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Tickets en Gyeongju

Gyeongju, located in southeast Korea, was the capital of the Silla Kingdom for 992 years (BC 57-935), the longest surviving kingdom in the history of Korea.

This tour will take you through the marvels of Seokguram, Poseokjeong, Gyeongju National Museum, Bunhwangsa, Cheomseongdae Observatory, Cheonmachong Tomb, Daereungwon, Anapji Pond.

Seokguram Grotto is located along the ridge of Mount Tohamsan. Carved into the stone mountainside and covered with sod, Seokguram Grotto is even more impressive once inside. In the middle of the granite sanctuary you'll find a seated Buddha statue, which is regarded as one of the greatest masterpieces of the latter part of the Silla in the 8th century.
The Gyeongju National Museum houses a permanent collection displaying some of the Silla Kingdom's most valuable treasures.
Daereungwon Tomb is the largest burial mound from the Silla Dynasty. The most famous burial site, however, is 'Cheonmachong'. Visitors can actually take a peek into the interior of the tomb, Cheonmachong allows for a closer look at both the construction of tombs and the kinds of items typically buried inside.
Anapji Pond was built during the 14th year of King Munmu (in power 661-681 AD) of the Silla Dynasty (57 BC-935 AD). Small mountains were created inside the palace walls, beautiful flowers were planted, and rare animals were brought in to create an exquisitely exotic garden fit for royalty.

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