.

desde 65,08 €

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