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Northwest Road West Bay

Grand Cayman offers you one of the most interactive swim with dolphins program, our famous Dolphin Royal Swim. Best defined by two words action and speed, the Royal Swim takes your swimming experience to a different level. Discover all the amazing skills these marine animals perform in-water. The Dolphin Royal Swim includes the famous foot push, where two of your new dolphin friends will push you from your feet soles up through the water surface. You will feel like you are flying! Afterwards, you will hold on to the dorsal fins of our beautiful dolphins as they take you on a speed ride through the water.

The program also includes a hug, a kiss, a song, and free time with these tender marine mammals. Fall in love before you even get in to the water as you see how the dolphins show off in the water surface, getting you excited about your activity. After your incredible Dolphin Royal Swim, take the time of enjoying our Grand Cayman facilities in this British Island, one of the Caribbean greatest treasures.

Located at one of the largest Cayman Islands, our incredible dolphinarium is in a natural environment offering you the best possible and most authentic swim with dolphin experience.

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Northwest Road West Bay

Immerse yourself in this magical underwater world and reconnect with nature in a new way. The Dolphin Swim Adventure is one of the most interactive programs and the perfect way to meet these amazing marine animals. They will tenderly say hello with their fins, kiss you, hug you, and sing for you.

The Dolphin Swim Adventure also includes the famous belly ride, where you will speed through the water as the dolphin swims backwards and pulls you along. After your dolphin interaction, be sure to enjoy the British Island, one of the Caribbean greatest treasures. Dolphin Discovery cute marine mammals are waiting for you.

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Northwest Road West Bay

The program will be performed in a safe and friendly environment during the explanation and some of the free time, consisting on a submerged platform. You will have the opportunity to witness fun and exciting dolphin behaviors that will make your heart beat! The dolphins will swim, jump, kiss you and hug you, everything for you to have a memory of one of the most cherished moments in your life. After your incredible Dolphin Lovers Swim® in Grand Cayman Island, you may also enjoy other Dolphin Discovery activities in Grand Cayman and its beauty because it is a tropical jewel within the Caribbean’s treasures.

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Sit back, relax and enjoy our Grand Cayman Island Tour. Let our tour guide do the driving while you experience beautiful Island views from the comfort of our air conditioned vehicle. Our tour includes our Capital, Georgetown – Caribbean Arts & Crafts – Conch Shell House – Tortuga Rum Shoppe – Points of interest along 7 mile beach – Cayman Turtle Farm – A visit to Hell – Pedro St. James – Blow Holes – East End Shipwrecks – Native Style Lunch on the South Coast. This tour is perfect for families or groups that want to get away from the crowds and see the best of Grand Cayman.

This is the perfect way to see the Island of Grand Cayman, with the comfort of a guided tour.

Our Island Tour will take you to our favorite spots in Grand Cayman offering you the chance to see some lesser known treasures of the Island.

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Enjoy this exciting tour of Grand Cayman full of history and famous tourist attractions like the Dolphin Park, Tortuga Rum Factory, "Hell" and finally the famous Seven-Mile-Beach!

This is an exciting part of your vacation to the Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman! After your hotel pickup you will begin the tour where you will learn information about the island's history and its locations! Includes our Capital, Georgetown – Conch Shell House – Tortuga Rum Shoppe –Caribbean Arts & Crafts – Cayman National Museum – Shopping in Duty Free Georgetown where you can find duty-free items. From the high-end, to surprising bargains and everything in between, a wide range of goods and services can be found locally. Artwork, books, china, cameras, jewellery, watches, household accessories and furniture, to name a few, can be purchased from an array of shopping centres.

Depart from your hotel or condo and step aboard air-conditioned coaches for a memorable tour along the West Bay peninsula. A brief stop at the Governor’s Residence located on Seven Mile Beach, one of the world’s most spectacular, then we’re off to visit the world’s only green sea turtle farm. Our experienced guides will explain all about the tiny hatchlings to the big breeders swimming in their lagoons.

You can even pick up a turtle for a photograph. Our next stop is a visit to “Hell”, so named for its unusual rock formations. At sunset when the orange sun reflects off the water collected in the pools it resembles a burning hellfire. This is a favorite stop to mail postcards and have them postmarked from “Hell”. Depart Hell for the Tortuga Rum Shoppe and experience a taste of the Caribbean’s original world famous rum cakes and Tortuga duty free liquors.

Explore the shallow and beautiful, world famous North Sound. We look at the weather for the best conditions and take you to a minimum of two of the best snorkel sites. We guide you through the coral gardens that these waters are famous for. Expect to see incredible sightings of marine life and enjoy the sun aboard.

This trip is to the original Sting Ray city that is around 8 ft deep and considered the world’s best shallow dive. Our snorkelers and passengers don’t miss out as they will get to interact with the rays when we bring them to the surface so you can pet and hold these beautiful creatures at your own pace.

Tour includes: Marinated conch snack – Transportation - Seafood Lunch served on the beach– Coral Gardens – Barrier Reef – Conch Beds – Stingray Sandbar 2 to 8 feet deep, walk around feed and photograph the rays.

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One of the Cayman Islands’ top attractions — on this 3-hour morning or afternoon tour. Accessible only by boat or other watercraft, Sandbar is home to an abundance of curious stingrays, who swim happily around the clear, shallow water, coming up for hugs and kisses and eagerly eating food right out of your hand. Y This family-friendly experience includes round-trip hotel transportation on Grand Cayman and the boat ride to and from Sandbar.

Tour includes: Transportation - Coral Gardens Reef Stop – Barrier Reef Stop – Stingray Sandbar 2 to 8 feet deep, walk around feed and photograph the rays.

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Depart from your hotel or condo for Pedro St. James Great House – a national historic site where Caymanians met in 1831 to introduce democracy to the islands. Pedro St. James offers a window into times past. A visitor center featuring a multi-media production resource center and gift shop, will compliment your tour through the castle and its gardens. Depart Pedro St. James for Cayman Brewery and experience a taste of Cayman’s original beer Caybrew before returning to your hotel.

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Escape the bustle of George Town and join our friendly and knowledgeable tour guides for a ride through quaint colonial Bodden Town, Cayman’s first Capital as we proceed to the Q.E. II Botanic Park.

The Botanic Park is a unique blend of natural beauty, Culture and history. Phase I is dedicated to showcasing Cayman’s native flora. Phase II combines the simple elegance of a traditional Caymanian garden with the startling beauty of an exotic floral display.

Come and fall in love with Cayman’s nature, history and beauty.

Enjoy a leisurely walk through color gardens, botanic display and lake and nature displays. Stroll through the Heritage Garden, enjoy the Tea House and its panoramic views and the lake area which forms a natural habitat for the Cayman Blue Iguana and breeding ground for a variety of aquatic birds and animals.

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