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The coast of Oman is blessed with a variety of Dolphins & whales, About 21 different species of whales & dolphins have been identified along the coast of Oman, including the Blue whale which is seldom seen anywhere else in the world.

You would be transferred from your hotel to the jetty. While it is not guaranteed that you would spot dolphins on every trip, it would be enjoyable experience in the sea and our onboard cetacean specialist would enlighten you with Quite a lot of information about these Interesting marine mammals.

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Sunset dhow cruise offers many exciting and exotic sights and experiences. The trip would offer you such panoramic view of coast of Muscat. This short trip would take you all along the beautiful promenade of Muscat and would provide you with ample opportunities to film some of landmarks of the city going past the port.

The traditional dhow will sails past the world renowned Al Bustan Palace hOtel standing tall amojn lush green palm groves as then will move towards the Nalali fort where you can have a glimpose of the splended Al Alam Palace, the officeial residence of Sultan Built in 1970s. You will get an opportunity to see the majestic Mirani fort that is beisde the Al Alam Palace built in 17th Century. After sailing past the 2 portuguest forts from Muscat Harbour Lubna (Dhow) loops back and retraces marina Bandar.

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Forts and castles are Oman’s most striking cultural landmarks and together with its towers and city walls, they have historically been used as defensive bastonsor look-out points. It is estimated that there are over 500 forts, castles and towers in Oman, our visit today would include a few of them which are more remarkable and striking in their architecture and style.

The ancient capital of Oman, Nizwa was a seat of learning and the birthplace of Islam in Oman. The 17th century Round fort and the souq famous for the silver jewelry are the major attraction of Nizwa, not to mention the popular and interesting cattle auction, which takes place on every Friday. Built on a scold base of rock, the huge tower was designed to with stand the vibration of 24 cannons .

We move on to Bahla famous for its handmade pottery. Bahla is listed in UNESCOS world heritage sites however the fort here is now under renovation and is not open to public. Built as a defensive stronghold, the Jabreen is perhaps the finest of Omani castles. The castle has dungeons, passages, rooms and ceilings decorated with fine carvings & paintings.

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This tour starts through the Hajar Mountains to the township of Nizwa, the ancient capital of Oman. At Nizwa you will visit Nizwa Fort and the Traditional Souq. From there you will travel through the deep Wadi Ghul and arrive at Jebel Shams “Mountain of the Sun” the undisputed lord of the mountains.

Jebel Shams is the highest peak of the Jebel Al Akhdar mountain range, soaring 3,000 meters above sea level, spectacular scenery, ancient rock carvings and remote villages. This is the Grand Canyon of Oman. There will be time to experience some of the breath-taking scenery before continuing to the beautiful old village of Misfah. The village of Misfah is perched on the side of a mountain where narrow ancient stone pathways lead you into the valley below. Lunch in a local restaurant at the top of the mountain, afterwards you will explore this ancient labyrinth the region of Al Hamra before your return trip to Muscat. To experience the Grand Canyon is to experience the very best of Oman.

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Nakhl is a typical Omani village. It lies at the foothills of the mountains near an abundant source of water, which irrigates extensive date palm plantations. The tour begins by driving along the magnificent Batinah coastline. You will stop and visit the local Fish Souq and the Historical Seeb Souq.

Proceeding to Barka you will see the Oasis of Nakhl, visit the 17th Century Fort and enjoy the invigorating waters of Al Thowarah Hot Springs. Lunch in a local restaurant, then your tour will continue to the township of Rustaq with a visit to Al Hazm Fort before returning to Muscat.

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Running south from the Eastern Hajjar Mountains to Arabian Sea, the Wahiba Sands, described a Sand sea, stretches almost 200 kms in length and about 100 kms in width. The dunes rise above 100-150 meters in different shades of color and shifting sands, is the perfect place for both the romantic and the adventurous.

There are still Bedouin families living in this vast expanse of sands. A roller-coaster ride over the dunes would be a thrilling fun especially for those who are first time visitors to the desert. Lunch in a local restaurant .The trip also includes a refreshing visit to the lush pools of Wadi Bani Khalid.

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We want you to have a fun, relaxing time in Muscat without the stress of not knowing your way around. Enjoy a fun day out with your own private English speaking driver and transport. With this unique charter you will have the liberty to go wherever you want to go and see whatever you want to see. You can plan your own touristic route, visiting the busy city or exploring theMuscat city. There are many ways to explore Muscat but one of the most comfortable and interesting ways is surely on this tour with a private car charter.

Muscat Car Charter is a free program using a private air conditioned car, a friendly English speaking driver and the possibility to go wherever you want to go. Sit back and enjoy the ride and when something catches your eye feel free to stop and wander around. This is how you will see Muscat with a personalized route. What do you want to do? On this excursion the experienced driver will show you the culture, beauty and traditions of this wonderful Country. Discover old Villages & traditional souks, Sandy beaches and Sultan Qaboos Mosque. Go rural and explore traditional markets where you can buy the traditional handcrafts. Furthermore you can discuss with the driver which itinerary you would like to have depending on your mood and interests, the list goes on and you have the freedom Muscat choose whatever you feel like doing. This definitely is the best way to see Muscat, there is no better way to travel.

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Muscat Airport Exit Gate Area of Arrivals

Yes, we can do it, this service is the basic service that you can buy in Muscat airport. Our representative will be waiting for you with a signage under your name to escort you to your car or transfer. This service operates 24hours/ day.

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Disfruta de un tour guiado por la hermosa capital de Mascate, situada en medio de un laberinto de montañas marrones y bañada por el mar de Arábigo. Al pasear por esta ciudad podrás apreciar una perfecta combinación entre lo antiguo y lo moderno. Aunque Mascate ha experimentado un espectacular desarrollo en las últimas décadas, mantiene intacto su patrimonio y cultura.


* Contempla la Gran Mezquita del Sultán Qaboos, una joya del arte islámico moderno
* Pasea por las estrechas callejuelas del animado zoco de Mutrah
* Comprende mejor la cultura e historia de Omán en el Museo Bait Al Zubair

Empieza el recorrido por la Gran Mezquita del Sultán Qaboos, una maravilla arquitectónica moderna de diferentes estilos que alberga en su interior algunas joyas, como una espectacular alfombra persa y una increíble lámpara de araña. Continúa por la zona de los ministerios y admira numerosos edificios modernos con toques de arquitectura islámica. Seguidamente, visitarás el mercado del pescado y el bullicioso zoco de Muttrah. En sus estrechas callejuelas podrás percibir el aroma de diferentes especias exóticas. También el aroma a café, de antiguos remedios y perfumes tentadores predomina en el aire.

La siguiente parada es el Museo Bait Al Zubair. Aquí encontrarás una valiosa colección de objetos antiguos (armas, utensilios del hogar, trajes, etc.) que ofrecen una visión de la historia y cultura de Omán. Antes de terminar el tour, tendrás la oportunidad de fotografiarte junto al magnífico Palacio Al Alam, la residencia oficial del Sultán Qaboos, flanqueado por los fuertes portugueses Mirani y Jalali.

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Explora una hermosa ciudad que representa una mezcla única de lo antiguo y lo moderno. Situada a orillas del golfo de Omán, Mascate ha experimentado un espectacular desarrollo en las últimas décadas sin que eso haya afectado a su patrimonio y cultura.

- Descubre algunas de las principales atracciones de Mascate
- Pasea por el bullicioso zoco de Mutrah
- Conoce mejor la cultura e historia de Omán en el Museo Bait Al Zubair

Comienza la ruta en la gran mezquita, una maravilla arquitectónica que constituye un símbolo de la ciudad. Continúa por la zona de los ministerios, repleta de edificios modernos con toques de arquitectura islámica, antes de visitar el mercado del pescado y el zoco de Muttrah. Pasea por los puestos de este antiguo mercado y aprecia el aroma a especias, café y perfumes que impera en los callejones. Más tarde, te adentrarás en el Museo Bait Al Zubair donde tendrás la oportunidad de conocer la historia y cultura de Omán a través de una magnífica exposición. Seguidamente, harás una parada para tomar excelentes fotografías en el fantástico Palacio Al Alam, la residencia oficial del sultán Qaboos.

De camino al restaurante local donde se te servirá un almuerzo tradicional pasarás por el museo Bait-Al-Baranda. Y durante la tarde, dispondrás de tiempo libre para conocer más a fondo la ciudad y explorar todos los tesoros que alberga.

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Al Bahri Rd, Muscat, Oman

Elige un tour en autobús por Mascate para descubrir la fascinante historia y el encanto árabe tradicional de la capital de Omán. Disfruta de espectaculares vistas a las montañas de los alrededores y al reluciente Golfo de Omán. Baja del autobús y visita los fuertes del s.XVI, los museos y el Palacio del Sultán Al Alam. En poco tiempo, te sumergirás en la apasionante cultura de Mascate.

Puedes subir y bajar en cualquiera de las paradas para explorar la ciudad por tu cuenta. Los autobuses circulan a intervalos regulares, de manera que podrás reincorporarte al tour fácilmente. Tu billete hop-on hop-off es válido durante 1 o 2 días e incluye viajes ilimitados durante la horas operativas y el periodo de validez del ticket.

El tour es una forma divertida, segura y relajada de explorar la ciudad. Además, garantiza excelentes vistas de Mascate.

Audioguía en inglés, árabe, francés, alemán, italiano, español, ruso, hindi, farsi, japonés, portugués (Brasil) y chino mandarín.

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