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The rural markets are meeting places for Sereres people. Smells, unforgettable colors and atmosphere. Tour in the market and continuation to Joal, home town of L.S.Senghor, 1st President of Senegal. Lunch in a local restaurant.

Visit in boat and by foot of Fadiouth Island: the cemetery where Muslins and Christians are buried side by side, the market, the church, the white alleys where shells are ubiquitous.(About 8h00)
Visit of market: on Wednesday: Sandiara, on Saturday: Gueniene, and Mbour the others days.

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Dakar is the centre of political, economic and cultural reunification of western Africa. Visit of the “plateau” district: the railway station, the city hall, the Independence square, the presidential Palace and typical and craft markets. Stops on request. Cross with the ferry to join the island and have lunch.

The Island offers a harbor of peace and gentleness. Narrow and peaceful lanes and red ochre houses adorned with bougainvilleas impart indisputable charm on this town. Listed among the Unesco World Heritage Sites, Goree is a veritable place of memory and contemplation: millions of people have passed before being taken to America to become slaves. Visit of the slaves’ house, to the St Charles’ church, to the historical museum. Walk into the alley and visit to the workshops’ painters.

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A real ecological jewel in the crown of Senegal, the Bandia Wildlife Reserve, an area of 3 500 ha, has succeeded in reintroducing much of the marvelous native flora and of some of Africa's magnificent animals the reserve of Bandia lends itself well to photo safaris and brings the legendary animals of Africa to your doorstep". To enhance your visit, you will be led by a specially trained guide in the grandiose setting of giant baobabs, thorny scrub and lush vegetation you will get a heart-stopping sight of herds of big antelopes and gazelle, giraffe or a lone buffalo.

You will get close to most of the animals; a real treat for photographers! You will also be able to get out and walk at times and may even get a closer look at a rhinoceros hidden in the bush. However, it is advisable to stay in your vehicle near male ostriches (with the black and white plumage) that are often aggressive, especially during the mating season. In the dry season, nature lovers even have the opportunity of going on a nature ramble in the dry riverbed of the Somone River in the shade of Senegal's great mahogany trees.

In addition to the fauna and flora, visitors can also see replicas of the Serere Pyramids with burial chambers, griot (traditional story tellers and entertainers) tombs in the hollow of a thousand year old baobab containing authentic human bones, a charcoal maker's grindstone, Peulh huts and more. Very competent guides will give you detailed explanations of all the sights and sounds of the park, illustrated by delightful anecdotes.

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Recorrido por los principales monumentos de la ciudad: la estación del tren, el Ayuntamiento, la Plaza de la Independencia y el Palacio Presidencial. El tour continúa por la ruta costera, incluyendo viaje en ferry a la isla de Gorée (20 minutos) y almuerzo en Chevalier de Boufflers!. Paseando por las estrechas calles bordeadas de coloridas casas coloniales, podrá visitar la Casa de los Esclavos, la Iglesia de San Carlos, el Museo de Historia y los estudios de pintores. No olvide su traje de baño, la playa está cerca del embarcadero!.

Inglés, español, italiano, alemán, ruso, portugués y francés

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