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Silfra Fissure diving

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If you are a certified diver, with dry suit experience, this tour is for you. It gives you the opportunity to dive in one of the world’s top ten diving sites Silfra, situated in the Þingvellir National Park. Silfra is actually a crack/fissure in the face of the earth and has a constant temperature of 1-3°C all year round.

You can swim out the fissure without effort due to a mild current thrusting you onwards. Silfra offers open water diving, caving and deep diving, but the depth is about 40 meters open water and 60 meters inside of a cave.

Weather does not play any part in diving in Silfra, except it’s more beautiful in sunny weather. You will be accompanied by a PADI Dive master or a PADI Instructor. It is really easy to dive in this area, because we can choose from different routes depending on your experience as a diver.

We recommend that you wear warm undergarments beneath the diving suit and bring extra clothing. You will have to have experience as a diver and be familiar with all the equipment involved.

Meeting/pick-up point: Customers can choose pick-up at the hotel (only for hotels located in the city centre) or to go directly to the meeting point.
Duration: 4-6 hours.
Start/opening time: 15 Nov- 1 Feb at 9.30am at hotel or at 10am at meeting point. Rest of the year at 8.30am at hotel or at 9am at meeting point.
Languages: English.
Others: Please call at least 24 hours in advance to reconfirm pick up time and location.
Required documentation: IMPORTANT - For diving tours, you must meet the following requirements:
* PADI® license (or equivalent) and be able to understand instructions in English.
* Proof of Drysuit certification or Drysuit experience within the last two years.
* All divers must have dived within the last two years as it is a challenging dive.