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Alesund Cruise Terminal

The City of Ålesund, awarded for its beauty, has about 45 000 inhabitants and is one of the most important fishing harbours in Norway. After a devestating fire in 1904, which destroyed most of the old wooden buildings, the town was completely rebuilt on the initiative of Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany. As a result, Ålesunds architechture is unusually consistent and has a unique concentration of Art Nouveau. This makes it unique in a sense that that so much of what makes this city special is preservedand available for anyone to experience and enjoy.

Together with us you'll be in for a treat; we'll guide you around a town that by many is considered a must see when visiting Norway. As we're guiding you along, we'll bring you to the doorstep of historical sights, shopping and viewpoints so that you can fully experience all that this beautiful city has to offer. As if that wasn't enough, we'll entertain your historical interests using our built in audio guide as we're driving along.

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