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Visit breath – taking Oplenac mausoleum church with its mosaics, learn about Serbian history in the local museum and enjoy your lunch in the historic Orašac village.

Arriving to the town of Topola we first visit the Karadjordjev Grad fort where the museum and the modest old church are situated. Here we will learn about the town’s importance in Serbian history and see the remains from the time of the First Serbian Insurrection against the Ottomans (1804-13). In the church we will see the splendid iconostasis with its meticulous carvings.

Atop the forested Oplenac hill sits one of the nicest sights in the whole of Serbia – the mausoleum church of the Karadjordjevic royal house. From the outside the five-domed church is covered in shiny white marble while inside of it visitors admire hundreds of scenes done in mosaics, all of them copies from medieval Serbian monasteries. In its crypt we will see more mosaics as well as graves of 25 members of the Karadjordjevic dynasty. Next door is the house of king Petar I, today a part of the museum with royal portraits and interesting historical items.

After this we head for our lunch. Karadjordjev Vajat is an ethno-restaurant located in the historic village of Orašac, where the 1804 insurrection started. Standing at 380m above sea level, the wood and brick complex enjoys beautiful views of Sumadija’s rolling hills. After our lunch we will visit Karadjordje’s monument, see the memorial village school as well as the Maricevic? Jaruga gully where the insurrectionists gathered.

We will return to Belgrade and then to Novi Sad in the evening hours.

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